i'm lazy to color them

Day 4: Magic

Back again with the Hogwarts AU!!

i’ve drawn fallout fanart here and there, but i haven’t talked about or even mentioned my sosu– this is chief! their goal and mine is to find and consume every box of snack cakes in the commonwealth


Various Anons: “Kara in D6?”  “Can you do Kara in D2!!” “ Kara for A3??“

Two masks and a reality

Finally drew my first starshipping that I publish

And it’s very lazy :’) (You decide what they’re looking at)


messy, self-indulgent, Horikashi scribbles I drew during finals week last month.


Will the story end like this?… who knows….

-The intrigue, the drama, everything in this passion story …. DO NOT CHANGE THE CHANNEL FOR MORE! (? ……-

-I can’t be serious for a moment, right? ._. -


Palette: @angexci

Goth: @nekophy

Cray: @weezy-pup

Pj’s daycare: @blogthegreatrouge


J: What do we do?

B: Stay alive and be ready to fight. War is coming.