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could you pls write a Sam x Sister/daughter!reader where she's been refusing to sleep due to her having nightmares about him dying?? I'm in need of Sammy fluff<3

Word Count: 1135

Warnings: mild swearing

A/N: so I haven’t written a lot of daughter!fics but I love it anyways:)) thanks for sending @straightasdeanwinchester so I can get off my ass and write lol           & sorry if this is up later than you wanted but here! it! is!

ALSO credit to Wikipedia for giving me info on vampires and no dad I am not going through “that phase”

Apotropaic’s, items able to ward off revenants, are common in vampire folklore. Garlic is a common example, a branch of wild rose and hawthorn plant are said to harm vampires, and in Europe, sprinkling mustard seeds on the roof of a house was said to keep them away. Other apotropaic’s include sacred items, for example a crucifix, rosary, or holy water. Vampires are said to be unable to walk on consecrated ground, such as that of churches or temples, or cross running water.

Y/N sighed as she flipped the page, eyes drooping. She clenched and unclenched her fist, trying to fight off the sleep that was overtaking her. No, she thought sternly to herself. You gotta stay awake. No more sleeping.

Of course, that was ridiculous. Y/N knew she couldn’t go on forever without sleeping, but she’d be damned if she wouldn’t at least try first.

Every night she slumbered was a night waking up in hot sweats with shaking hands and a name on her lips she didn’t dare speak for fear of being heard- or even worse, of not. It was never the exact same dream, but it all played out the same: she was hunting with her family, and she never got there in time. She was always too slow, too unprepared, too much worry and not enough action. It was always too much, yet not enough.

Unfortunately, this also kept her from staying on her toes. Y/N was so zoned out on her text that when her father walked in on her- at 3am, wrapped in a light blanket while curled up in her chair in the library- she jumped when he placed a hand on her shoulder. He jumped back, raising his hands in mock surrender, smile fading when he saw the bags under your eyes.

“Y/N?” he asked softly. “You okay?” She blinked slowly before answering.

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Hi! I've been reading your blog for a while now, and I find some of your posts really interesting! One of the recent things you've written that's been on my mind for a while now is the part where you mentioned that you personally think the manga would end before Ciel's 14th birthday. I'm really interested to hear your point of view! Also, which part of the bonus chapter hinted at this? Thanks for your time in answering this!

Hello, thanks for the message! (=゚ω゚)ノ

(long post warning)

It’s actually just a wild guess, but anyway, the reasons why I think the manga might end (i.e. Ciel might die) before his 14th birthday are the followings:

  • The date “December 14th” seems to play a big role in the series (Ciel’s birthday, Vincent + Rachel + Prince Albert’s death-day, the day that changed Ciel’s life completely + the day of Geminids)
  • It’s been always emphasized in the story that Ciel is young and rather small for his age. I personally think Yana places special value on Ciel being a “child”.
  • The series is popular so the Square Enix company might want Yana to continue drawing it for as long as possible but I personally believe she and Kuma-san clearly know how and when to end a story properly. I don’t think the series will drag on forever (like “Detective Conan”…orz)
  • There’s a scene in the BoM bonus chapter where Sebastian says something very ominous: It’s the scene at the end where snow-king-Sebastian tells Arthur to hurry up and finish his Sherlock Holmes story.

Note: There’s a gap between the English online translation and my interpretation of that line.




online translation (gorgeous scanlation by @smirking-raven):

my translation (interpretation):

“The young master is looking forward to [reading your work], yet at this rate he won’t be able to do so”

The phrase 間に合わない means “to miss somthing, to not make it in time, to be too late” but since Japanese is an ambiguous lanugage and Yana loves to take advantage of that linguistic characteristic (*cough* 2ct), it’s not explicitly said “who” will miss “what” (hence the huge difference between the two translations). However, considering the whole context, I think it’s actually natural to assume that it’s Ciel who is running out of time, not Arthur.

Moreover, this scene where Arthur tells Ciel that he can ‘start all over again any number of times since he’s still 13,″ seems quite meaningful to me, too (and Ciel’s reaction to it is also meaningful):

Like I said, it’s just a wild guess, but honestly speaking, this bonus chapter and the recent chapters (especially ch.108, 111) gave me the impression that there’s not much time left for Ciel for whatever reason, and that the story has finally started moving towards its ending (at least I hope so!).

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Request; MC is a big fan of Otome (not sure if I'm using that word right, dating sims) games. She plays them a lot. (Insert RFA member) walks in on her playing and currently crying/fangirling over someone that happened in said game. Or maybe her walking them though one of her games, IDK. Thankyou~


  • He just got home from a long day of rehearsal
  • Came home to you on the couch, deeply immersed in your smartphone
  • … But why were tears rolling down your cheeks???
  • In a split-second Zen was by your side
  • “Tell me, who made my princess cry? Whose ass do I have to beat up today?”
  • You looked at him in confusion, that’s when you realized you were in tears
  • You showed him your phone and mumbled something about this samurai character that got hurt due to your stupid choices in the game
  • “Is it one of those otome games?” He knew all about those games cos he once played a character in an otome game (*cough* Dandelion *cough*)
  • This boy was lowkey jealous that u were flirting with fictional boyfriends
  • “Ok look babe if you’re gonna play otome games, at least play the one where I am the lead”
  • He took your phone and downloaded this game called Dandelion
  • Made u promise him to go specifically after this black cat
  • Game looked good tho so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


  • Yoosung was deeply engaged in a particularly tense round of LOLOL, but that’s OK cos you were deep in your own game as well
  • When you started giggling at one point, you caught his attention
  • “Your giggle is so cute” :)!
  • He just finished the round, so he came over to see what you were playing
  • That was when you explained the concept of otome games to him, and showed him the character you were fangirling over
  • Like you just nonchalantly talked about how cute the character was
  • This boy was dying on the inside as he listened to your declaration of love towards your fictional boyfriend (งಠ_ಠ)ง (Was he not good enough for you? :( )
  • He didn’t talk more about the game to you, but he secretly downloaded the game and studied the character you loved (and tried very hard to imitate said character)
  • When he dressed in all black five days in a row and acted abnormally cold towards you, you had to take this up with him
  • “Yoosung, are you alright? You’ve kind of changed since the day I showed u the game…”
  • This boy tried to convince you that he had always been like that
  • Waved you away in the most non-Yoosung blaisé manner when you tried to get close
  • Mumbled something about being offended you never noticed
  • But he totally lost composure when u gave him puppy eyes and said sorry
  • He ran to you, hugged you and explained that he just wanted to be more like the character you loved so he could make you happier (cinnamon roll Yoosung too precious for this world)
  • You hugged him back, and told him that no one could ever be as perfect as him (✿ ♥‿♥)


  • So all you’ve been talking about for the past couple of weeks was this otome game
  • Like you would straight up leave in the middle of a conversation to participate in “chat rooms” with “hot boys”
  • Jaehee was quite annoyed in the beginning, but you were in too deep to stop
  • When you left in the middle of dinner three days in a row, Jaehee decided to try a different approach to solve this problem
  • Her solution was to investigate this game herself (if you can’t beat them join em, right)
  • In the beginning, she was very suspicious of the game
  • “Doesn’t it sound kind of pointless to get a fictional boyfriend?”
  • “Also, why are they showing so much affection towards you when they don’t even know who you are as a person?”
  • “Why is this boy confessing his love to me, when he doesn’t even know my last name?”
  • Just keep playing Jaehee you’ll understand all in due time
  • Oh boy did she u n d e r s t a n d
  • She fell head over heels in love with this character called Ten with “glorious silver hair” in this game called “Mysterious Messages”
  • She took up an assortment of new hobbies, such as digital drawing and “fanfic writing”, just for this character (totally not the story of my life atm)
  • Eventually you had to stop her when she insisted on spending her hard-earned money (slaving for Jumin) on more “time turners” so that she could call this character she now referred to as “Tennyboy” every 30 min
  • As time passed, her obsession with the game died down, and she got lowkey embarrassed whenever you mentioned it
  • But she never deleted the app
  • It will forever stay a part of her


  • Omg MC plz don’t show Jumin this game
  • You’ve been staring nonstop at your phone several days in a row playing this game called Mysterious Messages (back at it again)
  • This of course does not go unnoticed under the company of Jumin Han
  • At one point he wished to have a serious conversation with you
  • “MC, I have noticed that you have, lately, spent an unnatural amount of time on your phone. Have you been exchanging messages with someone that I do not know about?”
  • No, woah, calm down Jumin
  • You had to show him the game you were playing, and explain to him how otome games worked
  • “Interesting”, Jumin absorbed the information in his calm and collected way, then quietly inquired about your favorite character
  • You weakly pointed at this blonde-haired character
  • Oh boy fictional or not this blonde-haired character is dead
  • For the next couple of days he did not say another word about this game
  • But you noticed this air of passive aggressiveness seeping out of him
  • Also randomly the wifi in the entire mansion would stop working
  • Jumin would normally be very pissed about this, but oh no right now he was annoyingly at peace with it
  • “Life without technology can be quite liberating from time to time, do you not agree, MC?” he said after accidentally (on purpose) dropping your phone into the fountain in his backyard (he claimed it just slipped)
  • He was “very sorry” and gifted you a new phone the next day
  • When you tried finding Mysterious Messages in the app store, it just mysteriously disappeared
  • You were confused, until Jaehee mentioned Jumin impulsively buying this new company called “Cherries” in the chat room
  • She thought it was because Jumin liked cherry farms
  • but you knew better
  • You had to talk to Jumin about this


  • Mysterious Messages had taken over your life the last couple of days
  • One day when Seven finished his work, he came over to you and saw you playing the game
  • “OMG MC you’re playing Mysterious Messages too!!! It’s my FAVOURITE!!!”
  • The two of you got into a deep discussion about each of the characters (you tried to tell him that your favorite was the girl)
  • He completely ignored you tho, he went on and on about how much he loved this one character named “Yousong” (shh we tried to come up with a better name)
  • He wouldn’t stop talking about how gullible and sweet “Yousong” was, and how he totally fell in love with his innocence
  • At one point, you told Seven that you’ll be the priest if they ever get married
  • You swore he started blushing at what you said
  • You were going about your game as usual one day, when you noticed a random new character with red hair and weird glasses called 404
  • You tried to ignore this Four character because you were trying very hard to get this girl’s booty
  • But Four’s persistence and d r a m a t i c chats made him pretty much impossible to ignore
  • After a while you couldn’t help but respond to his ridiculous messages (you swear you heard Seven laughing from his computer room)
  • For your birthday, you got an otome game that Seven personally programmed for you
  • You were super excited, until you realized that all the characters were just copies of Seven with different colored glasses
  • They were called 101, 202, 303
  • There was even a character named π0π
  • It was a ridiculous game but you loved it all the same 

Anguished Fairy - Erza fanart - Inspired by the last few chapters, I wanted to draw Erza crying (and hurt myself at the same time cause I can’t bare to see her cry) There’s nothing really new here, other than attempting to do a crying face… Yeah Idk how much I got that.. I tried. Also, I’ll say it once more, metal is a real bitch to paint.

Made by jiyu-koya. Please do not repost, do not remove source :}

lesbeani-deactivated20170506  asked:

Hi. If you're accepting asks, I really want to be an animator, but I can't get up enough confidence when I start to draw,bc I always compare my drawing to others. What do I do? I'm sorry, and I really really love your art.. sorry..

I always accept asks ! 

Real talk here when it comes to the confidence thing..its a tough thing to learn and it takes time. For me…I didnt become as confidant in my art as I became..factual. I compare myself to artists too..heck , WE ALL DO. These confidant issues dont just go away when you get to a certain level so here are the things I try to do on a regular basis and i hope they help you out too. 

1 ) - Accept that your art is your art and it will always be your art - and embrace it

Your art will always have a ‘you’ness about it that will stop it from looking like other peoples art. Thats AMAZING. Why would you want that to go away ? A lot of the times I wish I drew like someone else but then I think of the people who support me and I know that they like my art for what it is..and thats why they enjoy it. The people who inspire me , inspire me BECAUSE they have a uniqueness about their art that I admire…I wouldnt want them to lose it , and people wouldnt want me to lose it either. So embrace the you ! As cheesy as it sounds. 

2) Accept that you probably wont see your art in the same light that you see other peoples art. 

Gosh what a bummer huh ? When we see peoples art we see it all finished..we dont see the trial and error , we dont see the years of frustrated crumpled drawings and we dont see the late nights that they work on their craft. We see this wonderful finished picture and we go WOW, I WISH. Well when you see it with fresh eyes its always a beautiful reveal. I bet you if you worked really hard on a picture , lost all your memory and looked at it again you’d be stoked to find out you were the one that did it. I keep this in mind 

3) Accept that there will always be people better then you , and people who wish they were you. 

welcome to the neverending cycle that has no end ! We just need to get over the fact that people are more skilled then us..the world is huge ! But as they make process forward so do we , and behind us is a lot of people who are just starting or see us as the ones they see as better..and we all step forward in this kind of NEVER ENDING (story) CYCLE. But whats so bad about that ? It means we’re all learning. There is no BEST  , there is just improvement to yourself :) All you need to do is keep taking those steps forward ! 

4) Accept that artists you admire and look up to feel the same way

Theres no level where you suddenly feel like the best - or that you KNOW everything. This kind of goes back to that never ending cycle thing..we ALL do it. I’ve worked in the animation industry for 8 years now and on every new project i double guess myself and stress that I’m not good enough for it. I’m surrounded by crazy talented people . we -ALL - have steps forward to take and this goes until the day you drop the pencil forever. And that not to discourage anyone by going ‘ wow if these artists I like struggle then theres no hope for me ‘ NO THERE IS SO MUCH. because we all deal with this shit and we can make it through :) we’re all human. Great art and the confidence in it isint just gifted to people , it comes with work ! And everyone can work at it…which brings me to

5) Accept that someone else’s success does not mean you are a failure. 

seeing someone with more advanced skills does not mean your art suddenly sucks - it doesnt take away from your art..your art was at the same level it was before you saw anything that person did. What it means is that person has a different skillsets , and skillsets can be earned!  Dont compare yourself to other people - learn from them instead. Find the thing you love about their art , about the pics , and make notes on how to learn it. If its their anatomy then study up on anatomy , if its their coloring then you know what you have to do…ect ! Pushing yourself to learn instead of getting down on yourself gets you much further but stop thinking that you’re worthless because someone is different then you. That mindset just leads to a lot of unhappiness and according to the other points PEOPLE WILL ALWAYS BE BETTER . so why fight it ? Work with it to improve your own skills ! if they can do it so can you.  

6) Accept art is what you put into it 

 There is no late,  there is no lagging behind , there is no set path besides the one you make for yourself. If it is currently a path of frustration then its up to you to turn it into one of learning, fun or whatever you want. It can take a bit to change , just like art takes time to learn but you have that time to learn it - so take that time ! Don’t focus on the end of the journey (because there is no end ) but try to embrace the learning process instead and take one step ahead at a time , before you know it you’ll be miles from where you started. 


This is all easier said then done, I know. But like anything it comes with time. Whenever I started wishing I could draw like someone else I try to think about this instead ..and believe me - I STILL DO IT. You cant just suddenly ‘love’ your own art if you lack confidence ,but these things to me make sense. Being at a different level doesnt HAVE to be a bad thing ! It just means you have room to grow , and thats just life in a nutshell , so why should art be any different :) ! <3 

Here is the place where I love you

Author: @xerxia31

Rating: T

(so I know it’s late, but this just wouldn’t leave my head and I figured what the heck, I’ll submit it anyway)

The cottage isn't anything like I was expecting, tucked into a copse of trees, the roof nearly obscured by moss. From the outside it’s little more than a scar on the pristine lakefront, a shack unworthy of note.

The inside, though, is all Effie; shelves of porcelain teacups and starched white doilies, shades of pink everywhere.  But it’s snug and bright and well appointed, with indoor plumbing and modern appliances.

I didn’t even know this place existed until a month ago, at the reading of the will. Eccentric aunt Effie had no children of her own, and while I wouldn’t have put it past her to leave her worldly possessions to Buttercup, her crotchety old cat, I wasn’t too surprised to get a call from the executor.

She left my sister, Prim, her New York apartment, packed with a lifetime’s worth of antique furniture and tchotchkes. To our cousin Johanna she bequeathed her Miami condo. But to me she left a derelict cabin, deep in the North Carolina woods.

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