i'm late gomen

testing out a new brush so i was like mm okay gonna draw gf’s otp why not

edit: fixed neil a bit to be more canon!

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"Happy first day of the Spring Festival, sister." He leaned in closer before holding up a sweater "Now cover yourself."

✥ | “Ah…” First the bunny costume, and now her dress? Jeez, does Leo expect her to always follow a dress code or something? It may be nightfall with the Spring Ball, but does Megan have to wear a sweater with her ball dress? “Isn’t that a little too much?” She asks, her cheeks flushing red. “I changed before coming here–!”

“So what if he has 6 fingers? Maybe I pulled the extra off a chump like you!

Protective Gargrunk is my favorite Gargrunk.


“Please stay.”

Day 7 - Things Left Unsaid

because maka keeps a lot of feelings to herself after all.

Happy end to Angst week! *insert tired crying*

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ok at since u seem to want to talk laven i'mma ask u about somethin u said earlier, about laven having the strongest canon foundation out of the ot4 ships? just talk about why u think that, if u want ;v;

I feel like you are going to regret asking because you just called for a really long rant about canon events

no really I can talk you through canon watch me

buckle up I hope you’re ready

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send me a character and i’ll tell you:

  • sexual orientation headcanon
    Considering magi’s timeline its pressumed, even by herself, for her to be hetero. But given some time, she may discover she’d actually demisexual.
    Some slight hints being she’s the only princess not married off yet (save engage in carnal matter or lack of cravingbuild a family- not saying she doesn’t want the latter but it hardly implies that crosses her mind). But, excluding her mishap with Sin and Zepar thingy, even when she had her teenage infatuation with him she only shown signs of sheer amdiration and slight romantic interests but nothing more. Now that might be because she was young, naive and inexperienced with love, dates, and , well, whole package. Though she does she’s looking for a deep connection beyond sexual attraction when looking for or imagining her ideal partner. Regardless of their status, gender, etc.

  • gender headcanon
  • mental illness / neurodivergent headcanon
    It isn’t serious but depression and loneliness always go hand in hand. And considering Kougyoku has been most times lonely and outcast even amongst her palace, servants and family (with later on only Ka Koubun and Judal as her friends) her case could’ve been serious has her case |isolation| lingered further.
    Another case, but also minimal, beign social anxiety. While yes as both when Princess and Empress she could hold a speech shown way back when she first came to Balbadd for royal marriage, or speak in front of her royal subjects after crowned Empress and Rakushou was on edge of going bankrupt- its clearly shown that after the aftermatch its shown Kougyoku to be sweating, shaking, or have conflicted thoughts. Likewise though can be said before she is about to be put on spotlight.
    The thought of not being worthy or good enough also derives from social anxiety. Or allowing an individual to get to know other people or leave the house.

  • 3 random headcanons
    Its a no brainer a girl like her would wish to talk or do girl stuff with someone. Be it family member or lady friend. But considering most her sisters were either distant or married and shipped off to rule other countries by her huband’s side, or servants considering themselves unworthy of her highness presence or such attention. Kougyoku is left only to sieze someone outside palace grounds. Wouldn’t be surprised if tries going either of Alibaba’s lady friends of the gang. Morgiana for example—- and if those two can work the nerve to talk to eachother save for doing make up and dress ups or talk about boys as proven in certain omake XD

Speaking of which bet she heps most out with her friend’s and his fiance’s wedding; Help Morgiana pick a dress, shoes, do her hair. And when on a tea break or breaks in general what brinsg the two girls together or to bond or grow less nervous around eachother, is talking about a mutual individual they cherish, trust and befriended: and that person being Alibaba.

Although could afford fancy and pretty or cuter looking stuffed animals or dolls, Kougyoku still has all her old ripped, ragged and dirty dolls tucked away somewhere safe and only she knows. Where she’d ocasionally go to reminisce over her younger days. Brush their hair, clean them up or just hold them close to ehr chest- they were her old and only friend’s until Ka Koubun pulled her out her shell, and her first toys ever for that. For some reason, although if asked can’t provide an answer, can’t bring herself to throw them away. And still is very fond of them for that matter.

Momma Aegislash taking care of its children (◡‿◡✿)

Why do swords hatch from eggs? I don’t know, you tell me

I swear I tried recording my process but Camstudio crashed on me //lays I’ll try recording the next one instead ;;

Paint Tool Sai, ~1 hour

Here are some more Aegislash o v o 


Merry Christmas!

Comic starts from top left! Click for full view (especially the last strip)!


Anything for the drunk birthday boy yes.
It’s August 28th so Happy Birthday, Naruko!