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Note for Cosmic Witches

Tonight is a rather special night, apparently.

You see, tonight is the anniversary of the first manned space flight, commonly known as Yuri’s Night, after the cosmonaut who made the journey, Yuri Gagarin. It’s traditional among geeky space fans to celebrate by stargazing tonight, and the moon being full is a treat, as well.

I’ve only heard about this tradition recently, but reading about it excites me and makes me wish I wasn’t in a city with so much light pollution. I think this a great opportunity to pause and think about humanity’s relationship with the stars, both magically and in terms of our technological endeavors.

I just wanted to share; I think it’s cool, I guess. I’m one of those space geeks, after all, and I’m always prone to contemplating the intersection of magick and technology, and how the advent of things like space travel changed the mental landscape of humanity. I’ve often wondered about the significance of the moon landing in magical terms, too.

Anyways, uh, just wanted to share. There are parties being held in some locations, apparently, but obviously actual stargazing isn’t as possible in cities like Krakow. If you’re in the countryside, why not, though?


Kakashi requested by raikis (︶ω︶)

Leia with the twins on Coruscant

i just finished watching grandma + honestly……lily tomlin owns my whole heart

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honestly, some of these fandoms (like camila cabelo's and halsey's) are really toxic, specially camila's with those fifth harmony theory shipping stuff. i want people to like bts for their song and who they are and not coming here because they think "theyre gay" or "that otp is real". i dont know if you saw when that famous guy asked on twitter if any of bts members are openly gay. thats so disrespectful.

you’re acting as if all fandoms aren’t toxic including ours though akdjkad, especially when you bring up shipping like… only larries rival kpop shippers in that regard… who even starts stanning because of shipping i’ve only seen that in reverse order, but either way what you “want” is a bit irrelevant here, you don’t get to say which people should or shouldn’t like bts and what reasons they should like them for, as long as they support the boys in a positive way and buy the records i’m happy, but sure if they’re toxic and don’t buy anything they can go (and people like that don’t stick around too long anyways), still we don’t get to police that and be yelling that people aren’t liking them for the right reasons, you should focus on why YOU like them and support them your way and stick to people who do the same. also “that famous guy” perez hilton is a nobody and everybody knows it, nobody likes or cares about him, he is only asking for any attention, negative as well, if you give him negative attention he’ll keep being annoying (because it’s not the first time he did and said things about the boys trying to rile fans up, army screaming at him are the reason why he’s still doing this lol)


bet you thought i was dead huh (i kind of thought so too)

anyways, here’s a stress draw of the iberian brothers- i imagine them as a pair of troublemakers with an intense love/hate rivalry…


Rin Hoshizora [ x ]

These came out kind of weird but oh well..

what is brendons next stage era outfit gonna be. we’ve done eyeliner emo cabaret we’ve done effortless flowery hippie we’ve done bow tie suspender sass and we’ve even done gold sparkly leather trash can I mean where else is there to go

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Post 5 ships from 5 different fandoms and pass it along to 5 different people.

Ooh, okay…

- Miriam and Tzipporah, Prince of Egypt
- Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood, Harry Potter
- BoJack Horseman and Diane Nyugen, BoJack Horseman
- Josey Cirrini and Chloe Finley, The Sugar Queen
- Kevin Price, Nabulungi Hatimbi, and Arnold Cunningham, Book of Mormon
- Joel Bar Hezron and Leah, The Bronze Bow

I tag @elijahkrantz, @notlikelionking, @astralhell, @somehow-you-will, @o0nope0o / @elderxprice

name???? what name lmao idk what to call this
name???? what name lmao idk what to call this

for my music class we had to use FL studios to make a 32 bar composition so this is what i came up with and i kinda like it??? it was a lot of fun to make and i ended up using like 5 different instruments and idk what to call it so any name suggestions are welcome!!!!!! also this is the first time i’ve done anything like this so any suggestions/improvements would be nice (pls be nice abt it tho aaa ;-;)

I realized I haven’t drawn Rose before and had to fix it immediately

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It's because you need more hugs after all you've been through. *yet another hug*

Who said anything about having been through… whatever the heck you’re implying I’ve been through? I mean, yeah, there are some things I’ve been through, but it’s not like–

I’m just going to stop before I dig myself a deeper hole.


Robron OTP Meme → [1/3] Quotes

“You know it’s what we do best, me and you. You know how it is. The bigger the scrap, the better it is when we make up.”

Home To Me
Jamie Brown
Home To Me

A song from Clarke to Lexa after leaving Camp Jaha!

Love comes at a cost,
We used to drink to those
We’d find, and those we’d lost.
And I’ve being wandering these lands
With bloodshed on my hands.
I’m searching for you,
Cause only you, will understand.
So will you help me carry my heavy heart.
And I will hold yours close and try to take apart,
The pieces that haunt your days,
You’re like home to me, so please say I can stay.
Cause you asked me what I would do after,
I never thought that I’d be here looking for shelter.
But maybe it’s meant to be.
With here with someone who bares the cross
Of lives lost,    
To set their people free.
You don’t have to apologise,
I know the weight of the crown
And how hard it lies.
You said I was brave and not,
To let my emotions show.
But now children are being buried,
And it’s all ‘cause I let myself go.
So will you help me carry my heavy heart,
And I will hold yours close and try to take apart.
The pieces inside that haunt your days,
You’re home to me, can I stay?
You asked me what I would do after,
I never thought I would be looking for shelter.
But maybe this is where I’m meant to be.
With someone who bares the cross of lives lost,
To set their people free.
You hoped that Polis would make me change my views,
But what if I’m the monster, it’s me and not you.
We’ll never be the good guys,      
But we’re bad guys after all,
Cause surviving tough,
And some live will some fall.
So will you help me carry my heavy heart.
And I will hold yours close and try to take apart,
The pieces inside that haunt your days,
You’re like home to me, so please say I can stay.

For Oofuri 69min! Prompt: Hospital Visit

Pairing: Abemiha

Rating: Well, THIS is…let’s call it an M rating up to this point…

Summary: Set during the summer training camp. Abe wants to get to know Mihashi better, find out about what he likes… Abemiha. Hospital. Sexytimes. You can guess the fourth ingredient at play, here. *waggles eyebrows*

There’s more of this coming, but it’s taking me longer than expected. But I wanted to post something! Even though it’s already so late… T_T

ETA: hey sup if you want the full version of this, it’s here.

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