i'm legit in love with him

oh god there was this guy in my high school class who was dating this indian girl and he was legit obsessed or something because all he ever did was post about her on instagram. his bio was something like taken by ************* my one and only love. i love you baby. *date they got together* *couple/heart emojis* and every single post was about her and he’d write legit ESSAYS and every now and then post a collage of her selfies so he was obviously absolutely crazy. mind you last time i checked they were still dating like summer of last year and today i was stalking him to see if they were still together and holy shit he got married to some other girl!!! there were wedding pictures and now his bio is dad to be and he just purchased his first home (which i’m pretty sure his parents bought him). like this was definitely a shot gun wedding + he’s crey.

Campwolfe Fandom Nan™ is sensing perhaps some tension, nay fear, in the tags this morning regarding our glorious shiraz swilling Serena and the attentions she may pay a certain swarthy bobby.  Just as I did with @cinemastill I come to calm the troubled waters my lieblings.

***swans about sprinkling the sapphic waters of serenity***

While it is true that our endless toil of waiting for the beloved a bit emotionally thick BMAM to return from fannying about in Eastern Europe from her pilgrimage of how the hell do I deal with the reality that I’m soul-destroyingly in love with that brunette surgeon self discovery, our wait is almost at an end and we must forbear as Serena puts her house into order and lays waste utterly to her idea, however fleeting, of a future with the police force.

Be not afraid of the bumbling, neanderthal copper.  He is but a passing moment for our gorgeous Sass Queen.  She is exercising her goddess-given right to hedonism in all its glory and yet it may come to pass that she finds their lip-lock perhaps not up to the same sapphic, heart-pounding lingerie destroying caliber that she has become used to as of late.

CUE: This Looks Like a Job For………….

yes I know I have used this gif before but is there a such a thing as overuse with it? Really? Like can that actually be a thing?

Guys I legit headcanoned this to @draw-your-armadas​ two weeks ago:

   First time they kiss, is in front of the entire crowd in the grand prix final stadium, after Yuuri performs his best ever to the music “yuri on ice” and it’s not about how seductive it is, but it’s so enlightening that viktor in the moment realizes just how much he loves the man skating in front of him

   As yuuri finishes his performance and glides across to bow and acknowledge the audience, viktor slowly begins entering the rink and picks up pace. right there, in the middle, he cups yuuri’s face and kisses him right there. bouquets flying everywhere. The crowd cheers on, but the only thing they can hear are each other’s heartbeats

guess what became fucking canon.

Love is Ranting About All the Stupid Shit Your Loved Ones Do

Okay. You can all thank @ginnyspitch for this goddamn mess. It would not have gotten finished without her. I legit am horrible at finishing what I start in terms of Fic. So, have some ot3 messiness. 

Ginny x Livan x Mike

“Have you ever noticed Baker eats her pizza topping by topping?” Mike goes very very still as soon as the question is out of Duarte’s mouth, but the other catcher doesn’t seem to notice. Mike gets the sense he isn’t really conversing with him so much as thinking out loud. “Like, she eats the pepperoni, and then the cheese, and then the crust… Also, what the hell is her beef with cilantro? How do you even cook a meal without cilantro?”

Well shit. He thinks with a heavy sigh and takes a long pull from his beer. Another one bites the dust. Pretty soon Baker’s not going to need any groupies, her teammates will take care of that. Mike shakes his head, knowing from the way Daurte’s talking (which he is still doing by the way, he finally got to the singing thing, it doesn’t offend him nearly as much as her lack of rhythm “I was trying to teach her to salsa but she wouldn’t know how to follow a lead if they were showing her the exit to a burning building….”) this isn’t a sex thing, well, just a sex thing. Speaking from experience, Mike knows it’s probably at least a little bit of a sex thing. And really, he’s seen them together, seen the easy connection they have-on and off the field- and how good they look standing next to each other, knows how well that connection would probably translate in the bed- in other places. He gets it. He really gets it. That doesn’t make it alright though, and if Mike has to fucking keep himself in check, so does the goddamn rookie.

“You put this much thought into all your teammates there Duarte?” Jesus, the kid looks like he forgot Mike was even there. But then something happens that Mike was not expecting. The bastard grins, and fuck those dimples should not be allowed. It’s the same thing that let’s Baker get away with half the shit she pulls. Mike officially hates dimples. His eyes do this weird thing too, like he’s laughing at something hysterical in his head.

“Some of ‘em, yeah.”

Oh. Mike blinks a couple time and clears his throat, “Yeah well, just remember, Baker’s here to play ball, not find a husband.” This time Duarte does laugh and Mike, Mike really is getting too old for this. Rookies were not this irritating when he first agreed to be captain.

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Tiny Imagines for Seventeen's Chinaline


•Like imagine him giving you his cute little smile every morning and the light is just right so he looks like an angel
•Or when you’re too busy doing stuff and he noticed you’re not eating so he legit a sits down right next to you and feeds you as you work


•But like imagine coming home to him sitting on your floor cutely while playing with a fluffy little puppy that was suppose to be your surprise but he got too excited and couldn’t help himself
•Imagine The8 trying to show off to you some cool tricks he learned but he accidentally fell and now you’re sitting on his lap and applying ice to a pouty Minghao
•So imagine The8 waking you up with kisses all over your face because you needed to wake up but you wouldn’t so he went to plan B. When you do finally wake up he gives you the most angelic smile ever and finally gives you a real kiss
•So imagine Minghao going to Joshua to get guitar lessons because he planned a surprise for you because he saw how hard you’re working and wanted to treat you to something special. Like he plays 21st century girls on the guitar for you and like it sounds perfect
•Imagine Minghao taking care of you when you’re sick and like he’s just running around like crazy getting you soup, milk and chocolate because you’re his special lil baby and he just wants to make you feel better
•Imagine being in the same class as Minghao and everyday he brings you a cup of bubble tea because he knows you work hard and probably hasn’t had anything to eat so he makes it his job to feed you and becomes best friends with you
•Imagine being on Law of the Jungle with The8 and wherever you go he’s always with you because you guys are secretly dating and he does all these little things for you like giving you an extra coconut or making sure you’re really warm at night and giving you the best spot to sleep


Cristiano Ronaldo’s alphabet —-> K is for (being a) Kid

galaxxygoddess  asked:

Hi, yes! I would like to know what are your favorite rude photos of N! Loves your blog. (fyi this is for science)

OMG THIS IS LEGIT THE HARDEST QUESTION TO ANSWER like EVER ( ɵ̥̥ ˑ̫ ɵ̥̥) but it’s for science so i’m like totally obliged to answer this  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 
&&& thank you for liking this humble blog of mine ♡(*̩̩̩ᵋ *̩̩̩ )

first of all i’m SO EASILY offended by hakyeon so naturally i have NUMEROUS rude photo of him and picking one photo is simply not enough 🔥 *i’m a trash i’m sorry*

*this is gonna be a VERY long post so i apologize in advance*

let’s start 🏁

ok i’ll start with something mild, PHOTOSHOOTS 📷

these recent ones istg are plain rude, like HELLO?? i created a support group (i luv you bbys ❤︎)  just cause of these shoots, i can’t even handle it anymore ;A:

Next up, Fansites (i rly thank them all WHOLEHEARTEDLY ♡)

i wanna put more (cause there are so much more) but the post was getting long ><

And then there is SOCIAL MEDIA

i mean like why would he do that? does he enjoy torturing us like this??? ( ͒˃̩̩⌂˂̩̩ ͒)

AAANDDD LASTLY BLONDE CHA (my ultimate death 💛💀)

ok now i legit need water to calm myself down 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 this post is too rude to deal with 😭

thank you so much for your ask ♡♡♡♡♡, i hope that you’ll be pleased with my answer and so sorry this turned out SO LONG, it’s just that choosing a few is really not enough AT ALL uhuhuhuh (٭°̧̧̧ω°̧̧̧٭) ♡♡♡

I wish I could tell you all how much I love him everday but then I will get embarrassing

This guy is really like ‘I’m so full of secrets… I broke it off with this one girl because she was a self centred bitch’ and literally all he does is talk about himself and I 99% never talk about myself but when I do he just goes back to talking about himself OMFGGGGKDJCJSKSJ

  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: pj liguori aka kickthepj on youtube has been making videos since 2008 and only has ~600 thousand subscribers 7 years later and i dont get it? pj is so creative and nice and wickedly talented and he is so, so under-appreciated. why aren't more people subscribed to kickthepj on youtube?