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Wip of hw assignment!


                                940922 🍑Happy Belated Birthday Prince Jinyoung

He takes care of us well and he is a perfectionist who takes the initiatives to do tiresome things that we don’t do. And his thoughts are thorough. Because he reads a lot of books, he speaks words with deep meaning. He’s a hyung but he has many aegyo. - Yugyeom

Happy Birthday to our Prince & “mom” of GOT7. There is so much words to express how thankful we are and how proud we are of you. You are so amazing and talented. No matter what us ahgases will support you and continued to be amazed at your growth not only with your career but as a person. Please continue this journey with GOT7 and please continue to be your princely yet mischevious self. #HappyPrinceJinyoungDay

anonymous asked:

Do you think any of the Jurassic World dinosaurs will show up in Jurassic World 2?

Yep! The director already confirmed that Rexy will be in it, and also *drumroll* some prototype images for JW2 products leaked and look who else is on the front ;) 

Not sure if these are 100% legit or not (the gyrosphere in the background sort of got me suspicious), but either way here’s the source (x)

Also, I was like “oh wow, marshmallows is such an oddly specific thing…?” and then I noticed the giant fucking exploding volcano in the background and was like oh

Also 2.0: all I’m going to say is that there have been rumors of aquatic and ice age dinos showing up and they made sea salt chips and ice cream so there’ s that. 

my little sister was on the computer looking at a gif of some jiggly otter latte art. I tried to kick her off so I could print my homework, but she grabbed the mouse. I counted down and then command+q’ed her buzzfeed page, so she stuffed the whole computer mouse in her mouth


This Neeny couldn’t be more proud. She started two weeks behind everyone else. She’s the ONLY one in her group who can do the flips, the tumbling and gymnastics! She trains with 7-8th graders in tumbling because she’s so far advanced from her group. Pouring sweat in 95 degree weather this morning, she struggled but she did it she cheered the whole game. My third grader is a legit cheerleader and I’m just one fucking proud ass Neeny!