i'm laughing so hard she is my best friend

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Favorite thing about them: idk ur a cool meme who i can do stupid shit with
Least favorite thing about them: you get caught too easily. like wtf how are we supposed to have our fun if you’re so shitty at getting away with it. also stop wearing make-up. you look better without it. :V

So I decided to try a colour challenge and draw my beautiful friend @tinyweebsketchbook / @tinysharkqueen I drew her the way I love to see her most, laughing so hard she cries. 

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sometimes when I'm making decisions in my day I think "what would Lora do"

Lora would make herself laugh so hard she shook, or be unable to articulate her thoughts and blush, or speak too loudly, or speak too softly, or feel nervous around her best friends, or be overly confident, or be grumpy because she went to bed too late, or be working on six projects at once or say, hold on let me just finish texting this poem to myself, or be scribbling on a piece of receipt tape at work, or be taking nude self-portraits while her neighbors are walking by, or be trying to swallow her own name 

Okay, so, remember my friend? The one from this post? She’s never watched a single episode of Critical Role. 

But she is a steampunk, and she makes her own costumes including light-up accessories. And her current costume is a navy-blue-with-gold-and-bronze affair that includes circular glasses and a floor-length coat and an old-timey gun and a sword and a glove with parts that light up and are supposed to be mechanical and magic. 

And! She’s also an attractive blue-eyed white-blonde Scandinavian. So when she swung by Mercer’s signing at A-Kon to get a thing signed for me (because she’s awesome) they apparently had a good laugh about her “low-key” cosplaying Percy without realizing it. 

Fast forward two months, she’s picking my brain to come up with ideas using these bird feathers she collects (don’t ask) and I recommend making a lapel pin or a pendant. She takes to the idea and gets excited. “I know just what I can use!”

And she pulls out this:

I can’t believe my best friend is actual IRL genderbent Percival Fredrickstein Von Musel Klosswolski de Rolo III.

Ok story time

So me being French, I’m not used to a lot of the things that we call “french” (french fries, French kissing, etc.) being called that and meaning something totally different when you add French to the beginning of it. So for a long time I just assumed that whenever you said something starting with “French” you always just meant the way it was normally done/had in France- logical right?

So flashback to when I’m 11, and I am just this sweet and innocent little thing. I was hanging out with all of my sixth grade friends, and we’re playing truth or dare or something, and so someone asks me whether I’ve ever French kissed a guy.
It’s important to explain here that where I’m from in France, we do this sign of respect where literally whenever you see someone you peck them on each cheek, kids start doing this when they’re like five and its actually really rude not to do it.
So me being me, I go “what!! Yeah of course!! I French kiss everyone I know, girls, boys, family, friends, you know!?” And so my friends absolutely lose their SHIT, because they think I’m talking about hardcore tongue wrestling, but I don’t know that. So for like two or three weeks at school I go around bragging that I’ve French kissed so many people I’ve lost count, and my friends (being these weird sexual emos) are like aw yeah you get it girl. You have to remember the oldest among us was 13. And I’m just so fucking proud of myself because yeah who knew a few pecks on the cheek could make you so powerful??
So these few weeks pass and I’m just the beez kneez in our class, and then one week at the peak of my fame my best friend gets the brilliant idea to dare me to French kiss the “hot guy.” So I walk up to him and I hug him (we were actually close friends) and then I give him a peck on each cheek and I swagger back to my friends and they’re staring at me with this “uhoh” look that’s somewhere between devastation and anticipation. But I don’t notice and I’m like haha there you go guys. And my best friend just cries, I swear to god I thought she was going insane because she was cry-laughing so hard she almost fell over. And I’m like what’s up? And so they explain to me what actual French kissing is and for the rest of the day I felt so nauseous and I was in such a state of shock that my teacher actually sent me to the school nurse. English sucks guys. I didn’t talk to anyone for three days.