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So I keep rewatching the Waverly and Nicole vs. Widow!Mercedes fight scene and I noticed that there is a lot of unnecessary focus on Nicole’s hand holding her bite wound, like close up shots of her hand with the ring on it (the ring Dom said Waverly gave Nicole when they first started dating??). It also cuts to these shots when Mercedes is talking about how the third seal is supposed to be in Nicole’s house. I don’t think this is accidental at all and I believe that ring could possibly be the third seal, not Doc’s ring. If not that ring definitely has some sort of importance.

All At Once

Written for @ichirukimonth DAY 1. The prompt was ~Missing Scene~, this is 3170 words long (whoa, what?) and is placed just right after Aizen’s defection from Soul Society and during the recovery of our dearest heroes before Ichigo’s return to Karakura. 

Rated E, for Everyone (?) or in other words… it’s safe for ya’ll kiddos. 

“I wish I had met you a long time ago. I wish you could have been my first ‘everything’ but my heartache and turmoil prepared my heart to love you in the tender way I do. I treasure you.”

It’s late in the night, probably a couple of hours after midnight when Rukia becomes aware of the fact she’s not alone. She slowly turns her head towards the shôji door in her room, the one that overlooks one of the many gardens inside the Kuchiki estate and focuses on the spiritual energy of the person outside, trying to discern who would come to visit her this late at night. For a moment, her heart jolts violently inside her chest when she remembers Ichimaru Gin’s smile as he taunted her over her execution, as she hears Sôsuke Aizen’s words echoing inside her head, explaining how he had meticulously planned everything just to take the hôgyoku hidden inside herself, and for a moment she can see the glint in his glasses as he prepared to open a hole in the very center of her soul, as a crippling fear took over her and— 

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Hey, MN! Sam here. Long time, no see. Hope you're well! Anywho, sorry if I'm late to the party, & if so, feel free to disregard this, but what I find very interesting with the LAX arrival situation, is that CJ went with K to Paris, yet he wasn't pictured arriving in Paris with her or arriving @LAX with her. To me this is unusual as typically, when he travels with K, he tends to, more often than not, be seen with her, so where, oh where was he this time? Back to writing for my blog I go! See ya!

Hey Sam…

I saw a few of you posts lately. Nice to have you back! Glad school stuff isn’t getting in the way of Fangirling!!

So couple of points…

K left presumably with Stella…CJ was no where to be seen in those pix either. He just conveniently posted his whereabouts! Both that he was flying to Paris and then once he was in Paris.

We NEVER saw anyone arrive in Paris. Just the arranged pap walk through LAX.

Just to be clear for everyone. There is now a dedicated private terminal @ LAX. There is a similar one @ Heathrowe in London that’s been in operations for years. I wouldn’t doubt there’s one @ CDG as well. If not an actual private terminal certainly ways for celebs to get through undetected if they choose.

What this means is that if we see RK at the airport pap gangplank it’s because they WANT to be seen! It suits their purpose.

So back to the Timeline…

K presumably travels to Paris with Stella on June 28th. We don’t see them arrive nor do we see K AT.ALL until Monday, July 3rd…

During this time we do see evidence of Stella working in Paris as well as CJ hanging with her at at least one photoshoot. We also see CJ out and about with Nettie. Oh and Charlotte’s in Paris as well.

#GangsAllHere or at least much of the gang.

Meanwhile…Rob is seen walking the same LAX pap gauntlet on July 1st. Yup…the gauntlet he can easily avoid if he wanted to!

We do not see Rob arrive in Paris. Though there is a sighting of him at CDG…(Charles De Gaulle - Paris Airport).

While at one of Rob’s Dior events Rob’s asked something lame in which he responds that he will be going to London on July 4th. Funny he didn’t say “home” and he didn’t say for how LONG…

The timeline on his London popover is a bit murky…he was either there just for the day or for an overnight. But no doubt he went back to Paris.

WHY? 😂😜🤣

We never saw him again after that.

We did get confirmation by some journalists that K was doing her Media dance no doubt promoting the new Gabrielle Chanel Fragrance.

Then yesterday!


We get back to back videos of RK arriving back in LA!

Two identical vehicles waiting practically bumper to bumper curbside to pic them up.

I think that catches everyone up for now.


Imagine.. Being a pirate like Hook but actually doing something about Pan.

“I’ll get out of these chains and then you’ll be sorry, wench.” Peter growled at you. “Peter Pan never fails.” 

“Oh shut up, pretty boy.” 

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i love him so much i’m going to cry

Translation (kinda)

Chrome: We know that it’s not your birthday or anything, …well at least we think so, nor the anniversary of the day you arrived here but it seems that you’ve been feeling a little down lately, so we decided to organize a little party to make you feel better

Gardienne: Oh Chrome, that’s so nice of you, but you shouldn’t have…

Chrome: Well, I like you a lot so enjoy!

Gardienne: Did you ask everyone to come?

Chrome: Yep!


Happy belated 2nd anniversary!

Yeah, I know that was like, several days ago. But stuff kept me from finishing this in time. Oh well.

I know Toby has mentioned feeling overwhelmed with all the attention Undertale received. But for what it’s worth, I thank him for what he made for us.