i'm kinda weird

lowkey bothers me how much Kaneki is being praised for not like, forcing himself on Touka but I’m glad y'all are recognizing that women have agency over their bodies and a dude doesn’t deserve sex just bc it’s brought up but like

I think the moment was more meant to be a play on the whole thing about how pregnant women can experience low sex drive and don’t want others touching them at all (tho she’s super early for it but can’t blame her as sick as she’s been) but I just wish y'all were taking that into account, that Touka is clearly in discomfort and doesn’t want to be touched and Kaneki is just respecting that instead of acting like he’s some noble angel cinnamon roll uwu for taking a hint

…you know, at this point I can’t help but wonder how many people I’ve convinced to ship KazaSen and/or AmaGiku just via saturating the fandom with content. like, several people have come to me saying they now ship one or both of them when all I’ve done is talk way too much. I haven’t even been very convincing, just very loud. normally if I don’t shut up I drive people away, not draw them in closer, so thanks for bearing with me!! <3

(and it’s especially weird to me that I’ve never talked to anyone who gave AmaGiku much/any thought before I started posting about them. like did I just popularize a rarepair or what??? were they even a rarepair in this fandom or did I straight up make them a thing??? but it seems so implausible that nobody would put the two of them together before me…)

[throws markers across room] ugh

i’m not a huge fan of his artwork in heroes so

i draw joseph and caesar casually a lot when i’m bored 

I don’t get why some of y'all are so worried about this new character Max coming in and stealing mikes heart like chill they’re only twelve I really don’t think a love triangle is something that’s going to be on their minds also that’s kind of going along with the stereotype that girls and guys can’t just be friends

In my life I’ve made exactly one android oc and I was when I was freshly turned 13 and very into vocaloid. I’ve been playing a certain game and felt like drawing her. her name is Wakana and she needs to put some clothes on 


ok, everything the last panel looks wonky BUT 

@hasu-bruna requested marichat and then i saw this and this so i just got inspired 

oh yeah, bonus: 

requests are still open btw :’D I’m slow but i plan on doing most of them, if not all

I got bored and made some text conversations between Jason and Percy

Some are kinda funny and some are lame. All are inspired by real messages between me and friends. Enjoy??? (Also, the last one is kinda nsfw.)

Lemme tell you guys something. Inej Ghafa is my life. I would legitimately sell my soul to Leigh Bardugo to know what happens after Crooked Kingdom. For the whole crew. But mainly Inej.

Anyway I tried something new stylistically. Pretty sure I’m the only who notices it but I like it better irregardless.