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would you go with me to the capital? the proposal slides forward, almost slipping between lexa’s lips, as she watches clarke.

no, it’s still doesn’t sound as it should. too trite and desperate. lexa wants to say exactly the right thing when she lets clarke know she wants to show her polis. show her the marketplace that teems with life, the throne room where she’s spent so much of her time as a young adult, the magnificence of the stars from the highest levels of the tower. clarke should know the beauty of these things – lexa has a feeling she’s one of the only people who would appreciate them as much as her.

you should come with me to the capital.

that’s better. it lacks the open-ended nature and ambiguity of a question, but is still not a demand. it’s a simple statement of feeling that leaves clarke the freedom to choose.

yet lexa still doesn’t allow the words to tumble from her mouth, remembering the kiss they shared and the way clarke had pulled away. needing time…what if she needed space, as well?

she almost laughs at herself as she imagines telling her generals that, though she barely bats an eye at the prospect of war, the great heda is rendered faint-feeling and dry-throated at the prospect of asking a cute woman to travel with her.

they wouldn’t understand that bearing her heart to clarke griffin is the scariest challenge she will ever face.


Ha ha ha ha ha ha yes this was just… a test… for… I don’t even have an excuse anymore orz what is with this au in particular and angst???
Sorry though I didn’t follow the prompt exactly I-I just figured it would be reverse kinda… ;v; never send me suggestions I just do whatever I want orz I’m sorry

"Leo Valdez's: Hey There Calypso" A Caleo songimagine (an appreciably cheesy Hey there Delilah Rewrite)
  • Leo: Hey there Calypso
  • Calypso: -hm?
  • Leo: What's it like in this new city?
  • Calypso: -uhm...pretty fine so f-
  • Leo: You were a thousand miles away but you still managed to look pretty
  • Calypso: Leo are you singi-?
  • Leo: You still do...
  • Olympus can't shine as bright as yoooou
  • Don't zap me Zues...
  • Calypso: *rolls eyes but doesn't protest*
  • Leo: *pulls out guitar and continues with a grin*
  • Hey there Calypso, Nemesis gives bad advice
  • and the fact that Ogygia is impossible to find twice
  • didn't help at allll
  • Calypso: that didn't stop /you/ though.
  • Leo: You're an immortal princess afteraaalll
  • but I gave it my aaallll
  • Calypso: you just rhymed an entire verse with "all"
  • Calypso: -endless tree...what even?
  • Leo: Hey there calypso I sing like a dying goat
  • with a 280 screw propeller lodged inside its throat
  • but now I dooooon't
  • Calypso: Leo...does such a machine with a ridiculously unnecessary amount of screws even exist..
  • leo: Apollo cabin made an antidooooote
  • Don't mean to glooooaaaat.
  • Calypso: ah. so that was not intense arrogance I smelled.
  • Leo: Hey there Calypso, on that island you met me
  • then we escaped to work in this garage and build a family
  • Calypso: *splutters* -faMiLY?
  • Leo: *grins* You'd be a great wiiife
  • You'd bake me cookies all my liiife
  • we'd lead a great liiiife
  • Calypso: -wiFE?...cOokIE bAkiNG?!
  • Calypso: -Oh. That was actually surprisingly sweet.
  • Leo: Though I hail my dignity and class
  • I'm glad Khione kicked my ass
  • Calypso: wait, your ex-crush kicked your ass?
  • *struggles not to laugh*
  • Leo: *makes a face*
  • If she hadn't shoved me through the air
  • I'd never have broken that chair
  • Calypso: I'm still not over that table y'know...
  • Leo: Calypso when my eyes met you
  • I swear the sun behind of you
  • Calypso: *begins to develop the slightest of a blush before scowling intently*
  • That table was Mahogany.
  • Leo: Hey there calypso you be good and don't you miss me
  • few more months and I'll be done with camp
  • and we'll be making history like we doooo
  • Calypso: You mean, two months in a LEO-FREE-ZONE?! sign.me.up.
  • Leo: working a forge made just for twoooo
  • We can do anything you want tooo
  • Hey there sunshine here's to you.
  • This one's for you.
  • Calypso: *blinks*
  • Leo: *smiles warmly and ,surprisingly, shyly steps closer*
  • Leo: ooooh its what you do to me
  • oooooh its what you do to me
  • oooooh I'd go conquer Capris
  • oooonly if you promise me
  • that you'd rule it with me
  • Oh ooooooh
  • Oh ooooooh whooooaaaaoooh
  • Oh whooooaaaaoooh
  • whoa-oa-ooooaaah
  • ooooooh...
  • Calypso: ...
  • Calypso: I still hate you Valdez.
  • Calypso: C'mere.
  • Luke: It was all your friend's idea. She had dragged you to this summer camp thing 'cause she had gone there last summer and one of the counselors was, as she described, hotter than the sun. So you spent your summer helping her with crazy plans to get closer to the boy she couldn't stop talking about, and funny enough, you had laid your eyes on someone as well. You didn't want to be like all the other girls that followed him around because they were crushing on him, you wanted to be different and keep your cool. But that was hard. Every time you saw his blonde hair, tall frame and blue eyes, you were blown away. And that's why you avoided him; you and hot guys didn't get along well. It usually ended up with you making a fool of yourself. Yet, one day, when you were looking for Y/F/N to know if she had made any progress with her crush, you bumped into the one person you wanted to not have to avoid. "Sorry," you mumbled, looking down. "It's okay, (Y/N), right?", the way he said your name made your heart beat faster. "Yeah, and you're Luke, right?", it took everything in you to look into his eyes. "Yeah, I didn't get to talk to you before," he said, frowning. "Yeah, that's weird, right?", you lied, smiling. Before any awkward silence could make it's way to your conversation, you quickly asked him: "Have you seen (Y/F/N)?". "Oh, yeah," he answered, smirking, "But I can't tell you where she went." Seeing your confused expression, he explained: "Calum went to show her the counselors rooms, since she wants to be one next year...", you instantly got the hint and mentally high five'd yourself for making the plan work. "Oh," you smirked, "I guess she's in good hands then." "Yeah, so you can finally stop hanging out with her and make some new friends now," he laughed and you blushed. "The only reason why I'm here is her, I'm not really good at making friends," you shrugged. "Well, I'm helping you with that, then," he put his arms around your shoulder, "You just made yourself a new friend." With that, you spent the rest of the day talking, and later on you decided you wanted a tour around the counselors room as well.
  • Ashton: "Excuse me," you cleared your throat, knocking on the open door. "Oh, hi!", a tall boy with green eyes smiled, motioning for you to come in, "You must be (Y/N)." "Yeah," you smiled, "And you are?". "I'm Ashton," he shook your hand, "I'll be the one preparing you." "Okay, then," you smiled. It was your mom's idea for you to become a camp counselor, she said it would help you to get your mind of things, and it would be a nice way to gain money and enjoy your summer. "So, what's it like?", you asked him, trying to make small talk. "What? Being a camp counselor?", you nodded, "Well, it's hard. But it's nice, when you see everyone smiling, you know it's because you did something right." "I remember when I used to come to summer camps, I was fascinated by the counselors, they seemed so important...". "And we are!", he laughed, "This camp would be a mess without us." "It wouldn't exist without us," you chuckled. "You're going to have fun, (Y/N). It'll be nice to help you with that," even though he had an innocent smile on his lips, you couldn't help but feel another meaning behind his words. "I'm sure we'll make a great team," you smiled back, using the same tone as he did. "It's nice to have a new face around here," he smirked, walking closer to you, "Especially when it's a face as nice to look at as yours." "Well, your face isn't disappointing either," you smirked, taking one step closer to him. "Oh yeah," he chuckled, biting down on you bottom lip before letting it go, "I'm sure we'll make a great team."
  • Michael: You sat in breakfast looking worriedly around, wondering where Michael could be. The answer, of course, was in bed. All you wanted was to go wake him up and drag him out of his bed, but you couldn't do that. First of all, you were just another camper and he was a counselor; your relationship needed to remain a secret. And, then, you weren't even sure if you could call what you had a relationship. You had a crush on Michael from the moment you got to the camp, and, surprisingly enough, it seemed his feelings were the same. It didn't take long for you to start hooking up, and that's all you did, really. Stolen kisses and touches here and there, and some casual conversation, not much more than that. So, what were you? You were afraid to bring that question up, you didn't want to scare him off or anything. Yet, you couldn't help the feelings that were starting to show. Cliche much? You heard the door open and turned to see Michael with his messy hair and skinny jeans walking fast. He felt your gaze and turned, smiling sweetly at you, which you returned. And that was your usual interaction in public. You stood up, the only reason you were still there was to make sure Michael would get to breakfast in time, and now that he was there, you could go get ready for the rest of the day. "Hey, (Y/N)," you heard his voice when you were leaving. "Yeah?", you asked, turning to face him. He pointed to a door and walked out of the cafeteria. Cautiously, you followed behind, being pressed to a wall the moment you stepped out. "Good morning," he whispered against your lips, before pressing various pecks to them. "Hm, good morning," you giggled, pulling him closer by the shirt with one hand and playing with his hair with the other. Both of his hands wrapped tightly around your waist before he leaned in again, pressing his lips to yours one more time. "Hey, what if someone see us?", you asked. "No one ever comes here, we're safe," he mumbled against your lips, leaning in for another lazy kiss.
  • Calum: "(Y/N), (Y/N), (Y/N)," a young camper tugged at the sleeves of your shirt, pulling you down. "Yeah, sweetie?", you asked. You were the older camper, so you were treated just as if you were a counselor, which you were going to be next year. "Calum asked me to give you this," she giggled, handing you a flower and a piece of paper. You smiled, looking past her shoulder to see Calum standing not far away, smiling and waving, you waved back, laughing. "Well, tell him I said thank you," you told the girl. She giggled, and ran back to where Calum was. You and Calum were the camp OTP, and he only really noticed you like that after everyone started shipping you two. And from them on, you started to have casual meet ups so he could 'train' you. You opened the piece of paper, 'our spot in the woods in five?', was written in his sloppy handwriting. You looked over at him again, nodding your head. The young girl had already left, probably running to tell her friends everything about how she helped Calum to get with you. "You probably made that girl's life today," you giggled, wrapping your arms around his neck when you found him at the woods. "Yeah, I'm pretty sure she was glowing," he laughed, hands placed on your waist. "So, what are you teaching me today?", you stood on your tip toes to peck his lips. "I thought maybe I could tech you mouth to mouth breathing?", he smirked. "Oh, that sounds great", you giggled and he leaned down, capturing your lips in a sweet kiss. It didn't take long for his hands to creep up under your shirt, stroking your sides. "Even thought you're an excellent teacher," you broke the kiss, "I feel like I'm going to need more training sections next year when I'm a counselor." "Yeah," he laughed, "I can help you with that."
Just Another Day -Requested (All Boys)

This was requested by (could you do one where you’re luke’s sister and like overall the band’s best friend and you came on tour with them but they forget your birthday) ENJOY!!!!

‘Hey there Delilah what’s it like in New York City, I’m a thousand miles away, But girl tonight you look so pretty, yes you do’ you wake up to the sweet words of ‘Hey There Delilah’, you answer the call.

‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY!’ you mum shouts down the phone.

‘Thanks mum’ you rub your eyes sitting up in your bunk.

‘Oh my little girl, all grown up. Its strange not seeing you, I’m kind of getting used to not have Luke here for his birthdays but you, oh this is horrible, my beautiful baby girl, eighteen’ you can hear her tears in her voice.

‘Oh mum don’t cry, I’m with Luke, he will take care of me I’m sure’ you try to calm her, your hear her sniff a couple of times and then she speaks again.

‘Yeah, okay, that’s okay, so has Luke made you those birthday pancakes?’ she asks, referring to the pancakes Luke makes you every birthday, last year when he was on tour he called you to tell you we would make birthday pancakes when he is home, and he did.

‘I’m still in bed’

‘Well I’m sure he is making them as we speak’ you tells you and you can hear the smirk in her voice.

‘Then I’ll take my time, god those things are awful’ you sigh, pulling a face and you hear her laugh.

‘You always eat them’ she comments.

‘Yeah, he puts so much effort in, I’d feel bad telling him they taste like crap’

‘He’s a great brother, I hope you two have a lovely day, I will call you later’ she tells you, you say goodbye and the line goes dead. You drag yourself out of bed and shuffle through tot the living room area, but its empty, no boys, no crew, no pancakes, nothing, not even a note, you sigh and decided they must have had an early interview and not wanted to wake you so you pour some cereal and switch on the TV. You spend the morning alone, receiving texts and message from friends and family wishing you a ‘Happy 18th’ but not a single message from Luke, or the other boys. You phone begins to call for the eighth time this morning, you look to see Ashton’s name flashing, you swipe the screen excited to finally talk to one of them.

‘Hey, we are going that pizza place we pasted yesterday, you coming?’ he rushes out, you agree and he tells you to meet them there, you rush to dry your hair and slip on a fresh pair of jeans, on your way you can’t help but get a little excited, maybe they didn’t forget your birthday, they are probably treating you to a nice birthday meal, at least you got out of birthday pancakes.


You arrive and look around the crowded pizza place, a guy walks over ‘Hello, do you want a table?’ he asks a small smile playing his lips, and you notice him look you up and down, you smile back adding a little smirk. ‘I’m actually meeting some people here’ you tell him, he nods ‘Boyfriend?’ he asks simply and you smile ‘Nope, four very loud guys’ you explain, the smile grows when you say no to the boyfriend and he nods, pointing towards the left ‘Is that them?’ he asks and you not noticing Michael red hair, we walks you over ‘Enjoy, call over if you need anything’ he wink before walking off.

‘Finally!’ Luke shouts, nodding. Towards you as you approach the table.

’(Y/N) we ordered you took too long’ Michael explained as you took the seat next to Ashton.

'Why did you take so long?’ Luke asks through a mouthful of pizza.

'I had to dry my hair’ you tell him.

'You’re such a girl at times’ he mutters and you narrow your eyes at him.

'I am a fucking girl, if you haven’t noticed’ you sass him and hear Ashton giggle slightly from next to you.

'If we knew you were gonna take so long we wouldn’t have invited you’ he glares and you roll your eyes. 'No one asked you too’ you mutter.

'Children!’ Ashton snaps looking between you and Luke, you pout towards Ashton and he smiles at you.

'God I love having you on tour, the sibling love is adorable’ he slides his arm around your shoulders and pulls you down to him, kissing your temple.

'Sorry, ash’ you sigh, reaching over to grab a piece of pizza yourself, you drop quite as the boys chat about someone called Neil, and you drift off, now realising that they have forgotten, this isn’t a cute little birthday treat it’s just lunch because they have forgot, your best friend and brother forgot about your birthday.

'What do you think (Y/N)?’ You’re knocked out of your daze by Michael calling your name you look up, between all the boys and you know your face is blank.

'Sorry’ you apologise and Ashton and Calum smirk.

'Neil told us about this new club opening tonight not too far from here, he said if we want to go he can get us on the list’ Michael explains.

'So you’re asking if I’m okay to stay on my own? You question and he nods

'That’s fine’ you tell them and then you concentrate back on the pizza.


Your sitting staring at the ceiling as your phone balances on your head. The boys left an hour ago, in that time you have replied to all the birthday texts you have received and called your mum. You decide it’s too hot and move to the door to let some air in, you look out at the buildings in front and high signing decaying to a McDonalds behind the buildings and a premier inn sign a little further back.


Your snuggled under the warm duvet on the huge king size bed; you ordered room service not to log ago, pizza, strawberries, milkshake and some other bits. You decided if you were destined to spend your birthday allow you would at least do it in comfort and so you booked into a room at premier inn. You sent a message to the boys to let them know, not wanting them to worry.

It’s strange although they forgot about your 18th you’re not even mad at them, yes they are your best friends and Luke is your big brother but with how manic things have been lately you can’t blame them for losing track of the days. Your movie has just finished and your about to pick another when you phone begins to ring. 'Calum’ you answer.

'What room are you in?’ He asks

'Why? Are you here?’ You sit up a little.

'What room?’ He asks again, you sigh and tell him as soon as he has the information he hangs up and moments later there is a knock on your door. You drag yourself from the warmth of your bed and answer the door not surprised to see the boys but surprised at their sober state and the items they hold.

They all have balloons, Ashton holding a Mickey Mouse face one, Calum a huge 1 and Michael a huge 8 and Luke a blue one saying 'no 1 sis’. And then they all hold cards Michael’s envelope yellow, Calum’s pink, Ashton’s blue and Luke’s white. And a bag in Michaels hand.

'We are the worst friends I’m the world’ Ashton announces after a moment of silence.

'Worst brother ever’ Luke whispers.

'We are so fucking sorry (Y/N)’ Michael adds

'A fan saw is in the club and asked if you were with us, we laughed and told we your under age and she was like, I thought she was 18 today, we checked the date and only then realised. We are so so sorry’ Calum explains.

'Will you forgive us?’ Luke asks, you decide to play up and shrug, all of them dropping their heads and you smirk a little without them knowing.

'Look I’m fine; I have a comfortable bed, great movies and food. You guys can go back out’ you tell them as casually as possible.

‘Seriously?’ Michael asks and you see Luke welling up a little, you don’t reply.

‘(Y/N) I am so sorry, I know I’m the worst brother in the world, I honestly completely forgot, I understand if you don’t forgive me, I left you all alone on your eighteenth birthday, Christ I so shit’ Luke looks as though he is about to cry and you laugh, making them all pull surprised faces.

‘You should have seen your fucking faces’ you laugh a little, ‘Don’t worry, I forgive you, your busy, its fine honestly, and as long as you have peanut butter and vegemite in that bag, I will let you in’ you smile, Michael opens the bag and pulls out both of them and you smile grabbing his arm and pulling him in and go to close the door..

‘Wait’ Ashton shouts and you open the door with an innocent smile. ‘What about us?’ he asks and you tilt your head a little, making it looks like you’re thinking. ‘I guess you can come in you are my best friends, even if you did forget my birthday, Calum your just cute so come on in but you..’ you look at Luke and he looks a little worried. ‘Give me a hug’ Luke smiles and holds you’re tight against his chest.

‘Happy birthday little sis’ 

From Chelsea