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I really really really like the arc of Tsunade, before she becomes Hokage (yep too late i’m deep in it  hello darkness here i come)

…this is the most cutesy thing I’ve done in a while but maybe that’s just me HA dun mind me or all the Redbubble spam lately.

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One song : Si Una Vez by Selena  

Two movies : Selena, Southpaw

Three series : Supernatural, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Parks & Rec

Four people : Sebastian Stan, Chris Evans, Jake Gyllenhaal, Jensen Ackles

Five foods : Apples, Peanut Butter, Chocolate covered pretzels, Pizza, French Fries
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Finally starting to post my new fic! A Little Mermaid klunk AU! No idea how long it’s gonna take me to finish it, but here’s hoping it’s quick!

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I'm not really pro reylo, but not anti either, like Switzerland, neutral, but I don't really understand why reylo is a ship...? Like while watching the movie I thought that the most romance referenced was obviously between Finn and Rey..? But the majority of the fandom ships reylo? Could you please tell me what scenes you found romantic so I can rewatch them and form like a more solid opinion... because now I'm just kinda confused....

Hey there Anon. Sorry for the late reply. I’ve been rushed off my feet. xx

There really is loads of different reasons why people ship reylo and every shipper will have their own reasons. For me personally, it was the villain x hero aspect that drew me in. I love exploring relationships like this.They offer a lot of challenges that I love to see people tackle, in the film as well as in the fandom world.

  • How do they fall in love?
  • How do they deal with the moral conflict?
  • How do they interact when they meet each other on the battlefield. 
  • Do they try to bring the other over to their side, or do they both remain enemies while trying to stay together?
  • Does their love survive the challenges? 

These types of relationships always provide perfect opportunities for angst, longing, moral conflict, potentially dark storylines and heartbreak. My perfect cuppa hot chocolate. 

I didn’t find any of the scenes between Kylo and Rey romantic, though Kylo certainly seemed to have a deeper interest in Rey. It was the interesting dynamic that the two characters had that intrigued a lot of people and really made the ship take off. There are some beautifully written meta out there that go into more detail than I ever could, and they really do capture what a lot of shippers, and non-shippers, found so fascinating about their interactions. If you’re interested and curious enough I recommend having a wee nosy through some of them. There are a lot but I highly recommend looking at Death and The Maiden by Ohtze. 

Reylo Meta’s: (X)

Some of the scenes in the film definitely hinted at Finn having a potential romantic interest in Rey, and they may very well end up together in the movie. Though despite who Rey ends up, if she does end up with anyone, I’ll still ship reylo as will many others. Most of my ships are fanon ships, plenty of them having no canon interaction. Heck, one of my main ships is a crossover ship where the characters are owned by different companies. Fanons always been a place to explore all the ‘what if’s’ and potential ships that canon never got to explore. I’ve always loved being able to wander away from canon and see all the untold stories. 

I hope this helped at least a wee bit. If any of my fellow shippers are feeling up for it feel free to let us know why you ship reylo :) xx

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EUREKA MOMENT WAS TOO WEIRD MAN. but it happens i guess. happened with me and my whole going art path instead of med but haru’s was completely different.

I thought it was odd and I was snorting when people said “He wanted to go pro because he saw the Olympic-sized pool” and I went “Pfft! That’s ridiculous. That can’t be it!” AND THEN I WATCH THE EPISODE AND WAS LIKE “ok. it’s true. OTL”

I respect Haru’s decision (even though I still wanted him to be a chef or like an artist—even a manga artist D:). But what really sets me off is that, he fought for what he believed in since season one until episode 11 to the point he risked his friendship with Makoto, and that, my friend shows how much it weighs. And then we get this episode (as adorable as it is with the beach scene with rin bragging about him and sousuke pffft!) it was like all his beliefs were ignored? Was the whole two season pointless with them shoving to us again and again that Haru swims free? I admit I have not watched that much sports anime (or anime in general since i’m a bit new) but wouldn’t it be nice to watch a sports anime wherein the protagonist chooses a different path? To go unorthodox. 

Thing is, Haru has so many choices. He is seriously talented and the creators just kinda didn’t make him have other options. :( He could be the youngest chef who specializes on different ways to prepare saba and he’d be beaming with pride because hell yeah people finally appreciates the beauty of saba please have more in like forever and his friends would be totally cool with it because why the hell not? At least he’s using his saba obsession into something amazing and he’s kicking butt with it.

I do look forward to the finale to see how they fix this but I’m not hoping on it too much considering season one finale. A hug between the best friends is probably the only thing I’m hoping for but we might not even get that. But who knows?

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Could you make a preference where you take him to visit your sister and she hits on him? Sorry if this is confusing :) also sorry if you have already wrote a preference about this I'm kinda new :)))))))

Hey Anon! Sorry if this was so late. This is actually pretty cool :D

[Requested: Yes]

(Y/S/N)- Your Sister’s Name


You were going to visit your twin sister today and you were honestly really nervous since you were bringing Michael along with you. (Y/S/N) was known to you as, “the better twin.” Even though the both of you had the same face, you were polar opposites. Although you were plain and average, you sister was edgy and fun, she was everything you weren’t. The thing was, during school, everyone liked your twin better than you, especially boys. Although you didn’t want to be rude to your own flesh and blood, you admitted that she was pretty flirtatious and broke a lot of hearts. Although you dreaded visiting your sister, you had no choice as your parent’s wanted you to help her move in. “You okay?” Michael asked holding your hand as you drove to the house. “Yeah… I just…. I don’t really want to bring you along, but since I need to move a lot of things I thought you could just help with the process quicker.” You said. “You don’t like your sister?” “It’s just that… She is the better twin, a lot of people like someone exciting as her than someone like me.” “I like you…” Michael says smiling and kissing your hand. You smiled slightly, “Michael, I must warn you, my sister is pretty flirtatious and I just…” “You’re gonna be jealous if she hits on me?” He says grinning at you with a cheeky smirk. “Jealous? I’ll kick her butt.” You said and he chuckles smiling at you. “(Y/N), there is nothing to worry about… You’re the only girl I need.” He says giving your hand a reassuring squeeze. Once you got to the house, your sister was outside carrying boxes in and out of her new house. She was perfect, confident in her body, had her hair in perfect curls to frame her face, and make up that amplified her looks. “That’s your sister?” Michael says tilting his head slightly to tease you. You playfully hit him and he smiles, kissing your cheek before exiting the car. “(Y/N) about time- Oh? Who is this?” She says suddenly noticing Michael. “No one important.” You quickly said. “Well that’s rude, I feel like if he is helping us today I should at least know his name. “Michael.” He introduces shaking her hand, “I’m (Y/N)’s boyfriend.” He says. “Oh…. Wow (Y/N), you scored a cutie.” She says giving him a small grin and taking the box she had and went back into the house. Michael looks at you with an amused smile and arched eyebrows. You roll your eyes trying to contain your anger. Throughout this time (Y/S/N) has been trying to make advances toward Michael, you were shocked that she was bold enough to do so even though she knew you and Michael were together. When the job was done, she convinced you guys to stay longer just for dinner. You were getting a drink and all you could hear is their conversation. Your sister started to talk into a certain tone trying to sound captivating. You were surprised that they had quite a lot in common when it came to parties, or drinking, or just anything you weren’t interested in. “We should hang sometime at this club that is just a few blocks from here, great music and have several different kinds of beers.” She says. “Wow, you seem to know a lot of places, but it’s okay, I like the days when I can stay with (Y/N).” He says and your sister started laughing as if it was a joke. “Really? So what do you guys even do?” “Nothing.” Michael says simply and she chuckles again but started to sound confused. “I like a girl I could do nothing with… So, (Y/N) is my type of girl…” Michael says and your sister is dead silent. You smiles and put the glass in the sink returning to the dining room. “Ready to go?” You asked. “Yeah.” Michael says smiling. (Y/S/N) looked between the two of you dissatisfied. As you were leaving she sounded in denial that Michael didn’t fall for her. On the drive back Michael held your hand, you started to smile and looked at him at the red light. You gave him a quick kiss on the lips until the light turned green again. “What was that for?” Michael asked smiling. “Nothing, you’re just the greatest boyfriend…” You said slightly flustered. “I know.” Michael says grinning as you continued to drive home.


You and Calum had a pretty flirty friendship. The both of you knew the feelings were there but nothing could convince you two to confess to each other, yet. Today was your older sister’s birthday, and she kindly invited you to go to her party. “How old is your sister?” “Like 2 years older than us so 20.” You said. “So I’m guessing there’s going to be a lot of older people at this party?” Calum asks, you chuckle slightly, “why does that matter? You hang around a lot of older people when you do recording and attend those music award things.” You said and he smiles. “I’m gonna feel so young in that party.” “Hey, you have me.” You said and he gives you a slight smirk. You roll your eyes at him and continued to drive until you reached your sisters house. Lights and music were blasting and you felt quite nervous to go in. “Seems fun.” Calum says standing next to you. “Yeah…” You said unsure. When you entered you greeted a few familiar faces your sister has introduced you to. When you made your way through the crowd, you greeted your sister happy birthday and introduced Calum. “Oh, so is he your boyfriend?” She asks and you stutter slightly, “no, just friends.” You said. “Oh…. Well, have fun okay? No drinking though, you’re underage and also you are driving home so…” “I know (Y/S/N).” You said feeling a bit irritated that she was bringing up the big sister authority. You and Calum went off to the side to talk. The both of you were making jokes about people in the room commentating on their movements. As you laughed he would look at you a certain way and you would feel a blush growing on your cheeks. You were feeling slightly awkward from these feelings that were emerging and you excused yourself to get refreshments for the both of you. When you came back Calum was gone and your sister convinced him to dance with her. You felt slightly irritated how close she was to him, but also irritated that his hands were around her waist. It was obvious that she grew an interest to Calum and you didn’t know how to react to it. You were managing the fact that they were dancing rather close, but when she started to reach closer to his face your hands automatically moved. You split the drinks at her and she looked at you with an angry face. “(Y/N), you immature little-” She says causing a scene. “Oops, sorry.” You said. “Okay, that’s it, out, leave my party right now. I hope you get grounded.” “Fine.” You said leaving. “You, can stay.” She says to Calum. “Oh, uh, I would but, (Y/N) is my ride home.” He says and she stares at him, baffled of his decision. Calum grinned at you and walked with you out of the party and to the car. “Were you jealous?” He asks. “No.” “Do you like me (Y/N)?” He says with his grin growing bigger. “Shut up Calum.” You said before starting up the car, “maybe, I like you a tiny bit….” You said before driving out of the neighborhood.


Ashton is your somewhat older boyfriend. You were younger than him by a bit, but that didn’t seem to bother your relationship. You were visiting your sister’s college and surprisingly Ashton went to the same university as her. “(Y/N), what are you doing here?” “Oh, I’m visiting my sister….” You said gesturing to your flesh and blood. “Oh… Who is this (Y/N)?” (Y/S/N) asks looking interested. You hesitated to answer knowing that your sister wouldn’t approve of dating an older guy. “She’s a regular customer and we became friends.” Ashton partially lies. “Oh? Where do you work?” You sister asks. “Oh, the Starbucks near campus.” He says. “That’s cool, maybe I’ll see you often then.” She says, “well then (Y/N), let’s go.” She says dragging you off. On the way home for the weekend, your sister kept talking about Ashton which made you slightly uncomfortable. Even when she returned to school after the weekend, you were a bit irritated to hear her efforts to try and get closer to Ashton. As much as you didn’t want to admit to him that you were jealous, you also felt the need to tell your sister the truth, but you just couldn’t. One afternoon you were going to visit Ashton at work and saw that the both of them were chatting together at a table. You entered the store a bit irritated, “hey (Y/N).” Your sister says. “Hey.” You mumbled. “So Ashton, what do you say? Want to hang out this Saturday?” She says and you felt a sharp stab in your heart. “I would… But I think I’ve been neglecting my girlfriend long enough.” Ashton says and you sister looks at him shocked. “O-Oh.” She stutters. “Yeah, isn’t that right (Y/N)?” He asks looking at you and putting his arm around your waist. You were stunned and looked at your sister who also had a shocked face. “You’re dating my younger sister? She’s like… A kid.” She says a bit irritated. “Well, I like her childish side. (Y/S/N), I’m sorry, you probably think of me as a cool poet type considering I work here, but I’m really childish and (Y/N) really get’s that….” Ashton says. Your sister was speechless and left the store in a dissatisfied rage. Ashton looks at you reassuringly and you smile kissing his head.


Since the both of you were young, Luke has always had a crush on your slightly older sister. She was a year older than the both of you, but the three of you grew up really close together. Luke was that guy who wanted to be with a girl, but she was oblivious to his feelings. (Y/S/N) went out with different guys, and showed no interest to Luke whatsoever. However, you had interest in Luke, but no matter what, he never saw those feelings just like how your sister was with him. A few years later Luke got over his feelings and the both of you decided to visit home when the holidays came around and visit your family. (Y/S/N) was surprised to see Luke and gave him a hug, “Lukey, oh my god you’ve grown.” She says. Luke was somewhat speechless, and you turned away with your heart slightly aching. Through out the whole break all of you were catching up, especially (Y/S/N) and Luke. “You’re growing feelings for her again…” You said sipping your Starbuck’s tea. “I- I don’t know, I mean, if she didn’t like me then, what makes you think she would like me now?” He says, “she’s still just as cute the last time I saw her, but who am I kidding, she wouldn’t like me ever.” He says forcing a chuckle. “I like you…” You blurted. “That’s sweet (Y/N).” He says. “No, Luke… I’m serious, I like you… I’ve always liked you, since we’ve became friends… But I guess if you didn’t like me then, means you won’t like me now right?” You said forcing a chuckle but feeling sad. “J-just forget it. It’s nothing.” You said standing up and leaving Luke in the shop. Your confession ran through Luke’s mind the rest of the day, even if he was with (Y/S/N), the only thing he could think about was you and your feelings. “Luke?” (Y/S/N) calls out. “Oh, yeah? I’m sorry, what were you saying?” She giggles and repeats herself, “I just wanted to say that I’m glad you let me vent to you about relationships… I mean,  I’ve been in so many relationships but they always end up the same…. Why can’t more guys be like you….?” She says looking at him. Luke seemed unaffected of her charms and the only thing that occurred to him was the fact that he was so blind to your feelings, but you really did like him genuinely, while (Y/S/N) never showed interest till now. He felt her move closer to him resting her hand on his shoulder with a look as if she wanted to kiss him. Luke stood up, “I can’t do this…” “W-what? But I thought you liked me, I mean I knew you did before… I just-” “I’m sorry (Y/S/N) I just… It’s too late…” Luke says before leaving her room. “I hope I’m not either…” He says. Luke went to the tree house the both of you used to hang out in. He knew you were there and when he climbed up he found you sitting in the corner.  ”Why are you here?” You mumbled. “I did some thinking and realized something…” He says. “Oh, and that would be?” “That you are the coolest girl I ever met without even trying.” “I try very hard Luke.” You said and the both of you laughed. “…. Am I late?” Luke asked. “Just barely..” You said nudging him playfully and playing with your fingers. Luke nudges you back and the both of you chilled in the tree house trying to figure out the next step.

A/N: Well then, it’s been a while since I did a request, so I’m so sorry Anon this took a while, but I hope you liked it :) I must admit, I was listening to Chole by Emblem3 like nonstop for inspiration for writing this. This request was really cute XD Thank you again Anon.

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