i'm laughing too hard to care

I’ve been replaced, it hurts so fucking much. Why am I not ever enough for anyone? She may say I haven’t been but I’m still sitting in the very back of the car alone watching them laugh and be happy. I don’t wanta live in the world. It’s too fucking hard. It’s like I’m in a bubble of sadness and I can almost feel the happiness but then it’s snatched away.

Can you believe Salvador exists? A guy with a heart defect that can kill him whenever he is excited, beautiful voice, full of love, who suffers a lot but still cares about other people, risks his life just to be happy about his sister singing instead of him winning an international contest, he can’t dance during his performances so instead he moves his hands  with so much passion you can actually feel what he feels, a guy who sometimes can’t smile or laugh too hard but still tries to make everyone as happy as possible, prepared a speech about helping refugees but didn’t prepared a speech about one of the biggest prizes he has won until now, knows to speak four lenguages fluently and learned Ukranian just to thank people, who sings songs about being happy with yourself and letting people love you just the way you are, a guy who has a multilingual album so he can spread as many love as he can. Like…can you believe it?


Hey Kat, what do you think of a Reverse x One Piece crossover? Like during the battle where the Akatsuki ambushed the Jinchūriki fam while they were on the way to Konoha something wonky happened, (like kamui reacting odd with seals or something) and everyone there is hurled randomly into the One Piece world, with the last thing Kurama sees being the foxes latching onto Naruto and Gaara (because I think he would literally destroy the planet if he thought they didn’t have protection of some sort).

Then Kurama wakes up and he’s alone again but he contacts his siblings and they’re ok but nowhere nearby, so they make tentative plans to lay low and figure out what happened and how to get back to each other. Only, that doesn’t quite work out for Kurama, as he’s landed in the middle of Sabaody and one of the first things he witnesses is a Tenryūbito harshly beating a group of child slaves, and well, there’s only one way Kurama would respond to that (The bastard’s lucky, had he known the kids were slaves he would have made the asshole’s death so much slower). Now he’s got new kids in the form of Koala and the Boa sisters, an absurdly large bounty, and he can positively feel everyone he knows rolling their eyes from half a world away. So now he’s on a mission to reunite his family, punch every Tenryūbito in the face with a bijūdama, probably punch a good number of marines too, and collect all the abused children he can find.

Meanwhile, Naruto and Fuji make friends with a trio of brothers, Gaara and Momiji meet a desert princess, Kushina meets a man with hair as red as hers, Fū ends up on an island floating in the clouds, Roshi runs into a ship load of fishmen about to execute a woman protecting her daughters (the villagers aren’t sure if all the lava is an improvement), Bee finds a dojo with a pair of kids who are positively brimming with potential, Yagura is used to feeling short compared to others but the man with the white mustache is more than slightly absurd, Tsunade encounters a young boy with an ‘incurable’ disease and decides to help him and his walking hazard of a father, Yugito runs into some cat themed pirates and is amused deeply offended (okay, okay, I’m suitably offended, you can stop yelling Matatabi), Shizune meets a young boy who tells tall tales and does her best to save his mother, Tenzō accidentally gets hired by a ship builder to provide the wood for a train that crosses the water, Mei encounters another lava user (he’s not nearly as charming as Roshi), Zabuza and Haku have a run in with a man with hawk like eyes (like hell was he losing Haku, he grabbed him as soon as the seal imploded), Shisui winds up on an island full of dinosaurs and two very large people (why does everything always want to eat me, at least the giants were kind enough to help me salvage a boat and weird compass thing), Itachi winds up on a ship and helps a young blond in the kitchen, Sakumo and Orochimaru encounter a talking reindeer that helps them get medical aid, Jiraiya lands on an island filled with hot springs and is deeply conflicted (on the one hand research, all the research, on the other Naruto, decisions decisions), Kakashi encounters a clown themed pirate and wonders why is this even his life, Han meets a young girl on the run for a crime she didn’t commit, Utakata meets a white haired marine private made of smoke and wonders if he’s somehow related to the Hōzuki clan, Kisame is surrounded by people that look vaguely like him but are clearly not of the Hoshigaki clan and he is confused, Sasori is deeply offended by the walking flamingo that dares to make light of his art, Kakuzu doesn’t care where he is (he’s too busy staring at the number of zeros on the wanted posters he found), Konan and Nagato find themselves in the middle of a Revolution and it brings back memories (now if only the paths hadn’t been thrown out of range), Obito winds up in a gilded palace filled with slaves and is abruptly reminded of why he’s doing what he’s doing.

Jesse gave Winston a pat on the back, “Just try ignore them.”

“They have been fighting for hours. About everything.”

“Aw come on, not everything.”

Winston gave the cowboy a blank stare, “They argued about what colour the payload should be.”

Jesse was about to reply when Reaper, kicked open the door from the other room.

Everyone went silent for what felt like hours.

“76 falls asleep during sex.”

76 then appeared, hitting the other man with his gun.

“Reaper can only off if there is Spanish music playing in the background.”

The two men then began another screaming match. Except this time, they wanted everyone to hear.

“76 is freaked out by puppets!”

“Reaper is afraid of mice!”

“76 can’t hold his liquor!”

“Reaper can’t hold onto a relationship!”

“76 is so stupid, he doesn’t know when someone’s flirting!”

“Reaper couldn’t romance a salad!”

“What does that even mean?!”

“You know what it means!”

Winston sighed in defeat, then noticed a laughing Jesse, recording the entire thing on his phone.

Winston didn’t care anymore. 

Maybe Talon was hiring


While I was doing history homework, I came across this word and remembered that it was Chloe’s last name.  I looked it up and it look what I found

too concerned about wealth, possessions, and respectable behavior 

Her name is literally Chloe too-concerned-about-my-wealth-to-care-about-you 

Nice going there, Hawkdaddy

1. You are fat and ugly.
2. Your eyes are too small.
3. I sucked  his dick.
4. You laugh terrible.
5. You are lonely.
6. Don’t wear that.
7. Stop eating so much.
8. Your ears are so fucking ugly.
9. I’m not sorry.
10. You could cry blood and I wouldn’t care.
11. You should close your mouth while you’re laughing.
12. Cunt.
13. He is not interested in you.
14. I loved you.
15. I miss you.
16. You can have anyone, except me.
17. You are stupid.
18. He has a new girlfriend.
19. Your butt is too small.
20. Your boobs are too big.
—  Things people told me I can’t forget. No matter how hard I try.

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i'm sad. any dick and tim brother headcanons to make me feel less sad?

-Dick and Tim will have karaoke nights when it’s just the two of them and they’re not too great at singing so it sounds atrocious but they’re usually laughing too hard to care

-Once Dick tried to bake for their karaoke night and ended up scorching a pan of cookies. Tim brought some over from the Manor, though Dick’s apartment smelled like fire and burnt food

-Dick will serenade Tim (and the rest of the family) with Disney songs and musicals

-When Tim can’t sleep he’ll text Dick and just talk, even if Dick is still asleep or on patrol. It’s usually just facts or memes or something

-Tim once tried to play Twister with Dick and ended up pulling a tendon because he was trying to win

-Gotham has a drive in theatre that Dick and Tim will sometimes stop by at if patrol that night is going slow. They’ve only been spotted once or twice but they have a “superhero pass” so they don’t have to pay

-after long missions or patrols in Gotham the two will go to get coffee, sometimes in full costume. Once they went when they were slightly injured and nearly gave the barista a heart attack, but they wanted coffee and they were going to get it no matter what
I just really like the idea of them hanging out and being total dorks together and doing stupid stuff that’s just kind of silly. Like siblings do.

Hope you feel better! 😘

“People with antisocial personality disorder exhibit a lack of conscience, even towards friends and family members. Their destructive behavior surfaces in childhood adolescence, beginning in excessive lying, fighting, stealing, violence, or manipulation.

They basically don’t care about any negative consequences of their actions, and because they lack the capacity for empathy, they don’t give a dang about you, or anyone else.” (x)


Felt horrible when karamatsu got kidnapped and chibita tried to make it better but no one actually cared….
But then felt even worse whenever I completely forgot about his existence for the remainder of the episode because I was too caught up with what was going on with Ichimatsu.
(; - ;) I feel so bad but I’m laughing so hard right now…
I like all the sextuplets (okay maybe not Todomatsu) but Jyu, Ichi, and Kara hold special places in my heart.

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I feel like laughing really hard when I think about Harry's internal monologue in HBP about Ron's reaction to him liking Ginny. Lol Harry, I'm pretty sure ALL the Weasleys shipped you with her.

It makes me laugh, too, anon.  Back in my Sugar Quill days, I remember someone saying that Harry’s inner conflict reminded them of Gollum, with good!Gollum being all BUT SHE’S OUR BEST FRIEND’S SISTER, and bad!Gollum being all BUT WE DOESN’T CARE WE WANTSSSSSS HER.  (Idk it was funny the way they said it ok just trust me.)

I also like how Harry’s conflict showed how much his feelings for Ginny intensified throughout the year.  When he first became aware of how he felt about her, he was bound and determined not to ever act on it because he wasn’t going to risk his friendship with Ron for anything.  But by the end, he wasn’t even trying to fight or avoid his feelings for Ginny, but rather trying to think of a way where he could have both her and his friendship with Ron.  I don’t think that means he loved or valued Ron one iota less than he had always done; I think it was more that he’d reached a point where, just as he wasn’t going to give up his friendship with Ron for a relationship with Ginny, he also wasn’t going to give up a relationship with Ginny for his friendship with Ron.  It wasn’t a matter of one or the other for him anymore, and instead of thinking “No way, she’s off-limits, I’m not going to risk losing Ron,” he was now thinking, “I’m going to find a way to make Ron be okay with this, even if it kills me.”  That’s pretty telling about how far his feelings for Ginny had come over the course of the book.

  • Me: I'm asking for two friends. We watched Solitudes today and we have been investigating all afternoon. It's been like CSI - Heathrow. So you know the "it's my sidearm I swear" line? Sam was laid to Jacks left, his sidearm is on his right......CARE TO EXPLAIN?
  • Amanda: *literally bright red and laughing pretty hard* Oh. Ermm. I always thought it was his sidearm? Did we have Zat'nik'tels then?
  • Me: NOPE.
  • Amanda: Because that's a penis in a pocket if I've ever seen one. They were so phallic! Oh man. I don't know. I always thought it was his sidearm......it was really cold too, I'm impressed!......oh god, my mum would be so proud of me *face palms*
  • Yes I really asked that. Fucking hell. Best weekend ever.

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SQUISHY!!!! I wanna ask something but I don't know what. All I know is Jackson and JB. Um. How would they react if you saw them on the street at night and ran into something (like a wall or pole. I'm clumsy okay) because you were too busy watching them to watch where you were going?

Jackson: I’m so sure he’d double over in laughter. Clutching his stomach, he’d rush over to you whilst taking intakes of breaths because he’s laughing so hard. “_______,” he would pant, checking to see if you were okay. “I know I’m distracting but you really have to be more careful next time, okay? OW—what was that for?! I was just kidding, geez…”

Jaebum: “Yah, _______! Watch where you’re goi—” But it’s too late; you hit the pole. Sighing, he’d shake his head and rush over to you and make sure that you’re not hurt. He’d place his hand on your forehead and ask if you’re okay… and once he’s sure you are he’d flick you lightly on the forehead. “Watch where you’re going! You always make me worry since you never pay attention, pabo!”

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We are basing all of these theories under the assumption that Louis is a really forgiving and over-the-top awesome person. Not everyone likes their own children, especially if they were unplanned. He can take as much time away from the child as he wants and still get away with giving the child some money. also, all the pap walks with the child are done to please the fans/ general public. he doesn't care for that child