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bit too tired to come up with Fancy Things for introducing stuff but. Arceus is attending the ball in the form of an anthropomorphic Togekiss stranger. Anything relating to the ball in character will be done in this form!

Young Justice fic: chasing a memory

Snaibsel Week Day 6: Magic (A Million Years Late)

Rating: T
Pairing: Snaibsel, past Spitfire
Wordcount: 4.2k
Additional Tags: AU - Canon Divergence, AU - Supervillains, post-s2, Grief/Mourning, Canonical Character Death, Developing Relationship, Magic

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After Wally West dies in the line of duty, Artemis Crock disappears off the face of the earth. No one knows where she’s gone, until a team of villains resurfaces, led by none other than Tigress. Zatanna must track down her former teammate and turn her back to the light - and confront the feelings that she’s tried to keep buried for years.

note: I am SO SORRY for how long this took but hey, it’s part of Femslash February now…

Fic Preview #1 ;)

Day 1.

You rushed in quick footsteps to reach the restaurant where he had been waiting for you at, hiding your frozen hands inside your coat. You were 30 minutes late from the hour he had set for the date, but that wasn’t the main reason why you were so anxious about reaching to where he was, and the traffic was not the reason why you took your time on your way.

You took deep breaths within each steps that you made over the slippery sidewalks, trying your best to calm the tightness inside your chest, the weight that was on your shoulder for keeping your feelings for too long, for not being able to tell him the whole truth that you had been hiding beneath the mask you had constantly wore.

Tonight I will tell him everything.

That was the decision that you took the moment you made the first step out of your home, the one decision you took after ten minutes of pondering in your living room and staring at the pictures of your childhood. The pictures which also showed his presence throughout your entire life.

The bell over the restaurant’s front door chimed as you passed its entrance, welcomed by the familiar scent of pasta and wine, and the warm smile of the concierge. You had been a regular in this restaurant for years, that she immediately recognized you and showed you where he was waiting.

You followed her, and you soon caught the sight of him on one of the dining table, still waiting calmly for your arrival. Until he lifted his face and his expression lighted up the minute he saw you walking over to him.

He stood from his chair to welcome you with a wide genuine smile, which you returned with your own, regardless of the weight of the words that was so ready to slip through your tongue.

“Taehyung- I’m so sorry for being late,” you spoke to him as you stopped right before you reached the table, and you were now standing face to face with the man who had been present in every single picture you kept safe in your home.

You had planned everything in your head. From the words that you had wanted to say to him, to how you would say it to him, and to the point of where would you go after everything had taken place.

But that was before you noticed the situation of the room where you were standing at.

Right when you opened your lips to speak, you lifted your gaze to look around and found many familiar faces, many pairs of eyes staring at you expectantly. And you could feel the laid out plans in your head evaporating into wishful thinking the moment your eyes turned back into his way.

You instantly forgot the words you had planned to speak out when you saw him there - already kneeling on the floor with one of his hands extended towards you, a small red velvet box which he held between his fingers were opened, showing you the diamond ring inside that was blinding your eyes with its brightness. You instantly forgot your original intention of coming to that place, every thoughts were replaced by the reality that was being laid before you.

The only thing you could hear after was the rapid heartbeat inside your chest, your own deep breathing, and the long ringing sound in your ear for having to face your biggest fear. The sound of his voice saying all the sweet things he had been planning to say to you all week was too far and too faint that it was hard to believe that everything that was happening wasn’t a dream.

It took you moments before finding the words to say to him, to answer the questions you faintly heard coming from him. And what you gave him was the only thing that you could ever muster to say - after catching the sight of your Mother across the room who was already on the verge of shedding tears while clinging to your Father’s arm, along with the sight of his parents that were beaming with hope and pride.

“Yes, Taehyung. I will marry you.”

The sound of cheers and applause cleared out the ringing sound in your ears and you soon realized what you have done. You let your tears run down on your cheeks when he pulled you into a hug. The sound of people cooing and their whispers of awe was heard as you hid your face on his shoulder.

Little did they know that those tears did not represent your happiness, but they represented your regret for having been caught in another web of lies.


“Every player feels the same pride about the fact that they’re going to be on the court, no matter whether they’re some genius or just a regular guy.”

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yes, i can stick magnets on my arm.

but i only do it for a good cause. the letters are magnetic. repainting the arm is too much work

steve decided he wanted to draw this because the last time i did something like this there wasn’t anything to prove it had happened. (last time i painted ‘die nazi scum’ on the side of a tank which id stolen from the nazis. the 40s were a wild time my friends)

(This is for sale on redbubble, both with and without the text and red circle. A black background version is under the cut, just because it looks cool.)

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Jieun’s Personality + theory on her purpose

So there’s a lot of buzz surrounding Jieun, her personality, and her ultimate fate after chapter 18. In terms of her potential death, it’s a huge probability she won’t live, there’s really no reason for her to stay alive much longer. Now what’s always interested me is how much of chapter 15 and 16 were dedicated to her background and even her own thoughts and internal dialogue. I don’t think Jieun will just be another unfortunate victim of Sangwoo.

A good portion of this post is going to be dedicated to taking a better look at Jieun’s personality in relation to Sangwoo, I won’t go into her treatment of Bum because that’s been hashed out tons of times by now. So there’s Sangwoo’s infamous speech about how she’s shallow and only into appearances, and while it was very intense and elaborate, I have plenty of reason to believe that he was wrong and only spoke so much to make a half assed justification for killing her. Let’s look at some parts of his dialogue:

So Sangwoo is the type of person to use any excuse to kill anyone, it doesn’t matter what they do. The first girl he killed because he felt she challenged his ego, Sangwoo said he killed the old man because he stuck his dick in his face, and now Jieun is about to die because he says she doesn’t deserve anyone for cursing people who don’t look good. It doesn’t matter to Sangwoo whether or not he’s wrong but, he’s kind of wrong.

This is our introduction to Jieun, the first impression of her is that she seems to be bored with being told she’s hot, it’s a reasonable assumption that she’s frequently told that she’s beautiful. She’s the kind of person that didn’t put much effort into anything because she’s never had to try. Things are handed to her for being so pretty, and it’s actually gotten old for her at this point

But then here she is, putting effort into her appearance, getting out of her way and actually trying to look good for Sangwoo. He is clearly special to her just by this small action. Although initially she wasn’t interested in him.

Here is more insight into Jieun’s mind and how she used to perceive Sangwoo, she wasn’t interested in his appearance, but they began to hang out more and she was swept away by the persona he created. When they were singing their duet, there was a montage of moments between them that she was reflecting on. It’s very clear she’s developed feelings for him, not based solely off of his looks, but because of how he treated her as well. Jieun gets flustered when Sangwoo says she’s pretty, not because of the compliment of being told she’s pretty, but because it’s coming from him. 

Now given that Jieun has had a decent amount of time dedicated to her personality, thoughts, and even some development, what does this mean for her purpose in the story? She’s been given more attention than Sangwoo’s other murder victims, it would be a waste if she was just killed and never heard from again. 

My personal belief is that Jieun will become a martyr of sorts, she has the ability to be the catalyst for Sangwoo being caught. Jieun is within his social circle, and Sangwoo was the last person she was in contact with. It wouldn’t take too much work to connect the two together (maybe her going missing would even bring back Seungbae into the plot). And if she did become the key to Sangwoo’s downfall, then that would almost be as satisfying as when she punched Sangwoo in the eye.


Keith, you can’t just touch his hair like that

Kind of inspired by this post, thanks to this fine observation !

If Lance’s reaction doesn’t seem logic, it’s because I rushed, and it was too late to change because I’m too tired now  _(:3」∠)_ 

We’ll Be Blind And Dumb

Pairing: Keith/Lance (Voltron Legendary Defender)

Rating: T

Warnings/Tags: blind!Lance AU, one shot, angst, lots of angst, langst, Lance’s family, character study

Words: 4492

The air in space is different - it’s thicker, dryer, and most importantly, carries sound differently. It takes him a while to learn to navigate the castle, since the light is different too.

His vision started declining when he was eight years old. From the week after Easter and forward, Lance’s vision got steadily worse. It started with blurring of his peripheral, then moved to the rest of his eyes - like someone was glazing them over, covering his corneas with a layer of matte paint. It got worse and worse, until all he saw were shadows and highlights. Lance has been living with this disability for years now, so he knows how to handle it.

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Every single ship/pairing/otp/brotp/friendship etc in Seventeen💎

4&6: Jun & Wonwoo (Wonhui)


sometimes i think I’ll never be happy until i own a well-tailored victorian era suit