i'm laughing so hard hi


The Holy Jinity 

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! guuuuyzzzzz!!! I did it! I actually DID it!

I went on vacation today, packed myself, arrived, went out to hav fun, AND STILL MANAGED TO MAKE ART TODAY!!! I’m freaking sonic!

Also, art may not appear so often for a few dayz, since ykno… vacation and stuff XD, but since i’m on try hard mode i don’t think you’ll feel the difference ;))

integrity by @camilaart

ok but the fact that taehyung cries in the bathroom because he doesn’t want anybody to see him upset is the most heart wrenching thing i’ve read and it makes me feel so helpless because this man deserves the sun, the moon, the stars, the galaxy, the entire fucking universe

seeing him as a dorky happy sunshine makes us forget that he’s human too and that he hurts just like us (maybe more, if i’ve learned anything from people around me) and the fact that he feels the need to hide himself when his sadness manifests gives me so much pain.

kim taehyung, most beautiful boy in the universe, i won’t say don’t cry. instead, i want you to cry, break down even, in front of the people/person you love the most and let them hold you, love you, support you. let it all out in the arms of the person whom you trust and love more than anything and know that they love you back too, and so much. let your feelings flow, my beautiful man, and know that you’re not alone and we will love you still, always.


“Cards on the table?”

Jumin: Did you try the back camera

based off a vine from eons ago// (a sequel to V’s selfie post, click!)

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Favorite thing about them: idk ur a cool meme who i can do stupid shit with
Least favorite thing about them: you get caught too easily. like wtf how are we supposed to have our fun if you’re so shitty at getting away with it. also stop wearing make-up. you look better without it. :V

My best friend is the kind of guy who insists my hobbies are boring (we share nearly nothing when it comes to interests) and pretends to not really listen when I ramble on and on (he never interrupts though) –

But then he still brings me a book about the Marvel Superheroes I was rambling about from the library because “it just happened to be there”.

There are bookmarks on the pages of the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Avengers, so he even skimmed through it.