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1st house notes and random facts ✨📝✨:

• The cusp or beginning point of the first house is called the ascendant aka rising sign

•The sign of the ascendant,planets aspecting the ascendant,and any planet in the 1st house strongly color your physical appearance,characteristics,mannerisms,and how you normally act

•The ruling planet of the sign on the ascendant will be of much importance in your life(other than the positions of the Sun and Moon)so you need to check the house position and aspects made to said planet

•The ascendant generally rules physical appearance in terms of facial characteristics

• Other factors in the chart affect appearance such as planetary dominants,and the sign and house positions of the Sun and Moon

•Venus in the 1st house/Conjunct the ascendant and Libra/Taurus risings are more likely to have more physically pleasing/attractive faces but you do not need this placement to be physically attractive to someone-check out other placements/your synastry w/ppl 💗💗💗 P.S. Not all with said placements are guaranteed to be exceptionally attractive,they could just be gifted socially or with some other Venusian quality

•If they got Jupiter in the 1st they prolly thicc af😩💦💦

• Planetary/Sign influences in any house can be expressed in so many ways,it’s just likely that what you hear is most likely to be manifested due to them being common circumstances to occur in peoples’ lives

• I’ve read that the 1st house also affects early life and environment along with the 3rd house and 4th house,like Pluto in the 1st can manifest as one having to become self sufficient at an early age due to hardships making one somewhat of a loner while Venus in the 1st may have a more pleasant outlook on life due to peaceful early experiences

• Men with moon in the 1st(Venus can do this too) tend to have more feminine faces and/or mannerisms and vibes 🌙

• Watery placements here(Cancer/Pisces ascendants or Moon/Neptune in the 1st house) tend to soak up the emotional coloring of the atmosphere so it’s best for you bitches to imagine a white light around you as you are subject to the moods of others💦💦

• Mars in the 1st is coming to shit on all you bitches.

• Pisces ascendants/Neptune in the 1st house/ in Conjunction,Trine,Sextile to the ascendant are usually blessed with a dreamy,magnetic quality to the eyes✨☁️✨

• They say that Scorpio ascendants/ Pluto in the 1st house have penetrating stares/gazes but Ima be honest I ain’t notice none of u hoes. 😬🤗🤗

• Uranus in the 1st house is said to be hella tall but I know a lot of short bitches with Uranus in the 1st so always check how ur ascendant is aspected or if there are other planets in there

• @ayyries said it first, Capricorn risings got that resting bitch face.

•Beyoncé got a Venus-Pluto conjunction right on her Libra ascendant and Pluto tends to intensify characteristics of the sign it’s in or planets it aspects I guess u can say she’s intensely beautiful,yet dangerous woman with that Pluto up there🌷🐝🐝🐝

•Mars,Saturn, and Plutonian(also the signs ruling them) risings tend to be intimidating in certain ways like Mars is probably more intimidating in an outspoken,threatening way(@ Nicki I love u)🔥🔥🔥 while Saturn and Pluto are more intimidating in a quiet way giving them a more mysterious “fuck with me at ur own risk” vibe but sometimes these 2 are just very introverted

•Sun and Mars affecting this sector usually gives physical strength so don’t fucking trip🌚🌚

• Sun/Leo risings like @zodiacale tend to usually have really thick,beautiful hair but I’ve read that men can be prone to balding especially if the Sun is afflicted ☀️

•Taurus,Cancer,Leo,and Pisces risings are more prone towards having weight problems as well as Jupiter risings,but this is usually manifested later in life for some of them

• The asteroid Chiron is associated with ones’ most painful experiences especially in early life,as well as healing so with the 1st house, one could have some wound associated with self image,insecurities/pain related to appearance, or easily be a victim to bullying in childhood, like this all depends on circumstances in ones life

✨Quick little note: This is my first astrology post and I’d appreciate it if other astroblogs added to my notes with their own observations and/or knowledge or correct me if I’m wrong and they know more or something lol

  • France: hey, England, what are you going to do for Valentines Day?
  • England: dunno... probably binge-watch Harry Potter... again.
  • France: HA! So lame!! Unlike your boring and sad life, I actually have plans on Valentines day with the people I love and friends and-
  • England: shut up, I'm pretty sure you don't have any plans for Valentines day except probably sitting down on your stupid chair, drinking wine, and looking out the window or watching chick-flicks.
  • France: ... fine... but I'm in charge of snacks this time.


This is a Kaisoo analysis, again! I just made one yesterday (you can check it out because that Kaisoo moment hit me all the soft spots), and doing another now. This is not healthy, at all… And I’m half conscious so perhaps this is not really coherent…

First off, I wanna say many thanks to Alvabear94 for her amazing JI and Kaisoo videos. If you haven’t followed her Instagram, please do or you’ll miss out on many awesome vids!

Now, I wanna make a (not so) brief analysis on the Shyness of JI and KS at the last part of this vid.

This is super duper obvious that JI was a lot bit flustered when they all did that kneeling move and he met KS’s gaze. He all but blinked and averted his eyes (JI practically turned his head from left to right, shying away from making eye-contact with KS) and then reverted his eyes back to KS’s back again. (Could you be more obvious, Nini??)

But, the thing I found extremely interesting here is that KS immediately turned his head away too (Very subtle, Mr. Do!). I was wondering Why? Why after all those years living and working and falling in love with each other, they were still acting like they just met and got to know each other and flushed while being caught stealing glances (like they were just new in this relationship lmao).

And the most interesting thing is that when the kneeling move ended, all the members got to stand up, KS for a moment turned around again and smiled (that’s too obvious that he was smiling with his cheekbone rising even when the angle blocked most of his face). Why did he suddenly smile? What did he smile at? Who did he smile to?

So my sorry head used all the rare neurons that it possesses to over analyze everything, again. I’m not able to read KS’ mind whatsoever, so my next hypothesized monologue is just plainly based on what I think KS’ facial expressions were showing.

At first when he knelt down and caught JI’s gaze, he abruptly turned away because “Holy fck, our eyes locked. I’m so embarrassed. What should I do? Turn away, turn the fck away now.”

And then he just nervously stared at JD’s neck and back (it even looked like he almost lost balance while finding a right spot on the ground to put his palm on to gain support. Holy shit, I’m like over observing and commenting on every trivial stuff lol). And he was looking like considering something in his pretty little head. Probably he was thinking “Maybe I should give JI a smile when we stand up. Maybe a smile can make things less awkward from that flustering eyes locked (and just because it’s JI, he deserves all my pretty heart heart-shaped smiles lol).”

So he did just so. Given by how high his cheekbone rose, I bet he was smiling his face into half. So bad JI didn’t get a chance to see it or else he would be in ninth cloud and we could have a lot of Kaisoo smiling at each other pics now .

But when he realized that JI wasn’t looking in his direction anymore, he turned his face to other side and his smile faded and he looked extremely disheartened. Poor thing I just wanna hug the hell out of him. And when he walked to another spot on the stage, he even looked like heaving a sigh of disappointment.

I just really love it when KS can keep his emotions at bay, but it’s just so endearing to watch his getting all flustered around JI even though most of the time it’s JI who has his heart on his sleeve.

So that’s it. That’s all. That’s just a lame analysis and I bet most of you watching the vid can already see it. But I just have a lot of free time now, which makes me wanna rambling a lot. (sorry not sorry)

anonymous asked:

i'm on a warriors roleplay site and i was wondering -- what physical disabilities in your opinion would make an interesting medicine cat?

hmm well we already have had a blind medicine cat, as well as being physically lame. tbh the idea that a cat needs to be disabled or forced to choose a life as a medicine cat is a bit overdone in wc but you do you

deaf would be interesting to see, bc the med cat would be so attuned to body language that they’d probably make an excellent healer and be able to detect illnesses and ailments really well. you could also potentially do a deaf-blind cat as well

a cat born missing a limb would be cool too, especially if there is a stigma around “deformed” kits in the clan and how bad of an omen it might be and how this cat copes with that and life as a medicine cat. 

A recap of that conversation between Dad!Kane and his murder child
  • Dad!Kane: JFC, what is it with you Blakes? Last season your brother was a little murder child, this season I gotta deal with you being a murder child...
  • Octavia: Hey, I was just tryna do what I think is best for our people
  • Dad!Kane: Oh, ffs, you know you can't just say that phrase and have it excuse all your bad behavior
  • Octavia: but like...can't i though? because i'm pretty sure it works for everyone else
  • Dad!Kane: well, it doesn't work for this particular plot point. your decisions have consequences, you can't -
  • Octavia: *rolls eyes* whatever dude, you're lame, i'm out
  • Dad!Kane: *with patented Dad Voice™* SIT DOWN YA MURDER CHILD.
  • Octavia: *sits down and does what she's told for the first time ever in her life*
  • Dad!Kane: You, young lady, are grounded. I'm sending you back to Arkadia, where I want you to sit and think about what you've done.
  • Octavia: You can't tell me what to do
  • Dad!Kane: I'm pretty sure I just did *mic drop, dad!kane out*

hey guys,

so i’ve been thinking this over for awhile now and i think it’s time to change up my blog style. i’ve had it for almost two year now and it’s always been pink. i was thinking maybe going more of the pastel goth route since that is more my style in real life anyway. i have a lot of posts left in my queue that are pink but after that it’s pastel goth! i think it’s time for a change how about you?



just kidding april fools :)


My Chemical Monday

More dorky OTP and their equally dorky pick-up lines because why not?? Inspired by dorky chats with @cyberwolften​. :D


For once, Inuzuka Kiba was out of words. He sat with a stillness that was completely out of his character, his mouth agape and his eyes as wide as saucers. He desperately slapped himself once, twice, even a third time just for the heck of it, to remove the awful genjutsu presented before him. 

Nothing happened.

He tried dispelling the illusion with the necessary hand seals, nudged his teammate and his ever-trusted Akamaru to snap him from the nightmare, and yet… Nothing. Happened.

He resisted the urge to scream.

Everything was just as it was. The smell of ramen filled the air, patrons of the restaurant mingled and chatted, the heat was sweltering despite the air conditioning running. And Hyuuga Neji and Tenten were visibly, without a doubt, flirting.

Flirting. In public, no less!

Kiba almost gagged.

He desperately shared eye contact with his other male peers and found a sense of relief when a few mirrored his distress. Alright, so it was only Naruto who returned the look – Lee was, as predicted, trying to charm his way to Sakura’s heart, Chouji was more occupied with his food than anything else, Shikamaru looked like he had fallen asleep on the table, Shino was wearing glasses, and Sai was too busy painting the scene in his sketchbook.

And the girls? The girls were watching the lovers (Kiba cringed) with hearts in their eyes, a swoon or two escaping their lips every now and then.

“Do you have a map?” Tenten suddenly said, finger sensually tracing circles on Neji’s chest. “Because I keep getting lost in your eyes.”

Both Kiba and Naruto watched, one with disgust and the other with veiled curiosity, as Neji only shook his head.

“I do not need a map,” Neji replied easily. “Because I’ve already found my way.” He eyed Tenten meaningfully, sending the female audience to a frenzied squealing.

Tenten pouted, tried again. She slid herself easily on Neji’s lap and wound her arms around his neck.

“Oh? Well, I’m sure your father was a boxer,” she grinned at him. “Because you’re a knockout!”

Kiba raised a brow; Naruto snickered only to abruptly stop when their female friends cooed.

“No, but I’m pretty sure your parents were bakers,” was Neji’s smooth answer. “Because they sure made you a cutie pie.”

Tenten frowned, opened her mouth to make another sassy pick-up line when Neji halted her by gently tilting her chin up. He smirked when a shade of pink splashed on Tenten’s cheeks.

“They also made sure you’ve got some nice buns.”

Now Kiba did gag. He rushed to the men’s room, Akamaru dutifully trotting behind him. Naruto, along with the girls, was cackling now. Tenten laughed, gasped, then harrumphed, arms crossed in defiance. Neji looked triumphant.

“Sorry, Ten, but you laughed,” Sakura chortled. Next to the pink-haired kunoichi, Ino was giggling. 

“That’s 3 points for Neji and 2 points for you, Tenten!” the blonde said. “Neji wins for today!”

“That was a close fight,” Hinata supplied smilingly. “I’m sure you’ll win next time, Tenten!”

“Damn straight I will,” Tenten murmured, then glared at Neji. “And wipe that stupid smirk off your stupid face, Neji!”

“I’m the winner, remember?” Neji responded haughtily. “That means I get to order you around for the week.”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever,” Tenten slid off his lap, pout still in place. “You better not abuse your power on me, mister! You promised!”

Neji nodded. “Of course.” He stood and offered her a hand. He easily pulled her up. “Shall we start with then?”

“Excited, aren’t you?” Tenten grinned wickedly. Turning to the girls, she added, “And thanks for being our unbiased judges! We appreciate it a lot.” She received a series of reassurances from the kunoichi. Turning to Neji, she said, “Well, let’s go?”

Neji nodded. “Let’s.”

As the couple made their exit, Naruto set free an excited whoop.

“So they were playing a game?!” he exclaimed. “So cool! How do you play it?!”

When Kiba returned, he noticed two unoccupied chairs and immediately concluded that Neji and Tenten had gone to who-knows-where to continue their acts of lasciviousness. Kiba sniffed. Good riddance. He didn’t need those two to rub it in his face on his non-existent love life.

What made him curious, however, were Naruto and Lee tugging at Sakura’s arms, urging her to play a certain “game” with her, much to the pink-haired kunoichi’s annoyance. 

Kiba turned to his good pal Shino for some explanation. Shino shrugged.

“Blame the hormones,” was all the bug-user said. 

i’m reactivating my tumblr so i can have more me:a content in my life and so i can show off my ryders

hello everyone who has stuck around - i am in grad school and lame now but u best believe i will reblog everything andromeda related the end 

  • <p> <b>Roommate:</b> What are you doing tonight?<p/><b>Me:</b> I'm doing it.<p/><b>Roommate:</b> Your looking at your phone...so I assume your reading more Drarry fanfic.<p/><b>Me:</b> And drinking wine.<p/><b>Roommate:</b> So, drinking wine & reading Drarry.<p/><b>Me:</b> yes *sips wine*<p/><b>Roommate:</b> so the same as every night?<p/><b>Me:</b> Yesterday I didn't have wine.<p/><b>Roommate:</b> You are so lame.<p/></p>

Holy Shit, I Almost Died!

Raidou: I’ve been telling you for years that one of these days you were going to choke on it, and now look what happened.

I don’t have time in my life to read what I haven’t and to catch up on the new BtB flash forward (because good things must be savored in perfect settings, but jeez I’m so excited I could die), so I wanted to at least post a Genma related thing in honor of its release…but all the pieces I have in my binder that have been waiting to be posted are…angsty at best (apparently I only draw dramatic Genma. Shocker)

So have this doodle I did after work today instead of all that.  I mean, cuz, has he ever near accidentally swallowed his senbon, and how much would that freaking hurt??

11 Questions

Thanks for tagging me, @jacklonesome !

1. Do you walk the familiar path, or the path less taken?
I tend to prefer the familiar, although sometimes I’ll feel adventurous.

2. Have you ever rejected someone when they expressed romantic interest in you?
A few times, although most often because I was already romantically involved (I’ve been with my husband for most of my adult life). There was only one time I regret; it was when I was in high school, and I turned down a boy because I thought people would make fun of me for saying yes to him. I deeply regret it, and would have reacted differently had I been more mature. He was a lovely person, just socially awkward. He’s doing fine now, as far as I can tell from social media. He married a beautiful woman last year, and they look happy and well.

3. The immortal question: Coffee or tea?
Whenever I drink coffee I think about how much better hot chocolate tastes. So I would choose tea!

4. Do you remember/value your childhood memories?
I wish I had a better memory when it came to those things. My husband remembers childhood with vivid detail. My memories have always been more spotty and vague. There are many that I cherish, and a few strong memories of things I wish had never happened to me. A few favorites are climbing trees in my neighbor’s yard, playing baseball with my family, and campfires at my great uncle’s hunting camp.

5. What’s the latest song you’re jamming to?
Budapest by George Ezra, because baby C loves it. She especially lights up when Daddy sings it.

6. What’s your favorite type of natural disaster?
I’m going to go with a wildfire, as long as it doesn’t extend into a populated area. Burning away the old is good for the new.

7. Another immortal question: What’s your favorite color?
Red, particularly wine red. Second favorite is navy blue.

8. Would you color your hair? Which color(s)?
Unlikely. I like my hair color. Maybe once I start getting more gray, although right now the few gray strands I’m getting are all in my bangs a la Rogue from X-Men, which I kind of like, so maybe not even then.

9. Name a musical instrument that sounds appealing to you.
I’ve always loved the piano. I wish I could play. My mom couldn’t afford piano lessons for me as a child, but my two best friends took lessons. Sometimes when I was over their house and they each finished practicing, their mom would let me have a turn and teach me how to plunk out a few notes.

10. Have you ever used a physical dictionary?
Of course! My grandfather used to have the largest one I have ever seen. It was very old and so thick that it was difficult to open as a child. My cousins and I liked to play with it by opening to random pages and pointing, and making whatever we landed on our “word of the day”. In the last years of his life, my grandpa would often give his possessions away on a whim. He gave the dictionary to my cousin Anna and I was a little bit jealous that I didn’t get it.

11. Do you know what you want to do in life?
Short term, yes, I am living the life I want right now. Once my children are grown, I’ll have some more figuring out to do though.

livayblogs  asked:

Heya! Would you like to share your story of coming out, the reaction of family and friends, falling in love with someone on the other side of the world and then even leaving said people for the love of your life, moving to another continent? How did you view Asy when you first wrote each other? Do you still visit your family and friends in your home country? I'm so~ curious. We know Asynca's side of the story but your's is probably just as good :D

My coming out story is rather lame. I’ve been gay for as long as I can remember, I started having crushes on girls when I was still in kindergarten. No one in my family ever talked about homosexuality, no one ever told me that being gay is supposed to be bad, so for my entire life I just did what felt natural to me because I assumed others must feel it too. I crushed on Xena and Lara Croft, I talked about girls being hot, I dressed like the gayest of dykes you’ve ever seen, I had a huge poster of Tanya Chalkin’s ‘The Kiss’ hanging on my wall. When I finally decided to tell my parents, they just laughed and said “tell us something we don’t know”.

When I first met Asynca on DeviantArt, I never thought we could become more than online buddies. She was the only other person I knew who was into Lara Croft/Amanda Evert and that was enough for me. At the time she was making fanart in XNALara, so I picked it up and asked her to teach me how to use it, which led to us talking on MSN. At first we only talked now and then, but we quickly started talking on daily basis. We discussed her writing (she was working on Rebuilt Anew back then), Bayonetta and Tomb Raider, and we got to know each other better. I don’t even know when I fell in love with her, but suddenly I was thinking about her all the time and I wanted to share everything with her. We had a terrible argument at one point, and we didn’t talk for a month or so. I still sent her a Christmas present and eventually she messaged me on DA. We started talking regularly again, and things felt different. She was single again by that point and when I flirted, she flirted back. We knew each other for about a year at that point, and after a few Skype dates Asy invited me to come visit her for a month.

My parents were a bit wary, telling me that she may actually be a guy lying to me, but they calmed down once they heard her on Skype. I traveled to Australia for the first time in my life, and had a great time with Asy. She drove me around, showed me all the things we don’t have in my country, and introduced me to her family. When we were saying our goodbyes at the airport, she wrote “Come Back to Anna” on my forearm and we both cried a lot. I spent 3 more months in the Czech Republic before I could permanently go back to Australia. I sold most of my games to get some money for the trip, I quit my job, said goodbye to my friends, family and dog. My decision may have seemed rash, but everyone was lovely and supportive and no one questioned me.

When I arrived, Asy went out of her way to make the transition easy, but it was still hard. I was terribly depressed for the first 2 years or so. I missed my dog, I had no friends, I never heard my language anywhere, and everything looked so alien. I’ve been in Australia for over 5 years now and I’ve only seen my parents once, 3 years ago. It was a shock to go back. My parents were older, my mother’s multiple sclerosis got so bad she can no longer walk and her speech is slurred, my brother came out as bi and got engaged to a guy, my dog got cancer and had to be put down. My friends moved on, my town changed. I don’t like change at the best of times, and this was absolutely overwhelming to me. I couldn’t wait to go back to Australia. I still don’t feel like I belong here, but it feels more like home than my old home did.

And that’s my side of the story. I’m mostly just a clueless girl who really lucked out. :)