i'm learning to though

No lie. I’ve been watching it for 5min straight. It’s been months and i’m still not over it.

Here comes a thought

Possibly one of my favorite Steven Universe song to date. What a brilliant message.


BNHA aesthetics : Bakugou Katsuki



  • me, 50% of the time: i should really focus on my german
  • me, the other 50% of the time: i want to learn all the languages!!!1!1!1

Queen Levana from The Lunar Chronicles - before and after I revisited it for Redbubble. It amazes me how a couple tweaks here and there can make a portrait that much more intense.


M E 😂


Ahh, it’s finally 2017! This year I’m going to work on finding my own true art style(I keep bouncing back between different ones), anatomy, and profiles- along with shadowing. 


Feel the bond with your lions, and your fellow pilots,
until five become one unit, and you form Voltron!


John Boyega in Pacific Rim 2 - John Boyjaegar


PruCan ‘Comic Strip’~

I definitely need new ideas for the next requested ships help….
It’s not animated I’m sorry for that but I currently work on my 2P!talia stuff ^^;

Happy belated Easter from some girls in flower dresses!