i'm laughing cause i just realized


I actually had this ‘done’ a few months ago but when I tried to line it properly…it looked bad, so I just gave up on it for a while.

But since drawing’s still difficult for me these days I figured I’d try and fix it up a bit? Colouring is probably the most fun, I swear.

Confession: Tiki is half the reason I started playing Heroes, her design’s way too cute!

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I'm laughing because when pidge was rewinding that tape I did it too cause to wanted too see it better and only too late did I realize I was pidge

i love how like Pidge fans just all collectively love Matt Holt that we’re JUST as invested as Pidge is into finding him

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Sirius do you not realize your constantly flirting with people cause that what happens to me... I think I'm just being nice but I guess people think I'm flirting... but when I really flirt its quite obvious. Thanks for listening sugar!

Sirius: I try to be nice but I tend to wink or smirk too often so people think I’m flirting.. which i’m not..

Remus: no you totally aren’t! *sarcastic laugh*

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If you're still taking prompts!! I was thinking about Neil getting drunk with the upperclassmen and he's just sitting there smiling and one of them asks what's up?? And he's rambling like oh I'm just rly happy n thinkin about the future cause I have one now! And Andrew said we can get a cat when we get an apartment and I'm excited :) and the foxes are screaming cause they didn't realize that andreil were like Discussing Their Future Pets Serious


  • neil is a little tipsy
  • he won’t admit it, but he is
  • (example: he went to the bathroom earlier and when he was washing his hands he almost started crying thinking about his family out there when he heard them laughing) 
  • he’s sitting with them, watching them play their usual truth or dare, and he’s laughing with them 
  • they stop eventually and he’s still sitting there, grinning, looking down at his lap
  • andrew’s against his side and actually just casually touching him right now, in front of other people, and neil just flashes back to their earlier conversation
    • andrew started it by tossing a newspaper at him and telling him to pick something 
    • it was a paper for the city andrew’s team is in and a few ads for apartments were circled in blue marker 
    • “why?” 
    • “so you don’t complain the entire time we’re there.” 
    • neil looked at him in confusion and chose one anyway, the best sounding one
    • “this one.” 
    • andrew marked out the others with the same blue marker while neil held the paper, then took it and called the number
    • when he was done, neil frowned and put his textbook to the side
    • “what was that?” 
    • “you have next saturday filled now. don’t make plans.” 
    • “next sat- but- that’s when you made that appointment for.”
    • “observant.” 
    • it took a while for it to dawn on him and when it did it came with a grin
    • “you want to live together.” 
    • “we are already.” 
    • “yeah, but you want to continue living together.” 
    • “shut up.”
    • “would you let us have pets?” 
    • “if they’re as insufferable as you, no.” 
  • anyway, neil is grinning like crazy 
  • he’s just staring down at the glass of water andrew shoved into his hand in the middle of the game and grinning
  • nicky, of course, notices, and being nicky he asks why
  • neil looks up and before andrew can stop him he says “andrew and i are moving in together and he said we could maybe get pets and i’m really excited. i didn’t think i’d get a future. i’m so… happy? i’m happy. i….i have a future.” 
  • by now, andrew is staring at him and neil is looking back, grinning still 
  • everyone is silent for a moment before they hear nicky sniffle 
  • they all were not expecting that. not at all
  • “i’m guessing we’ll be in that future?” matt asks really quietly, like he’s not sure. it is andrew neil is with, after all, and andrew kept them away for so long. matt wants to be in neil’s life
  • neil frowns at him and looks around the group “of course you are. all of you. why would you think you wouldn’t be?” 
  • it’s matt’s turn to tear up
  • he starts toward neil and holds out a hand
  • neil takes it without thinking and matt hauls him up into a hug
  • which turns into a group hug
  • andrew and aaron and kevin are off to the side like “…………” 
  • neil hasnt been this happy ever probably 
  • the foxes want to stay in his life
  • and he wants them to stay
  • and when he makes eye contact with andrew through a gap in the bodies he smiles and realizes something
  • as long as he has andrew close by and his foxes in his life, he’ll be happy
  • and he’ll have a future
  • and he’s allowed to have a future now
  • and it feels good. 
  • matt i can’t breathe” 
  • “oh shit sorry neil” 
Sticky notes

Person: Simon

Prompt: small sticky notes have been making Simon’s day so much better

A/N: kill me please

Simon sat at the table with the rest of the guys pushing his food around on his plate.

“Simon aren’t you hungry?”

“Simon you haven’t even touched your food.”

He sighed and put a forkful of food into his mouth giving everyone a ‘better?’ gesture.

“I’m going to the restroom.” He mumbled while walking away. He locked himself in a stall and took deep breaths. Simon hasn’t been feeling himself lately. It’s as if he was watching someone else control his life while he sat back feeling helpless. He walked out and splashed his face with water and looked in the mirror.

“Just finish eating and then you can go back home and lay down.” He told himself. He walked out and saw the guys laughing all together at a joke Ethan had said.

“Oh Simon, we got something for you.” Vik said while handing him a small sticky note.

Simon looked at the bright blue sticky note with curiosity in his eyes. He slowly opened the note and read the neat yet messily written words that were scribbled down.

'I just wanted to say you looked a little sad, you should smile more I’m sure it’ll brighten someone’s day!’ Simon smiled slightly at the small yet meaningful sticky note. He stuffed it in his pocket.

“What’s the note say?” Ethan asked while drinking some soda. Simon shook his head with a small smile.

“Alright guys I’ll see you at the house.” Simon said while walking off. Everyone bid a goodbye to each other and went to wherever they had to be. Simon walked to his car and noticed two more small brightly colored notes. He walked a little faster to his car and read the notes quietly to himself.

'I hope you don’t find this creepy, but I saw that when your friends gave you my note you smiled.’ He read the crammed writing and moved onto the next one.

'I’m glad that you smiled even though it was small. Have a nice day!’ He grabbed the notes and smiled even more. He put those in his pocket as well and drove home. When Simon arrived at the house he pulled out the notes and put them next to his bed. He read them one last time before he went back to bed.

**a pretty big time skip cause I’m lacking creativity pls don’t hate me I’m just a bean**

It’s been around two weeks and Simon has failed to find who has been leaving little sticky notes every time he leaves the restaurant. He’s learned so much as your name and favorite color. Sometimes he just goes to the restaurant hoping to catch you in the act and then thank you for everything you’ve done. Sadly he has yet to do that, well that is until today.

Simon was having a bad day, a really bad day, and he just wanted to lay down and get some rest. He was walking with his head down instead of his usual happy go lucky self. When he looked up he saw a girl balancing on one leg using the other one to write on, a marker cap in her mouth, and a blue sticky note in her hand. He watched with a tiny smile as she stuck it on his car, and smiled at it proudly.

“Hey, you’re the one who’s been giving me notes?” He asked as he jogged up to her. She yelped and dropped her blue sticky notes while trying to escape the tall lanky boy in front of her

“Pft whaaaattt?? Nooo. I um, okay yes but you always looked happy when you would get them, and I just wanted to make you happy cause you looked so sad and you’re too beautiful to be sad. And now I sound like a creep, and trust me that is NOT my intention it’s just you look beautiful when you smile and I just don’t want you sad even though I don’t know you. Sorry I’m rambling. Sorry for saying sorry I mean er, this is-”

Simon cut off your cute rambling with a tight hug and tears brimming his eyes.

“Thank you so much. I don’t think you realize how much those notes made my day so much better.” He mumbled while letting you go, and smiling at you.

You gave him a hug and pulled away while smiling.

“There’s that smile that I was looking for.” You mumbled while ruffling his hair. Simon let out a small laugh and brought you in for another embrace. Who would’ve known all of this would have happened just by one small sticky note?


I’m honestly at a point where I just expect every fic I see to be Sterek. Like I’ll start reading a fic ‘cause it’s on my dash, and then Stiles and Lydia or someone are flirting and I’m like “ok, but when’s the Sterek happening?” and then I get further on and Stiles and X other person are really starting to get into it, and I start thinking “huh, something’s not right here” and scroll down to the tags and am just totally thrown when I realize it’s actually not a Sterek fic.

Like that possibility doesn’t even occur to me.

Let It Go
Jessica Joy
Let It Go



*in case this gets more than 2 notes, just know that this is NOT my final cover. i just thought it was hilarious - i recorded the piano first and when i was recording the vocals i got to the bridge and realized that i had cut it short on the piano… heh. i’m posting it ‘cause it seems a lot of people want to hear me fail. lmfao.

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I'm laughing so hard cause I'm an artist aro ace and I wanted to draw kissing then I realized I have no idea how kissing works cause I've never kissed anyone. I'm just here thinking how do these slug things called lips go together? Where do they go? What? Sorry just thought I'd share



Day number three you guys!! I hope everyone is enjoying Haunted Septiween so far!  This one was extremely entertaining to write!  Enjoy!! 

1.) Stuck

2.) Space Princess

3.) Fire and Ice

Jack wasn’t really paying much attention to his surroundings.  He was looking down on his phone and walking by a local small playground with all of their Halloween decorations up, even though it was just the 3rd of October like calm down people.

But as he’s strolling along, he happened to look up in time to see the guy in front of him lose all semblance of decency.

Jack dodged flying limbs while the guy seemingly tripped over his own feet, knocked over the inflatable cat, kicked over three pumpkins, tackled a full-fledged grim reaper, and rolled over a couple of plastic ghosts.

As the chaos came to a stop, Jack carefully stepped over to the guy and looked down at the sprawled out limp figure.

“Um, that was quite the show.  You alright?”

The stranger looked up at Jack in a bit of a daze and Jack didn’t know if he should laugh or kill over.  Of course the klutz was hot.  Fate would have it no other way.

His cheeks were the color of tomatoes, his clothes were rumpled, and his glasses were askew.

“I don’t know what happened.” The guy had a deep, smooth voice and it shook Jack to his very core.  

What a hot hot tater tot

“Here.” Jack said, holding out both hands for the stranger to take, “Let me help you.  My name’s Jack, by the way.”

“Hi, Jack” the guy was way heavier than he looked, “I’m Mark.  It’s great to meet you.”

“Yeah, let me help you set all of this back up.”

“You don’t have to-”

“Oh, I’m not doing this for free.”

Mark turned to look at Jack with his brows furrowed. “Then what do you want?  I don’t really have any money on me-”

“Relax dude.  I’m hungry and I was about to head over to find something to eat.  Join me.  Let me take you on a date.”

Mark froze in hauling the reaper back up, hugging it and staring at Jack.  Jack had the pleasure of watching realization dawn on his face and witnessing his cheeks turn very interesting shades of maroon.

“Y-yeah.  Yeah.” Mark smiled, “I’ll go on a date with you.”

“Well, fuck these pumpkins then.” Jack dropped the pumpkin he was holding, “I’ve got a fucking date to go on.”

Jack reached out and unwrapped Mark from the reaper, pulling him away from the destruction he caused.“Just don’t trip and eliminate half the restaurant okay.”

Mark laughed and it made a grin stretch across Jack’s face.

“Yeah, yeah.  I’ll try.”

I'm laughing so hard at this picture of baby!Hiccup

Just, like, why is he tied into his blanket??

Honestly all I can think is that Hiccup would squirm around too much and always kick his blanket off and Stoick couldn’t figure out how to tuck him in so he was just like fuck it. And I think Hiccup realizes he’s trapped too cause he looks fucking terrified.

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imagine bilbo taking thorins clothes (sweaters and shirts mostly) before they get together and thorin doesn't notice at first until his favorite sweater goes missing and then he discovers it's a hobbit thing to get the attention of their romantic interest by taking their stuff, so he confronts bilbo about it and they both confess their feelings like the nerds they are and then there's an awkward silence and bilbos just like "..I'm not giving back your sweater.." and thorin laughs his ass off


no ok but would thorin realize that’s a hobbit thing?? who would tell thorin?? how would thorin know?? 

i imagine it happens and thorin gets all upset that he can’t find his things and eventually he finds all of his things with bilbo’s and thorin gets really mad at first cause he doesn’t understand and when he realize bilbo isn’t doing it out of malice thorin is so confused like ‘if you were cold you could have just told me and i would have shared my things??’ and bilbo just shakes his head cause ‘no i’m fine’ (though they are warm things to curl up with at night mhm) and thorin’s like 'then why steal my things? you haven’t been stealing from others in the company have you? i understand you’re a burglar but–’ and bilbo’s just blushing like mad becAUSE DO DWARVES NOT UNDERSTAND THIS TACTIC OF TRYING TO GET SOMEONES ATTENTION???? AND THORIN’S JUST BAFFLED BECAUSE NOW BILBO IS ALL FLUSTERED AND BLUSHING BEFORE HE FINALLY BLURTS OUT 'no i only have been stealing from you cause i like you!’ and thorin’s just like  ಠ_ಠ 'wait what’ and bilbo babbles on about hobbits and that’s what hobbits do to get someone’s attention they’re…romantically…interested in and then thorin’s all flustered and blushing and like 'weLL WHY DIDN’T YOU JUST SAY SO I’VE BEEN MISSING MY THINGS….and also imayreturnsaidromanticfeelings' and bilbo’s surprised but happy and like oh well good and returns some of thorin’s things but yes omghdfj keeps thorin’s favorite sweater as a prize and thorin can’t argue too much cause bilbo’s so cute when he wraps himself up in it