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Sketching and trying to play around with foreshortening, but it didn’t go so well (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻  I’m still struggling to draw hands and fingers properly! Those tiny little limbs bastards, I’ll get you one day!

But hey, here’s Cullen giving hug to help you to get through the day! Cause I need one…too? I guess?

okay, listen for a sec. We all know the “”“"American”“”“” Harry Potter universe houses are trash for many, many reasons. One of the reasons is that America is too big to have just one wizarding school where there are only 4 houses, right? so I propose that we in MA instead start sorting ourselves into these exclusive New England houses I made up as I wrote this post:

-Dunked Donut (those who are loyal to their ideals, strong-willed and hardworking but susceptible to black-and-white thinking)

-Duck Boat (those with a hunger for life experience, sharp and analytical but also impulsive and desperate for thrills)

-Lobster (those who are blue-blood types with a taste for power and the intelligence to lead effectively but tend to be overzealous and can’t appreciate the subtleties of teamwork)

-Murphy, they’re literally just the Dropkick Murphys we made a whole house for them and none of them even attend the school it’s just in case one of them shows up one day

big wip sketch bc my art program isn’t letting me save in the proper format and I don’t want to waste work on anything on separate layers

…large obnoxious image is large and obnoxious xD

Anywhoozle! Holy smokes…I’m still like…blown away by that number??? Back in November 2015 I never dreamed I’d hit twenty followers with my marshmallow’s blog, let alone two HUNDRED? Like…where did you all come from, my goodness!

But! You’re not here to hear me talk about that - we’re here with a bias list! In other words, I’m going to ramble about my favorite nerds that have stuck around this blog, whether old or new, that Ryū and I have come to love. Without further adieu…let’s get started! <3

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kiyoyashi  asked:

can i request ushiten or semishira? thank you for reading, and sorry if this bothers you.

of course! I hope its alright i just went with ushiten!

Story time:

So I’m home from school for the weekend, for the second time since school began, and last night I was FaceTime-ing with my lovely girlfriend. And we’re watching tv together, and we’re making dumb faces at each other, we’re laughing at our own silly inside jokes.

So, pretty soon I’m just laying in bed and we’re both falling asleep, and I’m thinking about how the last time I was laying in my bed, early October, this girl was still so new to me. The last time I was here in my room, I was simply “seeing a girl”. I didn’t know where it was going, and I was nervous and scared and excited and all those crazy feelings.

What blows my mind is, the time before that, August, I was laying in my bed, scrolling through the sapphic tag on Tumblr, wondering if I would ever even develop the confidence to talk to a girl in that way, let alone actually wind up with a girlfriend. I would see photos of happy girls with their girlfriends, and I’d see those sapphic mood boards and all of those “wlw ask” things, and, after only a couple months of knowing I was gay, I would wonder when I was gonna finally get to have that.

And now I guess I’m just ranting, but I think my point is this: 3 months ago, I was wondering what it would be like to have a girlfriend. 1 month ago, I was nervously maneuvering the beginning stages of seeing this really cute girl. And now I’m calling this girl my girlfriend and she’s calling me hers, and everything is just so good.

That was just weird to me. Time is weird.

But for any wlw who just realized they like women, and for those who have known for a while, who are wondering when they’ll finally be able to call some cutie their girlfriend: just give it time, it’ll happen :)

Okay, I’m done now, class dismissed…

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You only see her as white because you're white. and white people always assume everyone is white. It's a fact. If you think about it, assuming Hermione is white is just stupid and narrow minded, because JK never said she was. She just described her hair and teeth. But of course there's no such thing as a brainy, bushy haired black girl, that would be ridiculous. Sigh.

You are completely right. I am white. I’m white now, and I was white when I first read Harry Potter. 

You know what else I was? I was a little girl whose hair was too frizzy and whose teeth were too big for her mouth. I liked reading, and I liked learning, and I was pretty smart. I was bossy too, boy was I bossy, I got called a know-it-all more times than I could count. I wasn’t that good at making friends, or keeping them for that matter. It basically sucked.

And then I read this book, and there’s this character - this frizzy haired, know-it-all, bucktoothed little girl who couldn’t quite get anyone to like her. And then, and this was the kicker, that little girl got to be a hero. She made friends, she was top of her class, and she saved the day again and again. And in the end, she didn’t just get to be smart, she was brave and pretty too. I was amazed, and I was ecstatic, and I was determined to be just like her. For little, lonely Maeve, Hermione Granger was a blessing.

Hermione Granger has always been white for me because that was what I needed, and I’m positive that she’s been black and hispanic and asian and short and tall and thin and chubby a million times over. Because the beauty of a fictional character is they can be anything you want them to be.

Don’t be a dick about people’s favourite characters, you douche weasel. Hermione Granger would be ashamed of you.

Walking Dead Game FanFiction - "Nails"

Title: Nails
Characters: Clementine, Luke
Summary: Clementine finds nail polish and paints Luke’s nails.
Author’s Note: This is also dedicated to my Anon who’s birthday was recently ^^ I’m sorry that this is a little late, I had to work and I’ve been so busy recently ;-; I hope this is still good, and happy birthday lovely❤️
Requested By: Anonymous
“Hey, check it out!” Clementine whispered in awe to herself, lifting a tiny container of nail polish and studying it in the light.
Just reaching the ski lodge, Luke suggested that everyone split up to check out different parts of the building. Clementine wandered into a tiny supply closet, and found a beautiful jewelry box with some fancy rings, a pearl necklace, a single bottle of pink nail polish.
“Hey, Clem? What’s with all the noise?” Luke asked, poking his head into the tiny room.
Clementine smiled, turning to her male friend and placing the bottle of nail polish in his hands. “I found this in here.”
Lifting the bottle closer to the light, Luke raised an eyebrow and squinted as if trying to better understand what the object was. “What is this, some kind of paint?”
Clementine gave a faint smile and forced back a laugh. “It’s nail polish. So yes, it’s paint for your nails.”
Luke scoffed. “Please, I knew that. I’m not stupid.” He grumbled quietly, lowering his arms.
Clementine smirked. “I kinda want to use it. I haven’t done anything like this in a long time.”
“Do you now?” He asked, scratching the back of his neck as he scanned the rest of the room.
“Will you help me put it on?”
Luke’s eyes widened at the statement, turning to meet the young girl’s gaze. “Are you serious?”
Luke raised an eyebrow and finally laughed. “Yeah, okay Clem.”
Leading the young girl back to an empty library room just adjacent to the living room, he guided her to a seat and placed her hands against a tiny coffee table. Upon popping open the lid, he gasped upon seeing the pink goo.
“Do you know what you’re doing?” Clem asked, raising an eyebrow as she watched him struggle to keep the liquid at bay from over-flowing and flooding onto the table.
“Yes. Kinda. No.” He sighed, sliding the lid back on.
Clem smirked. “Then let me show you. On your hands.”
Luke laughed and held up his hands in protest. “Woah now, Clem.” He stated with a nervous laugh. “I don’t know. The gang probably won’t take me very seriously if I have pink nail polish on.”
“Then just hide it.”
Luke studied the girl’s expression and noticed her serious face with a hint of joy and excitement. And seeing her like that just made his world. Her smile was just adorable, he couldn’t say no. “Okay, Clem.”
She nodded excitedly, taking the polish from his hands and dipping it into the paint slightly, before glossing it over his index finger nail.
“This feels weird. I don’t know how girls can do this all the time.”
Clementine smiled. “My mom always said that it made her feel beautiful, so she loved having nice nails.”
Luke smiled, watching the joy on her face grow with each nail painted. All of this would be worth it if Clem was happy. That’s all that Luke ever wanted; a safe and joyful Clementine.
Finally finishing, Clementine twisted the top shut and pushed the bottle to the end of the table. “Okay, now wave your hands to dry the paint.”
“Are you serious?” Luke asked, raising an eyebrow.
Clem smirked and nodded watching the male sigh and wave his hands around by his face, attempting to dry his now-pink nails.
“Okay that should be good enough.” Clem said, setting his hands down in front of her so she could study her work. “You look fabulous.” She teased with a smirk.
“I feel like it too.” He replied.
The two laughed gleefully, causing Nick to wander over. “Guys?”
Quickly, Luke ducked his hands into his coat pockets, grinning up at his pal. “What’s up Nick?” He asked with a smile, desperately trying to act nonchalant.
Nick raised an eyebrow. “You guys are acting weird…”
“No.” Clementine replied quickly. “I’m just helping Luke find his inner girl.”