i'm like 5'1

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Why do men have to stand so close to me?? I'm 5'1 and like half the time when I'm fixing a display or someone, one will stand 3 inches away from me, backing me against the shelf, to ask questions about whatever. It's so unnerving!!!!!!

I get people come right up to my face to talk to me. I would take a step backwards. They would step close again and I would take a step back again. Some people got the hint but some would just keep getting in my face and more than once I have backed up the entire length of the front end. I have got to the point where I have no chill anymore and just tell them “DUDE! Back up I can hear you”


  • I'm that person that makes comments or insults quietly and rarely does anyone hear me. But I got moved right in front of my English teachers desk because my last name places me weird places. I'm in 10th grade and my teacher was reading responses that he had us write down for the question he asked us on the first day which was, how was your summer? So this is what happened:
  • Teacher: so someone put down, "i was ho." They rather forgot the T or they were doing the dirty over the summer
  • Class: *laughs*
  • Teacher: Well, whoever was a hoe this summer, I hope that you're not that anymore.
  • Class: *laughs*
  • Me: But my mom said I could be whatever I want.
  • The timing was so great because everyone was done laughing and they were waiting to hear our teacher continue but then I made my statement and I didnt realize that everyone heard me until I heard my teacher tell me that that's not okay and that he hopes I'm joking so now my teacher always waits for my sarcastic remarks or insults because I'm like 5'1 with cute little bangs and I like Disney movies and I tell people to be quiet when the teacher is talking and I look innocent when really I'm like ready to fight everyone and for some reason everyone likes that and it freaks me out because I'm so serious when I tell someone to fight me and they just laugh and walk away like no come back here and fight me bitch

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How tall are you? I'm like 5'1 and that freaks me out... like if I ever transitioned I can't imagine anyone actually looking at me and thinking I looked like a guy...

I’m 5'3. If you really take the chance to look around at other guys you’ll notice most of them aren’t really tall. I’ve seen many who are my height or shorter. It’s the stereotype you’re getting sucked into. Be short and rock the fuck out of it.

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Can I be in the small people club? I'm only like fucking 5'1 but I will fight anyone who's fucking 6 feet :3c

welcome to the club anon! rules includes: 1. fighting toll people, 2. sin sin SIN, 3. get dazai and chuuya together

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the social model of disability is like, i'm short. i'm 5'1" which is considered below average in america. i often experience inconvenience because things are higher than i can reach, often when i go to the toilet i can only touch the ground with my toes (which is kind of demeaning in a way, given that i'm an adult), i'm just under people's line of sight so i have to dodge out of the way when people walk towards me because they'll just run me over otherwise, etc. now, i don't expect (1/4)

everyone to build things shorter just for me or anything, but it is something that needs to be accommodated (step stools, asking for help reaching things, etc). it’s still somewhat uncomfortable being shorter than average, but it’s not a huge deal. people recognize that there’s nothing inherently wrong with my height, it’s just inconvenient and i might need help with things sometimes because things are built for people of average height, which in america is taller than i am. i never really (2/4) 

 recognized this until i spent 10 days in japan on a school trip. it took me a bit to realize why, but i felt comfortable there in a way i hadn’t felt before. i could reach the grab bars on the bus without standing on my toes. the seats were just my size. i didn’t need help getting stuff off the shelves at the grocery store. it was because japanese people are, on average, shorter than americans, so i was average height there. in japan, everything had been built just slightly shorter, and it (¾) 

made a big difference. that’s my point here, if there were a place where autism was the norm, most of our problems would disappear. we might still be disabled in some ways, but things would certainly be a lot easier. since we can’t just go to an “autism promised land”, we need allistics to recognize that autism, like height, doesn’t make us inherently broken. we just need step stools. (4/4)