i'm laughing hes so awkward

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Wait can u link some of these 2012 Davi videos tho

Can i ever??

First off appreciate the views of Connor via Strome’s GoPro (fair warning you get a lot of rough looking strome at the end rip)

You can witness the tragedy of this Harlem Shake video and try to eye spy McD, but the real treasure is the out takes ft. tinie connor fighting with the mascot

Have two mic’d up videos (x x) the first contains a 15 y/o Mickey D talking about how he’ll score in the shootout “one of these days” (I know you can see my tears from here) and the second features Connie being the flirty tactile lil bro he is 

Heres another out take video with a bunch of giggly otters and a frustrated McJesus

Basically I just recommend combing through the entirety of the ErieHighlightReel youtube (which most of these are from) and finding the Otters playlists from 2012+ and watching to your hearts content!

@doux-sauvage i’ve been laughing for 15 minutes straight bless your blog

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Let's talk about that moment during BV2 when yoongi wanted to place his hand on jk's or maybe jk's thigh but totally miscalculated the distance and ended up with his hand on his dick. I'm still laughing it was so fucking awkward. XD I love him he's a soft bean.

Lol Yesss! 

Jungkook had his arm in the way and just as Yoongi moved to put his hand on Jungkook’s hand, Jungkook fuckin moves it out of the way and Yoongi had no time because he had already determined the distance for Jungkook’s hand and now without it there… Yoongi got a nice feel of the Jungcock xD

Of course Yoongi being Yoongi plays it off and quickly moves his hand to Jungkook’s thigh, BUT IT’S TOO LATE YOONGS. We saw the whole thing 8D

I like that he casually leaves his hand there for a bit. Like, I don’t blame Yoongi one bit tbh.


Jabez Olssen: Normally, we don’t see people ignoring you!
Peter Jackson: No! Normally, when you’re being ignored, you’re still being ignored behind your back or something, but –
JO: Yeah.
PJ: I’m being ignored in…
JO: 3D!
PJ: …In 5k [resolution]! In stereo!

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OMG can you do a blurb about catching Luke taking some of your panties?

Just picturing this is funny.

Luke would look left and right before opening the drawer he knew was your favorite, the top space that held all of your underwear. He would never admit that he liked the way it felt and how he would use it for alternative purposes–but since he was leaving in less than two days, he thought it would be the best to take a few pairs while you were preoccupied. You would catch him filling his back pocket with stitched lace, confused as to why he would want it in the first place.

“What are you doing?”

He would jump when he caught sight of you in the doorway, shutting the drawer with his backside as he tried to act as normal as possible.

“Nothing. Just…nothing.”

You would approach him and pull your favorite black underwear out from behind him, raising an eyebrow in your defense.

“I just thought I could use something to remind me of you while I’m gone. You know how I like it.”

You would eventually smile and look up at him, opening the drawer and handing him a red thong.

“Don’t forget these.”