i'm king baby

what’s your favorite kind of seb’s smile?

that smile when he’s being a completly dork

that smile when he’s with anthony mackie

that smile when he’s laughing too hard

that smile when he’s a being a fluffy angel

that smile when he’s with chris evans

that smile when he blushes 

that smile that it’s like hOLY MOTHER OF GOD

that smile that makes him hot and then a puppy

that smile that make you think ‘protect him at all costs’

there’s a million 

of types

but only


can make 

your whole day


i almost married someone who didn’t love me


Just some pics of my babies!! They were both pretty photogenic! Willie’s getting bigger!
I kinda find it funny that I have a king and a crowntail betta if ya catch my drift ;D
( @thatbunnytho so sorry! Hope these are ok!)

Stardust! Precure, a new magical girl anime╰( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )つ──☆*:・゚

Watch on exo--vines.tumblr.com

SeKaiYeol vs Light


All my favorite characters: Bokuto Koutarou, Captain & Ace of Fukurodani Academy’s Volleyball Team, from Haikyuu!!. | Happy birthday! 9.20
Firstly, the figure of the ace is one that inspires his allies. Secondly, he should shatter any wall. Thirdly, he should hit any ball to his utmost ability.” 

Happy Valentine’s day @tu-surak!!!!


he quietly slid from time.


you are so important to me + erica reed (breakout kings)

there are things that i’ve done that i haven’t been charged for. things that if i were charged my sentence would have words, not numbers.