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The Elephant in the Room

Guys. It’s been staring at us, in plain sight. The elephant in the room is “we had one night.” But Sherlock and John’s love remained unspoken because 1) neither Sherlock nor John thought their love for the other was requited after that night; 2) Sherlock believed falling in love with John cost Mycroft Bond Air. 

Somewhere along the way, Sherlock became unsure if that one-night had happened at all. The night he loved and was loved by John in every way imaginable.

It all happened during ASiB. The clues can be found on John’s blog first, with The Woman as a disguise; then, the show itself. Let me walk you through the…… devastation.

I had thought this meant there were missing pieces about the confrontation between Sherlock, Mycroft and Irene Adler at the end of ASiB – we all saw what happened, but John couldn’t blog about it due to Official Secrets Act. Odd, isn’t it? But it was never about Irene Adler; it was always about Sherlock and John. The comments provided clues.

Room. Fancy. Revolver. John’s starving. Sherlock would love some… brunch. They missed brunch, but Ms. Hudson was able to feed them lunch after all. Sherlock thought it was incredibly tedious to talk in codes because of some ridiculous law thing. Cake… may be death in S4, but it was sex first.

The Elephant in the Room post is smoke and mirrors, but Sherlock’s comments were very telling. Go look. I’m going to give you evidence from the show itself now. Let’s starting with ASiB:

Sherlock knew he was in love with John since… probably the end of ASiP. But ASiB was where he (mistakenly) came to realize that caring is not an advantage and John likely didn’t feel the same. 

After TGG Sherlock thought they were getting somewhere; but by Christmas, they were still stuck in 1895. Sherlock was so jealous of John’s strings of girlfriends he took it out on Molly (the Christmas party deduction was about himself). But, later on, during Irene Adler’s “fake death” period, Sherlock and John ended up spending one night together. But in the end it cost Mycroft Bond Air - Sherlock was able to say everything in the scene above with certainty and vehement because he was speaking from… experience. 

The one night was likely before this:

The reappearance of Irene Adler and the scenes that followed… led to John and Sherlock each had their moment of confusion:

They both thought they were… together, like, together; but after seeing the exchange between Sherlock and Irene, John likely thought he was just a placeholder (yes Irene was flirting but Sherlock was completely oblivious which John couldn’t tell for some reason). The whole Hemish baby name thing flew over Sherlock’s head but he did notice that John was… confused and unhappy. Mycroft was right, in a way:

The 007 deduction was Sherlock’s desperate attempt to show off – for John’s benefit. Sadly, John missed it completely and likely thought Sherlock was trying to impress Irene Adler.

Sherlock and John’s one-night gave context to the exchange between John and Mycroft at Speedy’s:

Translation: I know Sherlock is gay because I had sex with him. But he doesn’t love me or Irene Adler for that matter. I don’t think.

Which prompt Mycroft’s question about Sherlock’s heart; he thought John would have the answer given the new… status. In the end, Mycroft settled with letting John know that he was well aware of the fact that they’ve been busy, and when the “one-night” happened:

(You can see John visibly “gulp” in this scene)

After Sherlock’s return, the memory of that one-night became… unreliable.

Tessa’s dinner with a ghost could’ve been a callback to ASiP, but the editing is telling a very different story:

You can go back to watch it – despite the way the subtitle appears, the first scene cut exactly at the end of “one night”, and the second scene came in right before “dinner.” The way Sherlock and John reacted in the scene suggested they both remember their own one-night. Somewhat, under the drunken haze.

HLV rolled around, everything went sideways quickly. But again, that one-night provided a very different emotional context to all that happened.

Which brings me to TLD, Sherlock began to remember:

It wasn’t Faith. It was The Lady in Red John.

Not convinced? Ghost has the answer – emotional context again!!

Because just moments before, this:

The revolver. A callback to Sherlock’s last comment on John’s blog post.

I’m going to leave you with the following for now, cause I’m exhasted; this is the reason we are given TFP, emotional context, remember?

tia-maria-maria-tia  asked:

hi, i'm writing a story where the main character is a mixed-race girl (her mother is from Zimbabwe and her father is from England). her mother doesn't follow the traditional culture of her people, choosing instead to adopt the culture of her husband after he died in order to remember him (he died before my main character was born and they live in England, if that provides any more context). Is this disrespectful?

PoC Leaving Behind Culture to Honor Late Husband

General reminder: ethnicity, race and nationality are not the same thing. 

I will answer this assuming that you mean this character has a Black mother from Zimbabwe and white father from England, but please be aware of the above mentioned reminder.

A person’s connection to their culture is personal so I can’t really say how this mother deals with their culture is right or wrong, but it does… Unnerve me. This PoC not practicing their own culture and instead chooses a “white culture” is a frequent thing we see. I also wonder how one leaves behind such a large part of their culture after having lived with it for most of their life. It’s sort of an ingrained thing for many people that’s interwoven with ones, nearly everything? It’s not always in the big ways that culture can mean something to a person, but it can also be in the minor details. Many many minor details.

Plus why does she need to swap one culture for the other? Why not keep both? Why would she stop practicing her own culture while she’d already be practicing their husband’s as they live in England? 

It does feel weird to me for them to leave that part of themselves behind, especially since they moved to England. I’d need a pretty good reason to several more to feel comfortable with this and it adds to the disproportionate “PoC discarding/disconnected from their own culture” portrayal.

Please rethink your reasons.

~ Mod Alice

I just want to reinforce everything Alice said. I can see remembering him by engaging in more aspects of his culture that perhaps she wasn’t eager to partake in before, didn’t engage in a whole lot, or that they’d engaged in together. Did he have favorite dishes that she now has made part of their regular meals? What specific traditions or aspect of his cultures could you pass down in order to keep him “alive” for her and her child?

But just discarding your whole culture because you want to keep the memory of one’s husband alive is strange. You might definitely see some amount of assimilation occurring just from her living in a new place with a different dominant culture, but your culture is you. From the way you frame words, world perspectives, and mannerisms… you don’t just peel that off to honor someone’s memory, and if so, like Alice said, you’d need a damn good explanation for that.

Otherwise, i’m not feeling it or buying it.

~Mod Colette

People who aren’t aromantic/arospec and/or acespec/asexual need to understand that yes even though asexual & aromantic are often use as umbrella terms there are people who identity with “aromantic” and/or “asexual”. As in don’t feel any sexual or romantic attraction. 

And by taking a character who has been described as “aromantic” or “asexual” and saying something like “but we don’t know where on the arospec or acespec [character] falls” to 99% of the time defend shipping is very dehumanising to asexuals who feel no sexual attraction, or aromantics who feel no romantic attraction. Non aro/ace people don’t get to decide that an aroace character is suddenly arospec or acespec because they seem “more human” or “more relatable”. 

Most, I say most, authors/writers WILL tell you if they are asexual or acespec and/or aromantic or arospec
If a character is confirmed as an aromantic asexual they are aroace
If a character is confirmed demisexual they are demisexual
If a character is confirmed asexual they are asexual
If a character is confirmed aromantic they are aromantic
etc. etc. etc.

You cannot change an aroace character’s identity to arospec or acespec to cater to your shipping “needs”.
The same goes for erasing the aro part in aroace, or the ace part in aroace. DON’T DO IT.

These characters are AROACE leave them like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

everyone in dear evan hansen as out-of-context things ive said
  • Evan: "So that was when I vored a bonsai tree for financial stability."
  • Connor: "You know what, I'm going to shake things up a little today and snort this baking powder and huff the bunsen gas. It's pretty close to the real thing and I have nothing to lose."
  • Alana: "Ah yes, nothing gets me going like the adrenaline that comes with studying, the perpetual state of anxiety and sadness, and never leaving my house."
  • Jared: "As of right now, minecraft belongs to the gays. I'll see you heterosexuals on youtube."
  • Zoe: "True artistry is nothing short of internal rage and transposing a tenor ukulele piece to a tuba part."
  • Heidi: "Oh yeah, I'm hip and trendy! I'm all about that miscommunication and feelings of inadequacy!"
  • Cynthia: "Maybe if I do yoga all my problems will be solved when I get back from my twelve pm session today."
  • Larry: "I will never look at baseball again without feeling personally wronged and vaguely violated."

trade mistakes // panic! at the disco

I went over 1 000 followers a couple of days ago, which is kinda awesome! (Never mind that first +600 followers are from the time I drew lots of Skyrim fanart some years ago and I doubt they are even active anymore but shhh let me have my fifteen seconds of internet fame ha ha)

On other news, I’ve almost finished sketching out part 2 of that modern!AU shite comic, and I thought I’d share with you my fav out of context sketch from it :> so, here’s bewildered and mildly worried Regis for your enjoyment. I’m kinda hoping I could get the second part finished and posted before June 23th, bc I’m gonna leave for a little holiday then. But if not, I’ll do it when I get back home.

Dynamite Hack starters.
  • "I'll wait for you. I always do."
  • "Nothing bad I've ever done could warrant this."
  • "You picked the wrong disaster."
  • "Tell yourself that I don't care-- the things you say, the drugs you take."
  • "I am so happy here."
  • "Break my heart and sleep around."
  • "Don't say heartbreak."
  • "Maybe someday you'll see that I would like to be with you and you to be with me too."
  • "I said some things I probably should have kept to myself."
  • "Do what it takes to make it through the day."
  • "I can't picture myself without you."
  • "What's keeping me here?"
  • "Oh what the hell, I'm through with you anyway."
  • "I keep thinking, if I could do last night again I'd act so differently... but I guess I'm gonna have to live with this."
  • "You picked the wrong addiction."
  • "I'm fading in and out of your business."
  • "It's just not accepted! It's still not allowed."
  • "I need your love in my arms."
  • "I want to see if you'd ever feel the same."
  • "So stop following me, I've got nothing to say."
  • "There must be something I can do."
  • "I don't want to leave here just yet."
  • "Every single thing I say gets taken out of context some way."
  • "It's getting on my nerves, so let's call it a night."
  • "Feelings are like attitudes--bad and nothing in between."
  • "It's a long trek taken without all the people you're used to taking it with."
  • "Through the years you have matured, but you'll always look the same to me."
  • "I've seen all I care to hear of what in me is wrong."
  • "But I disagree. Maybe they will see all the pretty things I see."
  • "It's over now-- it's too late."
  • "Man your soul is rotten, but your teeth are pearly white."
  • "Without you I'm better off anyway."
  • "I sat at home and thought of what to say to you when I saw you again."
  • "You're forcing your way in my life."
  • "I want you less and less each day."
  • "I'm drunk but I want some anyway."
  • "I just don't care enough about this to make the effort to show you that I care enough to try to get you back in bed with me."
  • "Is it true? If you were here, I'd ask you."
  • "You know, these things, they happen."
  • "Guys like you are always so entertaining."
  • "Trust me, I won't be sick of all these words I'll never write."
  • "I never get mad, 'cause I know you and how you can be."
  • "Think of what a great boyfriend I could be."
  • "This should be a break for us-- a night that isn't in a pill."
  • "I don't even have all that I'm cracked up to be."
  • "You gotta' be kidding me."
  • "I just want to be alone, sit here and get stoned."
  • "I don't wanna fight, but you never let it go."
  • "I want out of here."
  • "'I'm a jerk, I'm a dog.' That's what you'll say about me."
  • "So here we are, stuck in Hell."
  • "Got drunk again just to drown out my regrets."
  • "Give me one more chance to try and be a little more unkind."
  • "This isn't how it's supposed to be."

anonymous asked:

People are worried about malec but I feel like this is a great opportunity for them to show us how alec can also be magnus' rock. In their interviews, both harry and matt have hinted that going through tough things together is important as they'll learn new things about each other and grow stronger because of that. Also, apart from that, it's about time magnus gets his own storyline and I'm curious to see how it plays out.

yeah i’m not worried about them in the context of the series, i’m more concerned about how much time we’ll actually get with them, you know? alec is an important part of magnus’ support system and so there should be notable time devoted to their relationship when something so significant has happened to magnus. my concern is always that this show moves fast like clary barely got the chance to recover from jocelyn’s death and that’s with clary having the most screen time out of all of them. so it leaves a bit of doubt as to much how room there is for magnus, but hopefully what goes down will be satisfying.

but in terms of whether they’ll make it out of this rough journey okay, i firmly believe they will and that by the end we’ll only see them brought closer together – and that is something i’m looking forward to.

  • Vax'ildan: Um, how do you do it?
  • Scanlan: How do I do what?
  • Vax, in awe: How do you do it? You're risking your life as much as anyone in this group, you're almost dying every day, you're fucking smiling all the time. How do you do it?
  • Liam: I'm kind of asking as Liam to Sam as well but mostly as Vax to Scanlan,
  • Vax: How do you do it? You almost died yesterday as well, or two days ago- fuck... How do you do it?
  • Scanlan, gently: Well, Vax, I don't know, I just, I like you people okay, everything before this was not as good, this is better. That's why. It's very simple. You had a shitty childhood, didn't you?
  • Vax: Yeah.
  • Scanlan: You and the sister?
  • Vax: Yeah.
  • Scanlan: I think Grog had some troubles. We've all had our share of shit before we all met. Now we're together, we're a family, this is better. That's how I smile, it's better than it was before. That's it.
  • Vax: We're probably going to die in the next month.
  • Scanlan, smiling calmly: Yes, but it's fun while it lasts.
  • Vax, after a long pause: Alright... Thought I might..
  • Scanlan: Glean some wisdom?
  • Vax: Yeah, but I'm just as confused as before.
  • Scanlan, with a soft chuckle: Listen, I'm older than you-
  • Vax: How much older?
  • Scanlan: A bit. I've seen more than you have, and... it's all shitty. So it just depends on how you look at it. You can dwell on the shit, or you can just leave it behind in people's beds and keep going.
  • Vax: *a look of confusion and disbelief, followed by recognition* It was YOU.
  • Scanlan: *grins*
  • Vax, nearly laughing: YOU did.. *dismissive wave* Water under the bridge.
  • Sam: I walk away.

seiyoko  asked:

I'm here to expose you and the fact we can never truly leave tkg hell

some context: kiera’s been making fun of me and calling me a fool because my 2 biggest otps are yoonseok

and hidekane

and i haven’t noticed the similarities in their dynamics until hoseok bleached his hair :’)

now that there’s a chance hide might be coming back it’s all getting out of hand and we’re realizing we’re still stuck in tkg hell 

also you suck at calling people out why do i have to do all the work 


GHOST IN THE SHELL - Don’t judge a ghost by it’s shell

Yeah I know. Controversy hailstorm. Well here’s one more ghost’s voice to be lost in the noise. Go watch it, it’s not an Oscar piece but it’s still cinematic glory, why I tell you. Not since 1999′s Matrix(itself an innovative masterpiece but wouldn’t have existed without Ghost In The Shell, hell it only came to be cause the directors pitched the Execs by showing them 1995′s Ghost In The Shell movie) has a live action sci-fi movie been this atmospheric. Cause GITS has such a deep world building to draw on and they did, nicely. This is one of those movie you’ll keep capturing new things every time you re-watch it.

But more surprisingly, not since 2003′s Lost in Translation has Scarlett Johansson dissolved into a character so compellingly. She’s an Amazing actress, but also an incredibly recognizable presence, to the point even when she’s the Black Widow or Lucy I can never unsee Scar-Jo although that could also be because Natasha never gets more than 10 mins a time . By the end of Ghost In The Shell though, she’s just “Major”, a being so intricate you just cannot easily define, yet so fragile you can’t help but root and feel for. I honestly hope they can manage a sequel to explore more of this Major. Not many movies accomplish that nowadays, not even character driven ones.

This is a deeply philosophical, CHARACTER driven, well executed high budget Female lead Sci-Fi Action film. If that sounds interesting to you and you have not seen it. I’m going to leave you with this:
The movie actually DID justify perfectly well why Scarlett Johansson is playing a person named “Motoko Kusanagi”. Understanding it actually turns the whole controversy hailstorm upside down and INSIDE OUT once you factor in the story’s context and metaphor. Take it from this Asian, if you bought into the hailstorm, you’ll walk out of the cinema smiling and shaking your head at your own presumptuous self. After all, without spoiling anything, isn’t one of the movie’s main theme; Don’t judge a ghost by it’s shell?

generalbillrp  asked:

"I understand why you think I might be dangerous, but assumptions like that are the only thing that make me and my armies dangerous. Okay? I'm General Bill Suther, I'm here on a PEACEFUL and NON-INVASIVE mission of exploration, documentation, and protection. Nothing less, and nothing more. I suggest you leave me and my armies be." ((if it wasn't clear already Bill took that as a threat, and Landorus should probably back off.))

(( context ))

“A man does not bring with him an “army” to a foreign land in search of peace.” The land god spat, his frustration chained back from lashing out anymore at the mere mention of the strife-ridden word. Like a dominant beast he stood taller, as if his body had expanded with the subtle shift in his posture. He looked down at the human, any hint of the calm Landorus from before fading in the tense, suffocating air that surrounded this creature. 

“I will not repeat myself. Leave our presence. Now.”

dakota-stark  asked:

Well, then I hate to break this to you but I'm not gonna stop even if you say I should. You can't always have what you want in life and to cosplay as a frickin' disney princess is totally harmless. Yeah, Pocahontas is totally different from the real story, but they made it more fairytale- like. So you can say whatever the hell you want but pls just leave other people alone. Also thanks for the simple 'Yes'. Rlly explains a lot...

For those who are unaware, this is the context of this ask. I responded privately because I thought they were respectful. They ended up being an asshole:

This fool asked pretty much this (and I’m paraphrasing):  Hi I know that you really dislike the Pocahontas movie and i get that the history was really bad and Disney messed it up but when I was growing up I really liked Pocahontas more than the other Disney princesses because I’m not white and I’m part Indonesian and I gravitated more towards her than the other princesses and she made me feel really good about myself growing up and I’ve always wanted to cosplay her even though I’m not Native American so if I were to cosplay her should I feel ashamed or guilty for doing so?

Me: Yes.

So listen bitch,  I get that for brown/black girls growing up in the 90s that Pocahontas can be a character you gravitated towards especially since the only other brown Disney Princess was Jasmine and the rest were predominately blonde haired blue eyed white girls. 

But if you’re personally asking me for my opinion after reading what I’ve had to say about the movie and the character, you’re asking me if it’s okay for you, as a non-Native, to dress up like a highly sexualized, whitewashed interpretation of a real life person who was raped, kidnapped, abused, and died in her early 20s.

You asked for my opinion after reading my thoughts on the matter. I responded. What the hell did you think I was going to say to that?

You can fuck off now.


The cameras flashed at him from every angle. Clemont would’ve raised his arms to at least shield himself from the excess light, but he felt so drained, he could barely muster the will to move them beyond their natural swaying motion. But what stung even worse were the words.

“You did this to us!”


“What were you thinking?!”

“Send him to jail!”

“Better yet, send him to –”

Whatever harsh finale that last onlooker was about to spout was cut off by the slamming of the car door as Clemont was ushered out of the angry crowd that had gathered in front of the most prestigious courthouse in Lumiose City. Even that building, built of tall proud white stone, had been marred by the damage.

And that first angry shout had been right. He was responsible for this. If indirectly.

He was certain that the evening news would carry the words of his first day in court in mere moments. But he couldn’t think about that right now. He just looked out the window of the tinted windows of the car that was bringing him home.

Only now, even that wasn’t a haven.

Protestors swarmed the streets outside his home. His father quickly turned off onto another street, muttering something about needing to come home later when the crowd cleared away.

Clemont stopped him, telling his father that he deserved to at least see Bonnie after this difficult day. After a back and forth, his father reluctantly caved to his son’s request. Clemont quickly took the street, donning a gray coat, a pair of sunglasses, and a cap over the formal attire he’d forced to wear all day. His father had forced him to pack these garments out of concern. At this point, even being seen might’ve been dangerous for him. It was a crude disguise, and anyone who looked close enough would probably recognize him – especially with his face all over the news – but it was all he had.

The inventor craned his head to the sky, hearing the rumble of oncoming thunder. He ducked into the train station, thankfully only spending seconds in the downpour that ensued between when he first heard the sounds, and when he finally found refuge.

He quickly found a quiet corner of the station, a bench overlooking the main atrium and several platforms with people coming and going from the trains. He simply watched. It had been a while since the city had bustled like this. In the wake of his error, he was glad that life was at least returning to some semblance of normal.

And all he wanted was time to himself to mull over his mistakes while everyone picked up the pieces.

No I haven’t watched both films a few days ago, what are you talking about?

Anyway,I don’t know what is the context of this, they were probably at a halloween festival and then it started to rain, and then Isis and Gonner start panicking because zombies can’t survive in the rain…or just water in general, and that leaves me wondering if all zombies are affraid of the rain or just the zombie in these films? But anyway this was fun to draw, there wasn’t supposed to have halloween element at first but since it is close by I got into the spirit.