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Yuri on Ice - Skating Animation Changes Between the TV and BluRay/DVD Version

On the left, you’ll find the TV version, while on the right you can see the DVD/BluRay version.

As you probably noticed, they have re-animated Minami’s kick in his Free Skate, and they actually show the jumps in Leo’s Short Program instead of cutting to the audience.

From what I gathered, they also reduced the amount of audience shots in Phichit’s program, but since it was comparable to the one from episode 11, I decided not to feature it here. There were also some prominent improvements in Yuuri’s Free Skate in episode 5, but those were again mostly sequences that we’ve seen in later episodes in all their glory (that most likely just weren’t completed by the time ep 5 had to air).

Apart from these, I haven’t seen any changes in any other skating sequences, but if I missed something, then please tell me so that I can feature the gifs here.

Am I trying to kill you guys with Dazatsu fluff? Yes.

Goodnight my sons i hope you have a wonderful day at work or school tomorrow you guys make me so so so happy and I appreciate every single one of you. i want you to draw a heart on your hand (or on your arm or leg or wherever) and whenever you get sad I want you to look at the heart and think of loaf mom, okay? Because I do really love you guys and I want you guys to know that I’m always here for you if you need to talk to somebody about your day or if you need somebody to vent to. Okay I love you goodnight my sons.

So, next June I’m going to London and I’m going to watch my favorite Shakespeare play at the Globe, and two weeks later my friend and I are going to Rome and Florence to fangirl over our love for Roman stuff, art, and the Medici household.

I honestly don’t understand why Monsta X isn’t more popular and why the fuck they haven’t won on any music show. Their songs are catchy and powerful. The rap parts are to die for and the singers have beautiful voices. Their choreographies are amazing and so visually stunning. Not to mention the boys themselves are so handsome and have such fun personalities and remarkable stage presence. I hope this comeback will be the miracle they need like HYYH was for BTS


I procrastinated

1. Listen to your friends. Trust that when they say a boy is bad for you, that he is.
2. We’re still young and “ily” in middle school is not going to be the same as “I Love You” from your future husband.
3. Being in love or thinking that you’re in love can make you do stupid things. Follow your heart, but think with your head, and stick to your gut.
4. Bad relationships end for a reason and you’ll find that reason sooner or later.
5. Love yourself before getting in a relationship. My mom tells me this everyday and I haven’t fully understood or learned how to, but I hope I will soon.
—  things I learned from a bad relationship

Go here to listen to the whole song! 

I present the Lon'qu and Avatar Eine Kleine Project as complete as it will be. To me, this song speaks a lot about them, from overcoming their insecurities together to the war that rips it all apart. Thank you to all the support and help people have generously given me while I’ve worked on this! It was a labour of love to make this music video for a pairing that is near and dear to my heart! @u@

Art belongs to me and rainingchroma. Thanks to plerndraws, endspire, shinykogami for their help. Characters belong to Fire Emblem: Awakening. Song is Eine Kleine by Kenshi Yonezu.

Thinking about Frisk being to blame for everything is super fun.

RG Veda thoughts #1

So let’s talk about RG Veda!

As CLAMP’s earliest and oldest work (it started before I was born I’M NOT EVEN KIDDING) I’ve been increasingly surprised by just how much I’ve been enjoying it. Given it does start out very seriously, but before long you get to see a lot of CLAMP’s trademark personality slipping in and really letting you connect with the characters more than you could before. It’s nice to see that their silliness and self awareness started so early in their career. 

Of course, because this is CLAMP, their other trademark content pops up a lot too. And by that I mean horrible tragic sadness of every possible kind. 

Because CLAMP. 

Due to that, and also to avoid spoilers for anyone who might want to read this later, I’m putting everything behind the cut. 

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current sexuality: holtzmann slouching in every chair she sits in with her feet propped up on any available surface

current sexuality: holtzmann dancing to Rhythm of the Night with blow torches

current sexuality: holtzmann winking

current sexuality: holtzmann talking science I don’t understand

current sexuality: holtzmann licking her proton gun thingys

current sexuality: holtzmann’s badass ghost fighting sequence

current sexuality: JILLIAN HOLTZMANN


☀ Astro Hide&Seek MV aesthetic ☁

“Like playing hide and seek, catching you isn’t easy
But in my eyes I still keep trying, and grab you” 

Imagine Woozi looking at you in awe because you’ve managed to prepare a delicious Christmas feast for 14 people.


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let's be alone together, we could stay young forever,
scream it from the top of your lungs, lungs, lungs.