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Took about 50 minutes, not too proud of it but I really should post something

Life before death. I choose, and will continue choosing, to live.

Strength before weakness. My shortcomings and my bad days do not define me. I will celebrate my victories and take pride in my strengths.

Journey before destination. Each day is an opportunity. I will fight. I will learn. I will grow. It’s not ‘when’ and ‘if’ and ‘maybe someday.’ It’s ‘here’ and ‘now’ and ‘I can do this.’

(From this meta)

OOC: @bunisbun? I know you’ve been down, so I wanted to do something for you…I know it’s not much and I’m sorry for that, but….I really do hope you feel better soon. ;w;

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Hi there. You probably won't read this, but if you do I would really like some advice from such talented artist like you. I love drawing and honestly I'm not so very good at times. So when I get discouraged over details that I'm not getting well at in a drawing, what do you recommend I do? One day I wish to make my own graphic novel, but how can I become better at drawing if I get easily discouraged. Where do you find the motivation to draw so well? If you have any helpful advice, I'm all ears

Hello anon!  Even though I’m not able to reply to most of my Asks, I do read all of them and really appreciate when people send them.  <3 

Anyway, I get discouraged at times too, especially if I compare myself to others. But the first thing I try to remember is that instead of feeling like I’ll never be that good, I use their art as a learning tool instead and study what I like about it.  (Many artists also have tutorials and videos that are invaluable) 

Probably the most important thing is to just keep drawing.  Draw A LOT.  Studying art tutorials and books will help you learn new skills, but drawing is the only way you’ll actually improve. 

Do as many pictures as you can from start to finish.  Sketches and doodles help you improve too, but going all the way to a fully finished picture (whether black and white or fully colored) is how you’ll figure out a stable work flow. 

Have fun with your art.  If you’re not having fun you’re not going to want to do it.  Find something you LOVE to draw, something you’re really passionate about, whether it’s fan art from your favorite fandom, original characters, portraits, etc.  If you don’t love it, drawing will be harder than it should be.

Some people draw in silence, but me, I need music. On days when I’m sitting in front of the computer staring at Photoshop and not really feeling it, I turn on my go-to drawing playlist, try to blank out my mind, and just draw.  I have several types of drawing playlists, each designed to help me either get focused or get pumped!

Find something that helps inspire you and give you ideas, whether it’s books, fanfiction, movies, or squee-ing over your favorite headcanons with friends.  I’ve had conversations with people where I come out feeling like, “OMG I NEED TO DRAW THIS!”

Final note that may not apply to everyone but is still important to mention:  Take care of your mental health.  If there is something that is affecting your ability to function on a day-to-day basis, such as depression, anxiety disorder, etc. it may also affect your creativity.  Professionals are there to help you.  If you broke your leg, you would seek medical help.  If your brain is self sabotaging because of a chemical imbalance, you should also get medical help.  It may not be a quick fix, but it’s better than letting it fester and get worse.

I hope this helps, and good luck!!

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hey i've been casually following your blog for a while now but i just now found out that you're polish and i'm!!! that's probably a weird thing to get excited about, but i'm 1/4 polish and it's something that's really important to me. i know a few words in polish, but i really want to learn more + be able to actually talk to people in polish. do you have any tips for learning polish? ~ bts trash #81902

- polish have many sounds that are difficult to pronounce so i recommend to try to learn some tounge twisters first because they’re super hard on purpose. Learning how to pronounce words would become easier after that

- don’t stress too much about cases bc even if you get them wrong polish people will still understand you e.g. word kot (cat) changes into kota, kotu, kocie, kotem depending on the context of a sentence but it still means cat so everyone knows what you’re talking about even if the form is incorrect

- nouns in polish language have gender which is important when you want to describe something with adjectives bc they change their form depending on the gender of the thing they’re suppose to describe. An easy way to learn genders is this simple rule: if the noun ends with a it’s feminine, if it ends with o, e or i it’s neuter and if it ends with anything else (except the a, o, e and i of course) it’s masculine e.g lalka (doll) - feminine; pudło (box), słońce (sun), nożyczki (scissors) - neuter; kot (cat) pies (dog), ptak (bird) - masculine. Of course there are few exceptions but you can count them on the fingers of one hand (literally)

- take your time!!! polish is not intuitive for people that don’t speak slavic languages so you’ll have to learn everything by hard


Some things feel so natural, feel like you’re coming home. And that is the best sign that you’re on the right path. It felt like home last year as I lit my first ever candle on Beltane night. It feels like home now, a year later, as I tie the ribbons around the Maypole and set up my altar.

This is my path. There’s so much to learn, so much to explore. And I am ready 🙏🌹

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Hi Emma ! Do you have any tips on how to balance homework with revision ? Lately, I've been having and homework due on the same day and I'm having a hard time prioritizing both tasks. Thanks in advance :D

Hey! Here are a few things that might help:

  • in a sense, homework is revision - try not to beat yourself up if you’re not getting round to studying every day! you’re still working on homework and learning, so it isn’t like you’re being unproductive.
  • prioritise individual tasks - when choosing what to revise or what homework to do, you should check which is most important. Is it due tomorrow? Is it due next week? By determining what should be done first then you’re making an active decision which shouldn’t make your feel like you’re doing one thing over the other because you just want to. If you have some homework due the next morning, do that instead of revision!
  • create a study timetable - plan out your daily activities for the entire week and see where you could possibly fit in some revision time. When I was in high school, I would generally do homework during the week and study over a weekend. Obviously, if I had a test coming up I’d add in a bit more revision. You can check out my study schedule printables if you want too! They’re free to download and might give you a bit of motivation to stick fo a plan.
  • remove all distractions - if you can reduce the amount of time you spend on homework, there is going to be a better chance of fitting in half an hour or hour of actual studying! My top tips for removing distractions include: using Forest to stay on task and not use my phone - you can see a post with lots of time management/productivity manage apps here; have a “brain dump”/“procrastination page” where you write down anything that bothers you during a study session!
  • make life easier on yourself by doing revision notes during the year - often students, myself included, will leave study or revision notes until the end of the year and then have to do them properly before starting. If you can summarise your notes throughout the year - either when you finish a topic or at the end of each month - then it will make it much easier and quick to revise along with doing homework.

I hope this helps, even just a little bit! x

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Hi, so I don't really know if this is something you can help me with, but here goes. I have been interested in Islam and it's teachings but I have no idea where to start. How can I learn to pray and read the Qur'an? Are there any books I should read, or websites to visit? This is probably pretty basic to you, but I know nothing about being a Muslim but for some reason I'm drawn to Islam.

Hi 😊

Thank you for getting in touch. I am very happy to hear that you are interested in Islam. May Allah bless you with shahadah as soon as possible. Ameen.

First thing first: Focus on the most important part of Islam which is:

Believing that there is only One God and that Prophet Mohammad is the final prophet.

Everything else comes after this. Here is an opinion:


You have to go slowly. Take things one step at a time. Here is something that might help you:


The three books I’d recommend for someone interested in Islam are these:

-The Message of The Qur’an by Muhammad Asad (translation of the Qur'an)

-Road to Mecca by Muhammad Asad

-Islam: the Straight Path by John Esposito.

You can read the translation of the Qur'an from:


Here are all the ISLAM 101 info you might need for the beginning:





Please send me an IM so we can figure out a plan for you together. We are here to support you insha'Allah

Have a good day!

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hi!!! i just reblogged a post of urs (taz art) and i absolutely love the way u drew Magnus. i was wondering if u had any tips (or like specific refs u like to use) on drawing that body type?? i want to be better about drawing more varied bodies and i'm kinda stuck in that skinny/rly fit ppl rut. thank u for ur time!!

Thank you dude! In truth when it comes to varying body types and adding more diversity to your designs, it all goes back to practice!

Resources I’ve used before and still do to try and warm up + take from other artists to see how they’ve handled body types before arrrrree:

pixelovely.com - They have stuff for nude and clothes models of all body sizes, hands and feet, animals, and even expressions!! Which is awesome!

Character Design Interviews - I always go back to this list when I feel like I’m stagnating or losing things in my art. It’s ultra inspiring!!

SenshiStock - These guys do a ton of pose work that is infinitely helpful for references.

PoseManiacs - 3D models posed at all different kinds of angles with varying body types–really helpful when you’re trying to nail perspective down with a figure who’s a body type you’re not used to drawing.

And most of all, collect references! I have a ton of tutorials and stock photos saved to my computer to help out when muscles and bones just aren’t making sense in my head and I check them all the time. Once you start to learn where things go and how they work together, that’s when you should start trying to distort and change shapes around.

Learning the basics and correct anatomy first is always super important for any body type! 

One last note when it comes to drawing different stuff (at least for me) is to look at the silhouette and shapes that make up a person. Once you start to understand how people are different in this regard, it becomes a ton easier to change things up and make characters more distinct!

Hope this helps even a little! 


hi friends! sunny here 🌟 so, after a few weeks of thinking and planning- I decided to open up commissions! this is my first time doing this type of thing so please bear with me as this is gonna be a learning process :‘0
important side notes:
•payments will be made through PayPal and half of the total will be paid before I work on it- the rest will be paid after I finish the piece!
•water color - if you want me to mail it to you, please say so in your message, there will be an extra fee for that! probably around 5$.
•digital- if you want this also to be printed and mailed to you, please let me know and I can arrange that with an extra fee.
•if you want the piece within a certain timeframe, please please please let me know. im an art student and i need to be able to know how I can balance my other work with commission work!
thank you! feel free to hit me up any questions you may have.

(undertale spoilers)

chara didn’t teach flowey the worldview of “kill or be killed.” in fact, there’s nothing in the game that even suggests chara ever said it. flowey learned it. flowey lived it

ruining the plan

at the culmination of chara’s plan, asriel was quite literally presented with two choices: either kill or be killed. asriel chose to be killed, ruining the plan. through a series of completely random chances, this decision ultimately ended with asriel becoming flowey. 

Frisk, when Chara and I combined our SOULs together…
The control over our body was actually split between us.
They were the one that picked up their own empty body.
And then, when we got to the village…
They were the one that wanted to…
…to use our full power.
I was the one that resisted.
And then, because of me, we…
Well, that’s why I ended up a flower.

asriel suggests that becoming flower was the consequence for not killing when it came down to survival. 

nothing in return

asriel acted selflessly. he sacrificed himself because he genuinely believed that it was the right thing to do. after he was rewarded with a soulless body, his view changed. losing the ability to love was the worst possible thing for flowey. 

he realised he got nothing in return for his kindness. flowey began to see kindness as something that would ultimately hurt him.

considering his words in a pacifist-neutral end, where flowey appears to be projecting his own feelings onto frisk, it seems that he really thought that being more selfish would have benefited him. had asriel just thought about himself and not about protecting strangers, he wouldn’t be a soulless flower now.

he realised that life was unfair. from his experiences, he learned that kind people weren’t rewarded for their kindness.

his motto, not chara’s

flowey himself all but confirms that this is a phrase that had nothing to do with chara. if the genocide route is played up until the ruins exit (so that flowey is able to recognise chara inside frisk), and then the route is aborted (reset) at any time after that, flowey will still remember chara in the next route. if asgore is spared in the next neutral route, he has this to say to chara:

“kill or be killed” is a motto that flowey learned on his own. he can admonish chara for not realising that “kill or be killed” is the way the world works despite how they both died. if chara came up with the phrase in the first place, flowey probably wouldn’t have told them that they “haven’t learned a thing.”


“kill or be killed” is what flowey had learned from his sacrifice. despite being kind and saving others, he was brought back as a soulless flower, doomed to never love again. he holds onto these words until frisk saves him and helps him realise that he should let go of the past and no longer regret his sacrifice.

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Hey Matthieu, First off, let me say I'm a big fan of you and your art. You have pushed me to draw less generic art and push for more experimental styles. I was just interested in knowing what has inspired your art the most? Also, what do you consider the most important thing to learn in art?

Yo, and thank you! I’m so glad to have been able to inspire ya!: ) Inspirations come and go, but the most important thing in art to learn, I think, is to keep doing it. Maybe it sounds obvious, but regardless of what art form you’re practicing you’re going to have to find ways to keep doing it. Its gonna be inspiring, a struggle, even a bother at times but just keep at it and you’ll be able to create some really cool stuff! If you find yourself stuck then maybe try/explore something new. Different art forms benefit each other, if you like to draw then painting can teach you about colors/lightning, photography can teach you about composition, etc. Just as an example. Hope that helps somewhat! 

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hey I noticed that your Korean and your first language is Korean,I'm currently trying to learn and I wondered if you could offer me some help/advice!!! if you could it would be great

Hey! I’m currently trying to learn French on my own as well. In my experience, when you want to learn a new language in general, I recommend:

Here I have some of my Korean vocabulary explained posts:

Part 1 - names // Part 2 - love, dating phrases

1. Duolingo for basics 

But be cautious, just because you have complete the language course in Duolingo, it doesn’t mean that you’re fluent - Duolingo actually misses a lot of important things. I think Duolingo has a Korean course, so you should consider taking a lesson each day - best of all, it’s completely free!

2. Always learn vocabulary first

Don’t try to memorise/use whole phrases at first - that is the most ineffective way to learn a language in the long run. Although it takes a lot of patience, and is frustrating at the start, learn basic vocabulary first, and try making your own sentences using only words you learned.

3. Listen to Korean at original speed

If you’re into Kdrama, or any idols, then after you’ve learned the basics, learned the more casual, everyday Korean conversation language by watching idol interviews, or K-dramas. Watch first with english subs, then try to match the phrases to what you learned, then re-watch without english/whatever your native language is subs. If you listen to a conversation in original speed, then you get more familiar with the colloquial way of speaking and tone (if you learn only from textbooks, you tend to miss that), and that way when it actually comes to speaking, you won’t be as bummed when people talk normally. KOREAN PEOPLE ON AVERAGE SPEAK PRETTY FAST. 

Korean grammar has a lot of rules, but there are never exceptions, which makes it easier to learn than English. 

4. You can always talk to me!!!!…OR other Korean people

Last of all, hope these tips helped you somewhat, and whenever you’re unsure, or just want to talk to a Korean person, message me off-anon, or anon, whatever you like, and we can converse in Korean!

^some things that might get you started??

- ADMIN J :)

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Smiling for other people huh ? That's kinda me. I was under depression because of people I really did not like. I smiled mostly for my family, I hated the idea of anyone I liked being sad because of me. I'm rather happy I went to another house for my dad's job. But, who need people ? For friends ? I have a lot of fun by myself, and I have my family. Shouldn't I just stay alone ?

The first and most important thing is to learn to smile FOR YOUR SELF. Trust me. You have to find reasons outside of just other people that will make you feel good - even if it were just retarded small things, like having a cup of coffee, or rising a bit earlier to have a moment of peace and watch the sun color the skies. But… this kind of joy is meant for you to nurture your strength ad fill your energy reservoir. So you can face other people and life, when it gets difficult. We were born here on a planet with billions of other people..and I am sure it was for a reason that life is pushing us to stay connected in a way. Even if it’s just like this - by the internet, by a silly website…or a fandom. People need other people - they need to feel connected to them, or to some of them, because being “human” would lose its meaning if we all just cut ties and pretend we don’t need anyone else in life, beside us. There was a book called INTO THE WILD. I’ve seen only the movie adaptation , but..basically…. it was about a young man who tried to find happy life without all the modern necesities of society, going to live in woods all on his own. I won’t spoil you the outcome, in case you want to read it…but I took a very valuable lesson from it - “HAPPINESS IS ONLY REAL WHEN SHARED”. IT is true. Even my happiness wouldn’t be much if I wouldn’t share it with you…or others. MY life wouldn’t have much meaning I guess .. if I were to live it only for my self in a comfort-zone. It might make me peaceful, less stressed and less depressed but….at the end of day…. no matter how many people pissed me off, hurt me, stabbed me in the back….I am still happy that “old lady in the counter smiled at me”…..or….”that young lad was so kind and picked up my card when I didn’t notice falling out of the pocket”. I’m a very introverted person…I have lots of anxieties, especially from meeting real life people. But I’m still human, so are you (and in this life we won’t be able to be anything else…no birds, no wolves, trees….). We can be human only if we don’t run away from others. I wish you the best of luck and peaceful mind, so you can find balance in life. I truly recommend you the book/movie! It might talk something new into you ♥

Important Things That Happened/We Learned This Episode
  • Tamika Flynn is bad-ass
  • ‘I’m pretty sure i didn’t ask for your feedback’
  • Lauren is a bitch and we hope to never see her again
  • Cecil has a tumblr (as does carlos)
  • Scientists=heroes
  • Intern Maureen
  • Snapchat
  • “Did he say something? was it-was it cute?”

note 2 artists, don’t say “I can’t draw this thing” yes u fucking can you can put your pencil on a paper and make like 3 things u can draw the thing

  • look at vids of the thing
  • trace the thing
  • look at the thing while u draw the thing

ur gonna suck at drawing the thing at first but u will get better at drawing the thing and p soon u won’t need references CONGRATULATIONS U CAN NOW DRAW THE THING

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Hello! Not ons related sorry. Basically I'd like to learn Japanese and I'm pretty serious about it. But I don't really know where to start. I've understood there are three alphabets basically, the kanji and two syllabaries. Should I just learn all the symbols by heart? How? Then there's the whole grammar part...

Hello NihongoAnon~~ This took a while because I really wanted to make sure I thought about it and didn’t leave anything important out, sorry.

When I first started out learning Japanese, my cousin (who is fluent and married to a Japanese man in Osaka) told me to memorize hiragana and katakana first thing. And boy was he right. I saw so many people continue to try learning Japanese while writing in romaji. Romaji is when you write out how things sound using the English alphabet. Hiragana really makes so much of a difference when learning, so that should definitely be your first priority. You definitely cannot learn kanji if you don’t know your hiragana. I personally made 2 sets of index cards. 1 set with hiragana/English pronunciation and 1 set with katakana/English pronunciation. I studied them individually until I felt I had them mastered. Then I combined and mixed up the 2 decks so that I could master differentiating between them. (though I still struggle at times with katakana as it isn’t used as much as hiragana lol) 

Once you have those down, you cant start working on kanji and grammar. I have found that it works best to learn kanji along with vocabulary and grammar. Kanji is very difficult as they can mean different things depending on context and the combination of kanji used. That’s why I think it’s better to not just sit and memorize the readings for all  2,136 commonly used kanji. Instead, learn them for what they mean as vocabulary as you work through grammar. This works, because you should have a solid mastery of hiragana. This is what my teachers here in Japan have been doing as well. 

If you’re looking for books to use, I started at my college with a set called “Yookoso!”. And nobody liked it. It wasn’t bad, but I think it worked better for review purposes than actual learning. “Minna no Nihongo” is what my Japanese University uses. If you’re looking for probably the most recommended book, it’d likely be “Genki”.

For Kanji, there’s the “Basic Kanji book”. There are of course many volumes you can work your way through. 

One of my absolute favorite resources is this “A dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar”. There is also an intermidiate version as well. It works wonders once you’ve gotten a little foundation started. 

Of course those are all paper books, as that’s the way I’ve learned. I haven’t done much learning online excepts reading manga raws and watchign anime. So I’m probably not of much help on the digital front. Except, I have a wonderful app on my iPhone called “Midori”. it works great as a supliment when learning and making flashcards. 

Hopefully at least some of that helps haha (^^ゞ

If you have any more specific questions, feel free to let me know~

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Hello! I'm a 14 year old girl who is pretty desperate for some help. I have absolutely no idea how I should take notes. So far I've not needed notes and my grades have always been above average. But I'm scared that my missing note taking abilities will haunt me in the future. Everyone says to just "write whats important" but that really doesn't help me... I'm so completely blank... Please help me...(I hope you understand. English is not my first language)


Well, here’s the thing: there’s no one right way to take notes. It all depends on the person writing the notes and their learning style. I’m glad you recognize that you should take notes (took me way too long, I have so many regrets). 

Write what’s important! (I’m kidding, I’m kidding) 

What I like to make sure I include in my notes are:

  • vocabulary and the definitions, so that it’s easy review later. 
  • main headings and subheadings in the textbook. I try to take at least one note for every little section. Sometimes there’s exceptions, but rarely.
  • important dates and people
  • if it’s math, formulas and examples
  • if it’s reading, the pages I am referencing out of a novel (for example: if i’m reading Romeo and Juliet, and I’m writing about the “wherefore art thou romeo” bit, I would put in parenthesis (Act 2 Scene 2) so i could reference it easier.

I can’t think of anything else right now, but I hope these were helpful. A lot of finding your note-taking style is trial and error. Find what works for you, find what information you think is valuable and put it in. Remember, if you feel like it’s important, it probably is. Write it down.

 Let me know if I can get more specific or help you out even more, and I totally will! Best of luck!

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hi! let me preface by saying that i love your themes! but i want to ask you: i'd like to learn to code and make themes myself, but i'm having a bit of trouble... how did you learn to code and make themes? what knowledge is necessary to code themes? do you know any online resources or books i could use to self-teach myself css and html and such? ónò' i'm overwhelmed. thank you!

wheeze every time i get this question i have no idea how to answer so this time im gonna give u an essay on my entire experience coding

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