i'm learning this still


More of my 80s Shoujo College Toshinko! This time a mini comic of Toshinori and Inko on a study date. Well, more like Toshinori at times tags along saying he would help Inko study for her test, but instead becomes a big ol distraction with his staring and cute comments towards Inko. (Click images for some captions)

Also headcanon that Inko does the same lip tug thing as Izuku and that’s totally where he got that from:

I’m such a hopeless romantic that I still can’t gather my head around the fact that I’m in a soulmate relationship with my aquarius man.


Army Challenge ♡ Favourite Pairings (¼) → 2seok

HS: Jin-hyung is a member that nags a lot. He has a great personality, really. He thinks about the members, he takes care of us. So I just want to say thank you.

quick gabe piece i did today! haven’t worked a whole lot in digital for the past few weeks, so i figured i’d do a little warmup piece. the outfit design is based on a cosplay by @sunny-sunshine7 who ALSO happened to base that cosplay on designs i’ve drawn!?