i'm laughing so hard ok

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! guuuuyzzzzz!!! I did it! I actually DID it!

I went on vacation today, packed myself, arrived, went out to hav fun, AND STILL MANAGED TO MAKE ART TODAY!!! I’m freaking sonic!

Also, art may not appear so often for a few dayz, since ykno… vacation and stuff XD, but since i’m on try hard mode i don’t think you’ll feel the difference ;))

integrity by @camilaart

the signs as iconic x-files "monsters"
  • aries: Sheriff Hartwell, secret vampire
  • taurus: Chinga, creepy ass doll, wants to play
  • gemini: Duane Barry, unpredictable abduction enthusiast
  • cancer: Tooms, professional liver harvester/nester
  • leo: Eve, every last one of them, ready to take over
  • virgo: Pusher, very persuasive fruity protein drinker
  • libra: Tulpa, literally a lawful evil garbage monster
  • scorpio: Eddie van Blundht, shape shifter for sexual gain
  • sagittarius: The Great Mutato, ultimate Cher fangirl
  • capricorn: Leonard Betts, perceptive to a cancerous fault
  • aquarius: Guy Mann, would rather be a lizard than a human
  • pisces: Flukeman, hides in toilet, wants to be left alone

anonymous asked:

Hello! I noticed you liked my ask of chibaken and I smiled so hard because I am a huge fan of your art! ESPECIALLY THE MOSG RECENT ONE, WITH DRACO'S COCK! (Yes, it is I, Cock Anon.) Tell me, do you have any specific thoughts about how Harry and Draco's cocks look? Balls, too; balls are good! Thank you! Cock Anon, OUT! 🍆


i honestly don’t know how well I can answer this…………………………. LOL

i just think draco’s is pretty and harry’s is a bit on the larger side of average??? at least for drawing purposes idk lmao


Well, aren’t you just delightful.

“Just a few more, Nico. You can do it.”

I was rereading Trials of Apollo and I kinda just Solangelo-ed? I feel like I am sinning so bad. I am still at awe how Nico, my beautiful son of Hades, got a legit canon boyfriend? Like whut? But I am so happy for him at the same time. And friggin son of Apollo at that. They are basically Light and Dark, that kinda just dawned to me and that is so cute and endearing I wanna punch something. The rest of the gang at The Greek Hall of Fame

No context needed

liswae  asked:

Are you still active snaj ? 😘