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Oooohhh I love your little fics! I really want to send a prompt but I'm kind of worried that it's not going to be very good... How about a Harry Potter AU?? Everyone's eleven and about to go into the sorting, and they're nervous about which house they're going into and whether they're gonna be with their friends

It’s actually a great prompt!!! Unfortunately I haven’t read Harry Potter in years, so forgive me if I don’t give your prompt the justice it deserves.


“Do you know what house you want to be in?” the boy with dark hair asked.

 Why did people keep asking that? Finn, another boy Rey had met earlier, asked her the same thing. Rey didn’t really know much about the different houses, what with being adopted by muggle parents, so she just shrugged. “No.”

 “I want to be in Slytherin,” he said. “My parents were both Griffindors though.”

 “I bet you’ll be a Hufflepuff,” his friend said snidely.

 What’s wrong with Hufflepuff? She thought to herself.

 “Sod off, Hux,” the boy said angrily. “I’m Ben, by the way.”

 “Rey,” she said in response.

 “Don’t bother with those idiots,” Finn said, pulling on her sleeve, “They think they’re better than everyone else because they’re purebloods.”

 Ben scoffed, “Hux might be an elitist prick, but I’m not.”

 “Excuse you,” Hux said turning away. “I don’t know why I bother wasting my time with you.”

 “The feeling is quite mutual.”

 “Everyone, do settle down,” a quiet suddenly fell over the crowd as Professor McGonagall spoke. “We are about to begin sorting.”

 As she explained how the sorting worked, Finn whispered, “I hope we’re in the same house together.”

 Rey smiled, “Me too.”

 McGonagall began to call up different students. She would place the Sorting Hat onto their heads and it would call out different houses.



“Slytherin!” A very smug Hux made his way to the Slytherin table.



 It paused when it was placed upon Ben’s head, as though it couldn’t quite make up its mind. After a couple moments, it called out, “Griffindor!” Ben’s eyes nearly popped out in surprise, but he gave a small smile as the Griffindor table cheered for him.

 Finn was called right after him. The hat had been barely placed upon his head when it shouted, “Griffindor!” He beamed brightly as he joined the raucous Griffindor table.

 Several more names were called before Rey. Admittedly, she was a tad nervous about it. She found herself hoping that she ended up in Griffindor, just because the only people she had met so far were there, but she didn’t know if she had any qualities that would lend themselves to Griffindor. She sat down on the small stool, full of trepidation, and waited. To her surprise, she heard a voice that could only have been the Sorting Hat’s in her head. Hmmm, yes. Ah, yes. You’ll do just well there. “Griffindor!” it exclaimed.

 Relieved, Rey made her way to the Griffindor table as they applauded. “Welcome to Griffindor,” one of the older students said with a kind smile.

 “Thank you,” Rey said shyly. She looked at Finn who was currently glaring at Ben. She swatted his arm. “Don’t be mean.”

 “He’s looking at me funny.”

 “No I’m not!”

 Rey laughed, for the first time feeling at home in this strange and bizarre world.