i'm laughing so hard,

There are two kinds of people in the world
  • Person A: 4kids dub is the worst thing to happen to anime, it ruins everything and is a disgrace to the original content.
  • Person B: *through the tears* this is the third pun and fourth shade the show has done in five minutes and everyone is drinking hot sauce cause they can't have alcohol, this dub is a gift from above.

when Bucky doesn’t have a towel and he’s alone in the tower with Sam. 😂😂

callout post for: john locke, the father of liberalism

- stated that the aim of the liberal state is to protect itself first and only then actual people

- said that this is a good thing ™

- stated that the state of nature (anarchy) is inherently good, possessions are equally distributed, people are equal and peaceful

- hence stated that the only reason to have a state at all is to assemble private property and defend it against others who need it

- said this was a good thing ™

- stated that killing humans isn’t bad because it’s immoral, it’s bad because humans are god’s property

- was a bourgeois little dickhead

The first song I ever wrote, I was 10 years old and I was really into System of a Down. And I wrote this song that sounded like System of a Down, but it was called “Chicken Taquito.” No joke. I called it that. And literally, the words were just like, how much I love eating chicken taquitos. In a round-about way. There was singing about mushrooms and green peppers and stuff too.

Brendon Urie

(if you’re ever feeling unsuccessful and like you’ll never go anywhere in life, just remember that Brendon Urie’s first song was about chicken taquitos)

Summoning him
  • England, talking to America: Remember, America, you can't say the word if you don't want to summon...him
  • America: what word?
  • England: *looks left*
  • England: *looks right*
  • England: *looks up*
  • England, leaning closer to America, whispers: memes
  • Russia: *falls from ground* did I hear memes