i'm leaving the planet earth has nothing left for me anymore


pairing: jeon jungkook/park jimin; jikook

rated: G

wc: 1.8k

tags: angst w/ happy ending, post-break up and getting back together, hurt/comfort 

summary: “i’ll always be waiting for you.” 

Jimin lives beneath the geometrical constellations and looming souls that drift gently among the clouds, moves through space and time in both darkness and dimension, smiles like the soft sunsets during springtide dripping into the ocean; heaven colliding with earth, crimson streaks lingering in the sky. Hair a golden chalice; dusty pearls and rose apple red, the same shade as his round cheeks and hibiscus flowers. Voice laced with milk and honey, lips plump against his, hot touches against flushed skin, warmth in the space between opened arms; love.

What once was love, that is.

What Jungkook thought was love.

But now they’re adults, stained cynics and lost causes trying to find a right fit into the world. Jungkook hasn’t seen him since Jimin left for the big city in an attempt to chase his dreams that were bigger than a stargazer’s imagination that stretched across the vast span of the earth. Jungkook was different - he knew that the quixotic skies wouldn’t be able to hold him and would drop him in a freefall back towards the ground; back to the unvarnished grime of real life.

But Jungkook had understood, had let him go even though he didn’t want to, because after all, if you really loved the person, you would set them free. If they come back they’re yours; if they don’t, they never were, right?

Jungkook waited. Jimin never came back to him.

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