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Hey guys

I’m bored, and saw mahariellavellan doing it yesterday and I couldn’t help it.

It’s time for the second Inquisition Games. 

Send me your Inquisitiors! Name, and picture (Make sure it’s cropped to be square!) 

If you don’t have a picture that’s not a problem I made some icons based on their origin for them instead. 

If you were in the last one you CAN enter this one (but please be mindful of people who didn’t get into the last one and want to be in this one.)


I say that I love every part
of you, knowing precisely
what it is I mean to say.

"I love every part of you",
as in “I know I haven’t seen
every part of you, but I know
I will love them, when I
finally meet them.”

As in, “I know your heart can
get messy sometimes. I know,
because mine can, too. I am
good at holding things as
they fall apart. It is all soft
palms, here.

I will help you pick up the
pieces, every time, if you’ll
have me; if having those
shards of you recovered is
the thing you need from
this space we share.”

As in, “I know you will
inevitably say hurtful things,
and I know you will not
mean them. I know I will
not always be easy to
love, and I’m not sure I
know how to tell you that
I want everything you are.”

As in, “I will not let you be
the only one left. I will be
there to listen to you, even
when I don’t understand
you. I keep saying that stars
seem to be living beneath
your skin, and I want nothing
more than to fall further
into your sky.”

I say that I love every part
of you, knowing precisely
what it is I meant to say.

I love all your past and
all of your tomorrows; I
love the sky inside your
heart, with all its infinite

I love you, whole.
Every single star.

—  i’m trying to put it into words, Emma Bleker

“Happy Birthday Veneziano and Romano!”  


(Credits to transparentalia for the transparents. Original art belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya)


make me choose: thischarmingdevil asked: hannibal’s house or hannibal’s office?

{quote by w.h. auden}


Who do you want me to be?

A better person!


AU (aka how it should have ended): Kakashi’s thought on Naruto and Sakura’s relationship.


tv show meme: [1/3] favorite ships » Stiles Stilinski x Lydia Martin

"Sometimes there’s other things you wouldn’t think would be a good combination, end up turning out to be, like, a perfect combination.  Like two people together, who nobody ever thought would be together, ever."