i'm laughing so hard at the names

Top ten times Dean and Castiel said each other names.

Requested by anon, I hope you like it!

10. 12x10 or Cas is just done with Dean’s shit.

Okay this is the only funny thing this top ten is getting. It has been two weeks since I watched this episode but I’m still laughing at the whole ‘’married couple’’ situation; everytime I hear Cas saying Dean’s name in that restaurant I laugh so hard I cry.

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He is so done, someone help me.

9. The phone call in 12x09.

 Dean calling Castiel for help one thousand times without thinking about anyone else and the relief in Cas voice when he hear Dean’s voice again, his face is so full of life in that instant.

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8. Don’t ever change.

The way Dean says Cas’ s name in this scene is so beautiful, he is smiling he is happy because he is seeing Castiel again like he has always been not like the shadow he meets in the future, and he is relieved, not only because the angel saves his ass from Zachariah, but because Castiel is okay and he is just the same weird, dorky little guy.

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You have to agree the two Cas were pretty much in love with Dean Winchester.

7. Castiel during the phone call in 11x01.

This scene always get me because despite being under Rowena’s spell Castiel just wants to know how is Dean, just wants to know if he is free from Cain’s Mark influence. The way Cas says Dean’s name, desperate, because he just wants to know his effort was worth it, that the hunter is okay, but Dean is just feeling guilty for what happened in the bunker.

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*cries a little* worried boyfriends are the best boyfriends.

6. Purgaytory.

I don’t know what I like most about this whole scene, Dean screaming Cas’ name when he finally finds him after a year or Cas’ face while saying Dean, because the angel always looks so touched when Dean worries about him, when he risks his life to save Cas’.

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I’m so emotional.

5. Goodbye stranger.

I can’t let this out, no when Dean sounds so desesperate while saying Castiel’s name no when he is trying to have the angel back because his Cas will never do anything to hurt him.

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We need you, I need you.

4. 10x22.

Castiel doesn’t try to fight back, he doesn’t want to hurt Dean even if the hunter is hurting him, because he knows Dean, he knows he doesn’t want to do this, that’s why he just tries to calm him down, just try to speak with him.

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I was so devastated when I heard that single Dean accompained by a soft please, because Castiel didn’t want to die because his death would have been a step more in Dean’s way to become like Cain, because if he died he wouldn’t be able to help Dean, to make him stop.

3. Please don’t go, I love you so.

I don’t care how many times I talk about this episode, because it won’t be enough. Everytime I hear Dean saying Cas’  name, everytime I see his face my heart breaks a little. Dean was so worried, so pained because time was running and Cas was worse with every second that passed and he couldn’t do anything, he was going to lose Castiel without having  an opportunity of saving him.

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The way he says Sam’s name when he realise how bad is Cas’s situation, his voice at the end when Cas is saved by Crowley, all the pain gone just relief just love.

2. A last goodbye and a new opportunity.

This refers to two different moments where they say the name of the other in two completly different situatuons and I wanted to make a little comparision.

On one hand we have a goodbye, the last time they are going to see the other; I’m talking about ‘’Alpha and Omega’’. All the things left unsaid, the way they look each other an of course the painful way the say the other’s name for the last time.

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It’s worse if you think that Castiel wasn’t himself during all the season so they had been together for a very short period of time.

On the other hand we have Dean and Cas saying each other’s name in 12x01, Castiel is so happy and you can say he can’t believe what he is seeing and Dean sound so relieved to be at home again, to be with one important part of his family.

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The pain of letting go and the joy of being together again.

Bonus: Before we reach number 1 I want to mention two moments:

1. Each and every time Castiel has said ‘’ Hello Dean’’.

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What a profound bond.

2. Church scene in season 11.

Dean saying Cas’ name because he wants to talk with him, he wants the angel to fight againt Lucifer, he just wants Castiel back with him.

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1. 9x03.

Like I don’t have to explain the way I cried when I heard all the pain, the loss in Dean’s voice everytime He said Cas’ name trying to wake him up because he couldn’t bear the idea of the angel being dead.

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I can hear him screaming, and it’s so painful.

hope I didn’t forget anything, if you want me to add anything or you want a top ten please just tell me!

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Oh for the lord of…

The girls of my group wrote a self-reflection for their part of our work, just like we were told to. It’s supposed to be about yourself, as the name suggests.

… They used it to rant about me being a, I quote, “lazy, unhelpful and lying brat”.

While I wrote a reflection about how my tired and overwhelmed behavior possibly was understood wrongly and that I’m sorry for that, since that was never my intention.

Well, ladies, I think you just played yourselves. What do you think our teachers will say about you using your self-reflection to bash me instead of staying professional? XD

While I was doing history homework, I came across this word and remembered that it was Chloe’s last name.  I looked it up and it look what I found

too concerned about wealth, possessions, and respectable behavior 

Her name is literally Chloe too-concerned-about-my-wealth-to-care-about-you 

Nice going there, Hawkdaddy

how Crow became tumblr famous

Okay so I had this really bizarre dream last night about 5D’s and it was just too weird to keep to myself

So in the dream, I went to some convention that I didn’t even know the name of, but I was there and having a good time nonetheless.

But then I start seeing a ton of advertisements and posters around the convention center. And they were advertising two of the guests at the con: Jack Atlas and Crow Hogan. But not just cosplayers or anything.

It was the Jack Atlas and Crow Hogan.

So of course, I went to go see them. When I get there, Jack is sitting at his booth, alone, with no one around him, and he looks pissed. Crow, meanwhile, is looking at one of the posters of himself.

As soon as I catch sight of Crow, I get all choked up and go up to him. I say, “Crow, I love you,” and begin to cry. Crow looks at me with eyes as soft as mashed potatoes. He responds, “I know.” And then he hugs me while I cry into his shoulder and whisper, “Thank you.”

But then this is where things get weird.

So somehow I start sleeptalking at this point in the dream? And since my sister (arminizewithme) and I share a room, she heard everything I said. We had a full-blown conversation and I hardly remember anything.

So I say “Thank you” in both real life and the dream. My sister, awake, looks over at me and responds, “You’re welcome”, fully knowing that I’m asleep. We both start to laugh, but she keeps going.

She says, “That’ll be five dollars.” I get rather distressed and answer “I don’t have any money.”

“But you need money to get into Jurassic World.”

“Don’t worry, Chris Pratt will let me in,” I answer confidently, still unconscious.

“Chris Pratt doesn’t exist.”

“Yes he does.”

And then we both zonked out after that. But my dream isn’t done yet, and when I return, I’m still hugging Crow.

But then LittleKuriboh comes in, holding a cat in each hand. I let go of Crow and beckon to LK to come closer so that Crow can speak to him.

But Crow doesn’t just speak to him, he blesses LK’s cats.

And this starts some massive movement. All of a sudden, everyone is rushing to meet Crow Hogan in order to get blessed by him. I remain by his side as hundreds of people rush into the room. Crow greets his fans for hours upon hours, blessing every single one.

Meanwhile, Jack Atlas still sits alone at his table.

So the con finally ends, and I go home and get on tumblr so I can see if there are any pictures of the con yet. But when I go on the con tag, I see that the most popular related search is perhaps the most beautiful tag I’ve ever heard:


I go on the tag and it’s just chock-full of selfies with Crow, items that Crow signed, and inspirational messages by Crow Hogan.

And then I woke up.

My dream may have ended, but #blessedbycrow will never be forgotten.

anonymous asked:

I didn't sleep much last night, but guess what I dreamed about you. I was at an SPN con and you were there, cheering and clapping whenever someone said Mark Pellegrino's name. It was a weird dream.Well, I guess I spend too much time on your blog...:D


I think you had a premonition, because this would most definitely be me. 

I’m sure I’d be wearing an “I ❤️️ Mark Pellegrino” t-shirt, and whistling like a fool every time I heard his name, and randomly shouting out “Mark is the best Lucifer!!!” and “Bring Mark back! Mark in a starring role, or I walk!” 

Ya know, the usual, non-obsessive behavior of a totally normal, casual fan. 

I have issues, there’s too many soulmate AUs that I want for General Danvers, and so my mind was like “What if there’s a soulmate AU where the method is random?” and omg, I’m literally laughing so hard, because if they get the first words method, Astra will be carrying around her twin sister’s name. Can you imagine the mortification? How long does it take her to discover it’s not her soulmate’s name but the first thing her soulmate will say to her?

But imagine Alura being born without the ability to see color as her variety. She doesn’t know if she needs to kiss her soulmate or just look them in the eyes, but then Astra carries around her name? Do they kiss to test the seeming inevitability, and then both agree to never mention it again when it fails? Do they ignore the possibility for so long that Alura meets Zor-El’s eyes and she can suddenly see color, to the relief of both sisters?

Just… Imagine the possible amount of chaos and crack with this.

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So is GG just going to keep calling her L? Like that's it? Her bday post was so complimentary (like over board) and all he has to say is "look it's L"

I mean I love that name L, i think it suits her quite perfectly. But that’s cuz of my pettiness, but with GG i don’t get it. Like why would you refer your girlfriend as L? Maybe he’s subconscious is shading her lol😅😅