i'm laughing so hard she is my best friend

I remember a time when one of my best friend was being harassed by a dumb idiot in facebook. And this dude™ was talking to her non stop despite the fact she clearly didn’t want to talk to him and stuff. He even send her pictures of himself. So one day, she was with me, and this dude asked her if she wanted to go out and “do things” and my friend was shocked and she didn’t know what to do. So I took her phone and I replied to this guy with “Sorry, can’t. I’m with my period. You know? When a women bleeds out from her vagina? I don’t want to go out right know” 

And this dude blocked her and never talk to her ever again. 

highlight of my valentine’s day: when a straight girl explained to me, a lesbian, that because her best friend is gay she is “a member of the subculture that is the LBGTQ community as an ally”