i'm learning how to draw animals thanks to this

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Hello! I'm sorry if this seems like an odd question, but how is that you animate so quickly? I suppose I'm referring more so to your little gifs as opposed to a film project -- I mean, despite them being little gifs, the animation in them is always pretty fleshed out, and colored, even! Ahh! Is there more to it than loosening up your drawings and practice?

Thank you!

Hmm… I just kinda draw fast, really. And definitely I’ve gotten waaaaaay faster as I learn and improve at animation and posing/timing choices become more second nature to me.

Although I will say that even my most simple gifs (like the tails one or star fox one) still take me at least 2 hours for a hundred or so frame colored animation on 2s. With my really quick animations I usually don’t even thumbnail anything and just keep everything pretty rough, but usually my process for lineless animation is:


Inbetweens (and color- this is two steps)

and then my lines, backgrounds, shading, clean-up, and compositing

For animation WITH lineart I usually line all my thumbnails and in-between from there, then color. But especially with faster animation my lines are pretty rough!

Hope that helps? 

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Hey I really like your animations. What are some tips you can give out for learning how to animate smoke? I look at some references but it doesn't help since I'm really bad at drawing it too.

Hi meanporu! Thank you for your patience. I’ve had a hard time time coming up with a good response, and I’m definitely no expert, but here are some tips that hopefully will help you:

-I would suggest starting with the main forms and working from there. You might find it easier to animate the smoke if you start with the largest or main forms and try to aim for good flow/timing first, rather than trying to animate everything (details and shadows and all) from the get-go.

-Try to maintain a good flow in the highlights and shadows. Plan ahead, and think a step farther of the current drawing. Think about how the smoke is moving and remember to keep track of the different parts. This is especially helpful if you’re using keys and inbetweens.

-If you’re going to use straight ahead animation…. personally, I say go crazy.

I animated the most of the effects in these two gifs with the straight ahead method. It can be great if you need a lot of spontaneity and power. Unfortunately, sometimes it doesn’t turn out quite right, hah. If you’re looking for a more controlled or solid approach, use pose to pose.

- Experiment and have fun! Remember, these are just tips. In general, smoke and explosion effects do follow certain patterns and rules, but there’s endless variation in how they’re executed. Lately I’ve been experimenting with different kinds of smoke and explosions, from detailed blobs (like above)… er, simple blobs, and there’s really just no limit to the different things you can do. If you haven’t been there already, check out the smoke and explosions tag on Sakugabooru. Pick out some gifs and look at them frame by frame to see how they work. 

-If you want to see some fantastic smoke and explosions, Takashi Hashimoto is the man.

I don’t really feel like I explained or helped enough with this post and I know I’m forgetting some things, so if you have any more questions about drawing or animating smoke, or would like me to clarify something, please don’t hesitate to ask, because I feel my tips were pretty vague.

Thanks again for the question!

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What do you use to animate your drawings? I'm in love with them and want to try my own out, but idk where to start. I am getting a drawing tablet, and know about queeky, but how do i put my drawings together? thanks x

Thank you anon!! ❤️ a tablet and a good piece of drawing software is a great place to start. From there, I would just get super comfortable drawing in whatever style you eventually want to animate in. I use flash cs6 to animate and personally, I think it’s great, it’s the only software that has really been intuitive for me to learn. (Also YouTube tutorials are the key to succeeding at anything. I learned how to use flash almost entirely from DrawWithJazza. His tutorials are a godsend)

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Hi, I'm a complete beginner at drawing and art as a whole. To a new enthusiast, what basic items do I need to buy and how do I learn the basic skills required? Thanks so much!

Hello! All you really need is a pencil and paper. The best way to master your skills is to draw objects/people/animals from life either through photos or in real life.