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and so the saga of these a+ drawings continues

i headcanon kaz has a specific laugh inej pines after too. i always tend to write kaz’s “rare, unrestrained laugh” in my things because he does laugh often. he has a dry, humorless laugh like dead leaves. and there’s at least one instance when he “bursts out laughing” that i imagine sounds quite maniacal. so maybe just maybe inej (and jesper) listen closely to hear the REAL one. and you can’t tell me inej doesn’t get flustered when she hears it

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Anon who sent the Batman Musical ask! That was amazing! I laughed so much, and now I can just picture Jason singing/humming the songs on patrol and getting Steph to join in with him

  • there was a nightwing song. it referenced nightwing’s butt at least five times; three of them were puns. dick loves it. he sings it all the time, completely without shame.
    • damian is disgusted
    • why is grayson Like This
  • there was a robin song which was quite good
  • there was also a robin and batgirl song
    • jason and steph take to singing that one if they go on patrol together (or sometimes steph and cass sing it together)
    • there’s a line that goes something like “robin and batgirl here to stop this crime!!” which is perfect for jason and steph and it’s the main thing that they sing to announce their presence to the baddies
    • the best part is that they can switch out red hood and spoiler with it if they want (bc same syllable count), or they can keep it as is because they’re robin and batgirl, or steph can lay claim to robin and jason sings batgirl’s part while they’re kicking ass
    • it’s great
  • the best of adam west batman was there in the musical. and by that i mean there was a whole bunch of “gee willikers batman!” and “holy _____, batman!!”
    • did a tiny dick grayson actually say these things when he was robin? does gotham have an incredibly long memory when it comes to its vigilantes? or did the creators of the musical make it up wholesale as an added bit of humor
    • probably a bit of both honestly
    • the many and varied signs everywhere around the stage are just to be funny, though
  • the family ends up in a kind of competition to see how many quotes they can slip in before bruce notices and makes them stop
    • this game is different from the quote-off/singing competition that they also start to regularly involve themselves in with the rest of their siblings. in this game you get points for how many/most obvious/most obscure quotes/if you can make song lyrics sound like regular speech when talking to batman
    • bruce knows way too many song lyrics/quotes from this musical now
    • he’s so tired
  • a few weeks after the musical premiered, a video shows up on the internet, completely untraceable in the way that means oracle was involved somehow. 
    • in it, the person holding the camera is sneaking up on nightwing and batman. once you get close enough to hear them, it’s easy to see that nightwing is just quoting bits and pieces of the batman musical to batman’s face
    • finally, nightwing says a quote that, in the musical, has a direct response from batman. nightwing looks like he’s gearing up to finish the line and then carry on, but batman turns to him and–
    • he says the next line
    • nightwing nearly falls off the roof
    • “oh shit,” whoever’s holding the camera says, laughing so hard that they fumble their phone and the picture goes shaky
    • by the time it’s steady again, batman has turned to Look at the person with the camera
    • “hood, don’t even think about–” he starts
    • “too late!” red hood says, still laughing, and he takes off running. 
    • the last thing that the viewers can see is a glimpse of the night sky and a vigilante over hood’s shoulder as batman follows him

I am such a Tyler Hoechlin purist when it comes to Derek Hale. Whenever I see gifsets or edits that use Ian Nelson I’m just like “but… why wouldn’t you just use teen Hoechlin?”

When I’m in a group and someone says an inside joke that I don’t understand but everyone else laughs at it and I just wanna seem like I belong

Okay but Jellal made me laugh too much in this panel, I was litteraly crying. It’s the only thing he could be thinking and I just can’t

or maybe he just passed out

Reblog if you feel personally attacked by an Astro member

So like. Does anyone else go through like…a weird Tumblr social cycle? Mine goes something like this:

  • See people forming friend groups and social circles.
  • Want to be part of friend group and/or social circle.
  • Decide the best way to go about doing that is to post more about myself so people get to know me better and maybe decide they want to be friends.
  • Increase personal posts, memes, “ask me anything” etc type posts.
  • Occasionally get over social anxiety and comment on a mutual’s post or respond to their ‘ask me anything’ memes.
  • Get little to no response to personal posts.
  • Feel shitty about it.
  • Crawl back into antisocial cave and stop posting anything personal.
  • Wonder why I have no Tumblr friends and everyone else does.
  • Repeat ad nauseum.

No? Just me?


racethewind10 was like three you should make cards and I just think if that responsibility was given to me you’d end up with shitly made, derpy looking faced cards.

Case in point. I shouldn’t be allowed this responsibility. I mean really:


a couple of Old Selfies bc I think I’m cute idk

  • Me on Weiss' brother/Whitley Schnee: wow he kinda looks gay
  • Episode comments: He looks suspicious/evil/annoying
  • Me: evil. Right. that's what I meant.

I wish people in my class would stop taking advantage of the fact that I get easily angered and try and make me have a full on meltdown in front of them like?????? Just leave me alone?????? I know I’m an asshole but like this is seriously affecting me??????

am I the only borderline who gets super anxious and upset after the person who I just hung out with leaves?? like even if it was a nice night and there are Signs™ that they enjoyed it too, without them texting me after saying saying they had a great time and that they like spending time with me I automatically become really paranoid that they hate me. I panic and assume they had an awful time and are happy to be away from me and it’s so terrible???? like I can’t even enjoy a nice night out with someone because as soon as it’s over the Fear™ sets in