i'm like a robot now

And I am OFFICIALLY GOING TO WONDERCON FOR MY BIRTHDAY!!!! Time to make some very, very rushed cosplays and cry over my credit card bill

anyways, send me a message if you’re going! a meetup would be fun!

Figured I should draw someone who isn’t Frank. Have an Alex.

He has scars all up his arms and probably all over his body cus he’s a dumb shit. That is all.

so i just had the really weird thought about victor mancha bc if we ever have runaways in the mcu and victor is a part of it then essentially victor would be tony’s grandkid?? bc ultron is kind of tony’s kid in the mcu

which honestly is just utterly hilarious. forget hank pym entirely as victor mancha’s paternal grandfather – tony stark is victor’s granddad oh my god can you imagine the fucking hilarity

i want to read fics about this oh god


Everything is blue
His pills, his hands, his jeans
And now I’m covered in the colors
Pulled apart at the seams

UGH sorry about my shitty front camera and this light and filter didn’t help much either but aNYWAY i realized i never post myself anymore (duh that’s what instagram is for) but i liked how these came out they’re like 3 weeks old tho but i had nice hair and a nice dress and i was feeling super good and the only purporse of this is saying HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY to you my lovely friends!!!!!!! oKAY I KNOW IT’S NOT EVEN 14TH YET but i’ll spend it woking my ass off (at home sob) and all by myself of course but i hope you have a good one!!!!!!! kiss kiss fall in love in my place pls!!! <3 

ALSO there’s a little surprise at the end of these post so keep reading and you’ll find out!!!

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