i'm late gomen

testing out a new brush so i was like mm okay gonna draw gf’s otp why not

edit: fixed neil a bit to be more canon!


“Please stay.”

Day 7 - Things Left Unsaid

because maka keeps a lot of feelings to herself after all.

Happy end to Angst week! *insert tired crying*

royal-botanist  asked:

"Happy first day of the Spring Festival, sister." He leaned in closer before holding up a sweater "Now cover yourself."

✥ | “Ah…” First the bunny costume, and now her dress? Jeez, does Leo expect her to always follow a dress code or something? It may be nightfall with the Spring Ball, but does Megan have to wear a sweater with her ball dress? “Isn’t that a little too much?” She asks, her cheeks flushing red. “I changed before coming here–!”

“So what if he has 6 fingers? Maybe I pulled the extra off a chump like you!

Protective Gargrunk is my favorite Gargrunk.

jikook ramblings #3

imagine jimin and hoseok going out for shopping because the older one thinks that all the clothes his beloved dongsaeng currently owns are too ‘shabby for their next dance competition, and since hoseok wants all of them to look hot as fuck while performing (looking ‘good’ isn’t enough), the next thing they do on a weekend is to go to the mall that is only four blocks away from their shared flat.

it takes them forever to find a decent shop (finally, after plowing their way through several other clothes shops) and when they enter it, they find pretty stylish urban street clothing. jimin is tired already from walking for so long, but hoseok is enthusiastic as ever and immediately looks for some matching clothes for his dongsaeng, grinning ‘god, you’re going to look so hot jimin, i promise’. it only takes hoseok five minutes to find the first outfit and he pushes jimin into one of those fitting rooms. ‘here, try these on while i try to find more outfits for you’ the older one says and disappears.

a few outfits later jimin can feel himself getting more tired, ‘hyung, how long are we going to do this?’ he asks wearily and hoseok’s like ‘okay, okay, hold a minute, just let me find another outfit, it will be the last one, alright?’ jimin sighs at that, but gives him his okay anyway. the older one comes back with a pair of black ripped skinny jeans and when jimin looks at them, he’s grinning, because he’s actually really satisfied with hoseok’s choice and is curious how those would look on him. ‘lemme get something from starbucks real quick, see it as your reward, okay?’ hoseok says then, smiling at the younger one and before jimin can answer anything, he disappears again and jimin lets out another sigh.

just right when he got those jeans up till his thighs, he notices that it’s getting a little bit too tight already, but ‘oh come on, i’m sure this will fit’ and after some more struggling, he finally manages to get in those skinny jeans. he then sighs heavily because ‘well, maybe i actually should get one size larger, it’s kinda hard to breath in these’ and when he tries to take off those jeans again, he can’t. no matter how much he sucks in his belly or his butt, they just won’t go off. Oh shit.

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