i'm laughing all by myself

and so the saga of these a+ drawings continues

Reblog if you feel personally attacked by an Astro member

  • Me on Weiss' brother/Whitley Schnee: wow he kinda looks gay
  • Episode comments: He looks suspicious/evil/annoying
  • Me: evil. Right. that's what I meant.

person: ships Lightning with someone other than Hope

me, an intellectual:

My mum asked me to borrow my laptop so I let her and I’m going through the history
‘what does smut mean’
'when my child says smutty is she talking about silly puddy’


“Dan and Phil fan”

“why is my daughter lazy”

“why does my daughter send me pictures of shiba inu”

“why does my daughter know so much about s founding father”

“is the actor of Lafayette name daddy”

“why does my daughter only eat and drink smoothies and pancakes”

“what is fanfiction”

“the hat fic”

“the cherry fic”

“the chair fic”

“the milk fic”
-this is where I nearly pissed myself-

“churches near me that can cleanse my daughter”


I was going to make this longer, but then I realized I have minimal video editing skills.

It actually really fucking sucks that my family have given me a bad taste for everything like I can’t even laugh about something because it hits home for me

Fun OTP drawing challenge

Search google images for “ice dancing” and draw them as the first pair that makes you laugh