i'm laughing and smiling hard at this

So I walked into Walmart with my sister, and I was wearing my Spiderman jacket. A guy that looked a bit older than me was walking passed us with a serious look on his face. But he was wearing a Deadpool jacket, so I’m like oh my gosh. I smiled and did the finger gun thing at him. His face went from dead serious to a lit up smile, and he finger gunned back at me, and I have not laughed so hard since last year. To the guy who I saw, you are a wonderful person and I wish you a happy life.


Birds in the sky
Carry these words for me.
Life tasted sweet,
It let me live,
It let me breathe.

Happy Valentine’s Day! 💘

I’m laughing so hard. 

Okay, so Burky (which I check up on because I’m forever curious about these things) had been following Niall Horan on his Twitter account for a long time. No other One Direction members, no one even associated with 1D. Just Niall. 

When I realized this a couple of months ago it had brought a smile to my face. He must genuinely like Niall as a person. Like, aw Andre. Same.  

WELL he must have changed his mind, and very recently, because he no longer follows him. Why would that be? It is a question I asked myself and at first I had no clue. Niall doesn’t tweet often and when he does it’s nothing obnoxious or spam like. So I dropped it as “eh”. Life. 

But then I remembered Niall’s Instagram post from last week. 

He went to the Kings/Caps game and decided to root for the hosts. Most likely wearing a Kings jersey while doing so.

Now I’m not saying that Burky was feeling some type of way about this, but if it’s true then he’s my level of petty and I love it.

can you believe there are people are out there…..who haven’t heard of min yoongi? people who haven’t heard him spit fire, people who haven’t heard the beautiful songs he produces. people who haven’t seen him smile, who haven’t heard him laugh. people who don’t know min yoongi even exists. they are truly missing out in life

I get feels wondering if Raphael aches a little watching Simon and his mom. Does it remind him of his mom? His family? Does he feel for Simon knowing that one day he’ll outlive his mother, maybe forgetting things so central to her, like the sound of her voice or how her hugs felt or how she smiled? Has he forgotten things like that, even though he must’ve tried so hard to hold on? Did he go back to the DuMort and pray for his mother in heaven? Am I crying (yes)?

I think the Ryden friendship ending hurts me more than a Ryden relationship ending. Broken friendships have always hurt me more than broken relationships and that friendship they had was so beautiful. The way they smiled at each other, made each other laugh. They were like those friends who spoke without words, the ones that always made you feel like a third wheel because no matter what you were never on the same page as them. I feel like we pine so hard to understand their friendship but never will because so much of it was shared looks and smirks that we’ll NEVER get. Platonic or not, the idea of that being over makes me so sad. I don’t need a Ryden love rekindle, I just need a Ryden friendship rekindle.

UGHHH like imagine them seeing each other at that Halloween party and someone says something that reminds them of a joke they shared years ago and they make eye contact, grinning, after years and years and for a second they’re on the same page but then their smiles falter because oh yeah, they don’t share jokes like that anymore. That’s all in the past now. And it’s not a big deal anymore like god that makes me so sad.

Like maybe that stuff doesn’t even cross their minds anymore but that lost friendship breaks my heart. All lost friendships break my heart.


A Thief in the Night

Dom/Sub Taehyung....? (Ff talk pt.1)

For me, Taehyung is hyperactive baby lion trapped in grown ass man body (with (very) good acting skill), who’s trying hard to look mature and manly (but still, sorry son).
He has soft tummy, pretty eyes with more pretty eyelashes, strawberry lovers, cute smile and cute laugh, is weak for cute stuff (baby, kitten, puppy, hoseok, etc), more clingy than a baby koala (go ask jungkook… or hoseok… or yoongi), can’t drink alcohol (please just give him strawberry juice).
jungkook said taehyung is the prettiest like 2times or more (he’s too whipped), and jimin (a.k.a taehyung’s platonic bro for life (but sometimes treat him like his baby)) said he’s the most not-so-manly in bts, parents and friends 1st 24/7, all the hyungs (like… every hyung he know, not just in bts) treat him like a puppy..
and you still don’t get why I look tae as sub? Then sorry bro, I just have my way


Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu
DVD Group Interview

The cast recalls dance practices from early rehearsals 

There are moments I don’t understand where a sudden wave of crippling depression hits me like a fucking truck. It won’t make any sense to me, because I would’ve been fine just moments ago and I could’ve been laughing or smiling or sharing a joke. But then it’s there, and it hits me so hard the breath falls from my lungs and my chest constructs and my stomach drops. And I never know where it comes from, but that doesn’t even matter, because it’s there and I can’t help but feel the pain and the anguish that has suddenly taken place and all I can do is suffer because you have no idea how to fix it. You have no idea how to be okay.
—  I don’t understand

It was an utterly terrible day until I went to the store and saw a guy who looked just like Simon Söderberg. Being sleep deprived, I smiled like an absolute fool at this poor stranger, and now I’m just gonna wait on a prescription while trying not to laugh/cry over a box of Oatmega.

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Why would you even make huge and sharp, and dangerous teeth for your mascots??? Why would you even… Kids don’t approve… (that’s saaaad }:< )
Well, yeah. If you don’t want to be rude - just don’t stare at his mouth for too long. Don’t stare at it at all, whenever he smiles, laughs or talks. Don’t mention it. Just don’t do it, and you’ll be safe…
(And he won’t break your nose with a cupcake…)