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Fat Positivity in Story for Steven

I may cry later about how beautiful this episode was. Rose wears an XXL tshirt! And not for a certain effect, but because SHE’S THAT BIG! Rose is my size (minus the height difference). Marty mentioning Greg’s attraction to fat women, Greg not denying it or looking embarrassed, and then responding to Marty’s misogyny!!! I just…have never had a fat character who’s as loved as Rose. Every single fat character I’ve ever seen in children’s media has been a joke, or at the very least associated with food in some weird way to make sure nobody forgot the character was fat. Every fat child deserves to have a role model like Rose.

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Hey there, just wanted to say I love your artwork! I also found your reblogification through my friend pancakekazoo, and you definitely post Grade A+ Solas content and I'm kinda like a fat cat sunbathing in all its goodness ahaha.


I’ve noticed you liking/reblogifying my posts on both blogs—it makes me happy to know that you’re enjoying all the things! Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and sunbathe. xD

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Cas and Dean are married and are cleaning out their closet and see their suits they wore on their wedding day and they see that Dean has "outgrown" his a little since then... Take it away!

“Cas! Hey, Cas! Come in here!”

Cas drafts his email and closes his laptop before heading toward his and Dean’s bedroom. He stands in the doorway and crosses his arms, watching Dean rummage through the closet. OK, fine, he watches Dean’s ass as he rummages through the closet.

“This is a nice view, Dean, but why exactly am I here?”

Dean turns around quickly, holding up a tux in each hand. “Look what I found.”

Cas steps into the room. “Are those our–”

“Wedding tuxes, yeah. I didn’t even know we still had these, dude.”

“I didn’t either,” Cas answers absentmindedly as he runs his hands over the sleeve of his own suit jacket. It brings back a lot of good memories, of nervously saying vows and ripping them off in the bathroom for a quickie before the reception and then ripping them off again on the dance floor at the reception and then ripping them off again in the hotel room later that night–

“C’mon, let’s try them on,” Dean says excitedly, already heading toward the bathroom.

“Um, why?” 

“Because! It’ll be fun.” Dean moves in close to Cas and whispers in his ear, “And we can roleplay our wedding night.”

“Dean, I’m not sure that’s a good–”

“Why the hell not?”

Because it’s been 10 years since our wedding, and you’ve put on at least 50 pounds since then. “Fine. Give me mine.”

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Hi Guys! So here is a fic I’ve had for a WHILE..but tbh I don’t think its that great. I’m kinda just tired of seeing it in my drafts, so I’m posting it because I do like parts of it but as I said in a previous post I don’t like it enough to tag you guys. You probably have no idea what I’m on about…and sorry I just…I dunno its hard to explain how I’m feeling and why I feel its not enough to tag you wonderful people… but yeah…so only tagging mmfdfanfic 

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I'm going to the beach tomorrow with my friends and they're all like model thin and I'm nervous cuz I'm kinda fat that they'll judge me or something :/

1. if they judge you it just means they are insecure and dealing with their own body image issues
2. if they judge you it’s a great thing because it will reveal their true character..who wants to be friends with insecure body-shamers NOT ME
3. confidence is better than any “model thin” body. love ur bod. appreciate it for what it does for you rather than just how it looks. like wow u get to go enjoy a beach with ur friends and smell the air and feel the sand and taste the salt. that’s crazy. life is so beautiful.