i'm kind of sort of back

gansey’s alive at the end of it all, magically, impossibly, amazingly, and it should feel like a victory - it does feel like a victory.
but it also feels like a loss, hollowing and sobering.
because now gansey is left Purposeless; his quest is over and his sacrifice spat him back out,
not to mention having died again and lived again, but this time with no questions to answer, no meaning, Just This, just life,
and he’s lost and kind of numb and sort of angry, which feels weird and Other in him, because it’s not so neatly controllable and disguisable as his usual emotions, because there’s no one and nothing to really be angry at,
and it’s, like, a smoldering version of gansey on fire when he starts taking down his glendower maps in the middle of the night, 
initially removing them by the pins and then just pulling them off so the corners still stick.

ronan wasn’t sleeping either, not a chance, 
and he knows the sounds of insomniac destruction anywhere,
so he comes out of his room and stands in his doorway until gansey says
‘help me.’

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He wished Chaol were with him. Wished for time to just… stop so he might sort out all these fractured pieces of himself, put them into some kind of order, if not back together entirely.


I’m back (kind of)…I never really told any of you I was going to take a break, it’s sort of…well it just happened.

I think you deserve to know what’s happening.

I’m not in the best general mood right now, nor I was a month ago. But I won’t start complain about it, it’s winter, we all know winter is a stupid bitch that destroys our moods (I think that’s why the quote “Winter is coming” is popular, right?…well…what?!…isn’t it?). I’m dealing with life, with family, with school, with what any of us have to face in The Real Worlduuuhhhh *spooky noises*.

What happened is that I did my homework, I wrote my essays and prepared for my exams…

and I actually watched both Hannibal and Sherlock in one week and that’s insane and it’s probably the reason why I don’t sleep at all.

And I didn’t draw for almost 2 full weeks, my hands are starting to get rusty…eheh.

But getting back to the shows I saw…I’m happy. I’m happy because they’re good shows but I don’t ship them, at all…and I mean, they are freaking Sherlock and Hannibal, probably the biggest fandom lately. And yet every time my mind runs back to Rhink, it’s like my safe place, my pillow fort. This reassure me, knowing that Rhink is still my ship. <3

And this fandom is trash sometimes…ehy…wait! Put those torches and pitchforks down!!! let me finish this.

This fandom is everything for me, it’s beautiful full of talented, intelligent and beautiful people…but sometimes the drama is so high I’m just like “Please, do shut up…”. And yet, I’m here and I’m happy to be here and I’m ready to hear the drama and roll my eyes and go on with the positivity Rhett and Link want to inspire in us.

So, I’m back, I will start to reblog and sometimes post my art again (I say sometimes because life and school and blahblah are still happening).

Hugs for everyone! <3

Galavant when he was about to be reunited with Madalena in 1x05: “The thing is Wednesdays are quite hard to rhyme with and I’m pretty much a hundred percent sure they’re going to want to write songs about this one.”

Galavant after being reunited with Isabella in 2x10: “Those songs about my exploits leave me kind of bored. At last I’ve seen the sunset I’ve been riding toward, a real life, happily ever after.”

He was still focused on all the glory and the fame associated with being a hero when he was on his quest to save Madalena, but that all changed with Isabella. With Isabella, Galavant found all that he ever needed because “All the magic [he] needs is [her]”. She’s all he needs. He doesn’t need the songs and the poems and the fame anymore. He has Isabella and together they have their “real life, happily ever after.”

Designed my Magesona on the first full moon of the year~ :D
I just kind of combined a bunch of traits that I like 
Their eyes are open! They appear like empty sockets but they’re just dark and aren’t very reflective. The glasses do not have arms, they stay on by pinching the nose bridge/Author magic 
The wand is currently pointing down, the round part is the “back” of the wand and the magic is gathered and stored in the gem and shoots out of the pointed end. 
Their tail is detachable, but prehensile once attached. 
Their shirt… thing is based on a spotted owl (and the dotty green “shirt” under is not a shirt at all)
Their name is now Sastrey! “Sastre” is spanish for tailor. 

yikes, this is sort of late, but… hello! thank you to everyone for being so welcoming ♥ i forgot how much i missed all of you here! some of you may remember me, and some may not, but i’m matt! i played seungcheol way back in the day, and still do, kind of! he’s been on hiatus for a long while!! (i’ve had him on hiatus for almost as long as i’ve played him, and, considering that i picked him up in march last year, i admit that i haven’t been the best with activity, whooPS)

so, while anticipating making my official return on seungcheol, i’ve decided to bring in the beautiful minkyung!! i love her so much omg. she’s mingyu’s cousin, something that admin gyu and i are very excited about! i’ll put a few facts about her at the end of this message!

so, yeah!! it’s very good to be back!! i love this community so much, and you’re each too good to me! i look forward to plotting with each and every single one of you! i’ll respond to my memes and welcome messages soon, i promise! if you need to contact me, i have an aim (@anathemattized) and a twitter (@namdawonderful) so be sure to send me a message if you’d like!

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you know how there are different types of love languages? like some people need kind words, and some need gifts, and some need quality time and some need physical contact?

I’ve always known myself very well. I’ve always recognized that some sort of physical contact is important to me. it doesn’t have to be big. sometimes it can be as smell as brushing a hand against mine, or arms snaking around your middle and a face pressing into your back 

 I know that hearing kind words also makes my heart sore. kind words doesn’t just mean “i love you” or “you’re beautiful”. sometimes it is a car ride discussing and arguing about harry potter, sometimes it is a smile just for you, or a very tender look, or a “you calm me down”. 

i’ve never been someone who needed gifts as a way of love, and often times I get embarrassed if someone pays for me, yet I enjoy showing my love by paying for others. And I guess what prompted this today was that even though it’s not my “prescribed” love language, sometimes “I love you” is “I’ll help you get the groceries today” and “shut up, I’ll get dinner” and I guess

I’m just very in love? it’s been a year and three months now and it hasn’t diminished. sometimes it exists in the background, which is fine, but sometimes (a lot of the time) my heart still squeezes and cheesy music plays in my mind. 

I wish there was a novelty Tiberius action figure with a little drawstring in the back that makes him say “Hello, I’m Tiberius Stormwind from Drakonia”.

my least favorite thing right now is whenever i get done with any sort of distraction it’s boom, Soul Sucking Emptiness. like it’s kind of sadness but not really sadness, more like grief? except you have no idea what the fuck you’re grieving for. it’s like this physical feeling of pain in your heart and it’s heavy like a weight on your chest and it’s just. There. no real reason. sure i mean i have several things i could conceivably be feeling terrible over but it isn’t any of them. it’s really distracting. hard to get work done when you’re being continuously impaled on feelings and u have no idea what the cause is and therefore no idea how to make it go away

Hey guys, so I want to try something at the Barnes&Noble I work at. I recently decided to take on the Manga section as my work child of sorts. While going through I noticed that while we’ve got a decent collection most of it’s major titles that have 20+ volumes. So I was wondering if you went into a book store what kind of manga would you want to see there? Titles or even Genre would help me expanded customer options a great deal. You can reply back on this post or just send me a message, both work just fine!


I remember about 3 years back I saw a picture of a bird’s enclosure, they had their own room filled to the brim with enrichment.  Ropes on the ceiling, perches on the walls, a huge cage, several playstands and more toys than I could count.  I remember thinking that was the sort of home I wanted my birds to have some day, dreaming of how much joy they could get out of a room like that, imagining them flying from toy to toy, swinging around having the time of their lives. I also remember thinking that would never happen, I could never have the space or money to give them that life.  I remember feeling so terrible, they meant so much to me and I couldn’t give them the life they deserved no matter how hard I tried.

But here we are now, the top two images are from 2014, the room had looked like that for all for 2013 as well, the rest are all from today in 2016. There’s still a lot of things I’d like to do, perches on the walls is definitely going to be happening one day, just not today.  I know there’s a lot more I can be doing for them and I promise I’ll get there but for now I’m happy with how far we’ve come.  The birds certainly seem happy about it too.

i used to read piles and piles of books a year for pleasure, until college, and then between art and classes and reading for classes that sort of fell to the wayside

since i’ve been back from italy i’ve already finished two books, and since my internship forces me to spend 2+ hours commuting each day i’m gonna have lots of time to get through a lot more :U

i don’t have time or motivation to review books, so i figure i’ll log them with little practice illustrations! i’ll tag them nim’s book rec.

 up first is The Martian, which is a super quick and fun read, and pretty funny too.

Things the bonus chapter may be foreshadowing:

  • One of Undertaker’s goals is to bring Vincent back to life. This would have some sort of sense, and while the romantic part of me says so, I don’t think it’s just because he miss him. It would be for other reason, probably. Why? Information? What kind of benefit could bring Vincent to Undertaker? Does he really loves him that much?  
  • Snake may react badly at knowing the truth about the circus troupe. Ok, this is a little bit stretched out, but there is a reason why Snake’s snakes got all crazy and wanted to destroy everything. We could say the snakes have feelings, but till this moment in canon, they are just Snake’s companion. If Snake’s snake can be wild, who knows how Snake itself could react about the truth. Specially because he still remenbers them. He hasn’t forgotten why he is there. 
  • Aleister Chamber is going to be important to the plot, at some way. It was thanks to him they knew the truth about the rosette’s ability, and he was going to take that power for himself. Maybe his reasons in the story will be as shallow as the ones in the bonus story. However, Aleister may be a key in the plot (only to lose it because of his flamboyance, lol). He’s a doctor after all, and he has no remorse into stealing other people’s job. 
  • Charles Grey and Lizzy will have to fight. I.e, Ciel will have to reveal to the Queen. Lizzy wants to be more powerfull for Ciel, and she’s fighting Charles Grey, Queen’s bodyguard. That could say us something. Maybe completing the revenge is standing up to the Queen. And maybe Lizzy’s loyalty to Ciel reachs that level. 
  • Vincent getting back. I don’t think he’s alive. But it could be. He’s been a lot in this arc. He’s a “dead” character who gets too much character development. Why? He’s important to the plot, so maybe his return would not be physical, but he’s going to keep getting into the plot. So probably we’ll see more flashbacks about him, and we’ll get more information via Vincent. Diederich is not here, but we don’t know if Vincent’s old gang could be introducing theirselves in the next arc.
  • Undertaker vs Sebastian close? But is it the fight for Ciel? Would Undertaker offer a better choice? Ciel would most likely don’t accept it. But how would that affect the plot, and Sebastian and Ciel’s relationship? Or maybe Undertaker has some information about Vincent that may make Ciel’s decision to break a little bit. Who knows. Maybe Undertaker just wants to see the world break, considering how he was here just laughing. He did offer Sebastian his rosette to help with it, so maybe his objective is indeed Ciel, but I don’t see that likely, that part was probably just for fun. 
  • Sebastian and Ciel’s relationship keeps troubled from Ciel’s part. And we can take a look at this arc for it. This chapter had Sebastian saying his usual things, but Ciel didn’t look as proud as always. Well, interpretation. He seemed conflicted, and not in a shy way. He’s not trusting in his butler as before, how I see it. Trusting him in doing everything, but not in being someone close to him, as a matter of speaking. into–the–abyss​ made once a wonderfull post about it. The point here being that would mess up the plot, Ciel’s intentions, and for extension, Sebastian’s. And if Ciel’s intentions get unclear, Sebastian will be mad, because he needs Ciel being concentrated in the revenge. 

There may be more (feel free to add any!), or maybe we’re thinking too much into it. However, Editor K did tweted it was foreshadowing stuffs, so it’s worth a shot. 

The Arena

Kaidan leaned back, resting more comfortably against the console, and tried to revel in the rare opportunity he seemed to have been afforded. It was true, he didn’t normally get to watch Shepard fight, at least not without also dodging his own bullets and firing his own shots, but he also couldn’t deny that this was hardly how he’d planned to spend the evening.

Honestly, the days just seemed to slip by on shore leave. Even though he’d been kind-of-sort-of-but-not-really-officially living with her since they’d arrived, he occasionally felt the need to visit his own allocated apartment. He’d headed over to Shepard’s apartment sometime in the late afternoon, and they’d proceeded to order sushi, with all the associated ‘fish tank’ related jokes. After that he had planned to make good and proper use of the hot tub in her bathroom. Frankly, he thought it a crime that she’d been living there nearly a week and yet they still hadn’t managed to both be naked in it at the same time. 

But then the call had come through.

Some news/documentary makers were looking for footage of Shepard fighting the Reapers. He hadn’t really bothered to look at who exactly, but they’d had high enough clearance to have access to the real combat footage, which was apparently ‘unfit for purpose’. Not that he was surprised by that. Anything captured from their omni-tools or HUDs was always basically indistinguishable unless you’d been there.

Not to mention that the numerous and extensive explosions tended to make filming around Shepard particularly difficult.

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I can’t submit this to Gemsona week activities but I felt like doing it anyway…instead of working on my nuzlocke and stuff shhhh

FYI, I thought it would be super-interesting to have a Gem that isn’t necessarily a fighter like Peridot…cuz I’m a nerd

Kyanite by kynimdraws
Gender: Demigirl
Pronouns: She/her/hers, They/their/them
Height: 5’0”
Weapon/Abilities: Does not possess any physical weapons of any kind. Instead, her limbs are specialized to hijack any sort of machinery/technology (including Gem technology) to fight back. The Gem on her back can produce “wires” to perform the same function. Both limbs and the “wires” can produce electricity. Her body overall can also absorb heat very well
Gem Type: Blue Kyanite
Likes: Being hidden/disguised, the color blue, pranks
Dislikes: Being cornered/caught, isolation, making decisions for others
Hobbies: Information gathering. She also finds Earth’s “trivia night” tradition fascinating. 
Talents/Skills: Transformation, running away, fixing up broken machinery
Personality/Bio: Kyanite was the  “technology-savvy” gem before Peridot took over the role. She was responsible for developing Gem technology such as the Kindergarten’s Gem incubators. But because of her extremely impulsive/mercurial temperament, the Homeworld deemed her too unreliable for her job and attempted to eliminate her (bisected her body horizontally, hence the stripes on her dress). She managed to survive but remained in gem-form for an extended period of time to recover. Eventually, she landed on Earth and keeps a low-profile, afraid (occasionally to the point of paranoia) that the Homeworld (or any Gem) might try to track her down and destroy her for good.
Fusion Preference: Anyone that won’t hurt her

That promo hurt me… and now it’s Liam week, so I decided to write a little ficlet to get my emotions out. 

This might kind of sort of break the rules, but it’s speculation fic?


              “This is it, Little Brother.”

              Liam stares into the light, and he can see the sails of a familiar ship. The Jewel.

              The last place they had been happy together.

              “Aye, Brother.  This is it.”

              Liam looks back at Killian, a smile stretched across his lips, but it fades as he looks at his brother.  It’s not that Killian isn’t looking into the light with awe; he is, but it’s not the same awe that Liam feels.  It’s tempered.

              It takes Killian shooting one look over his shoulder for Liam to feel like a hundred types of fool.

              He’s not sure what he thinks of Emma Swan.  It’s clear that the woman loves Killian; one doesn’t walk into the Underworld to save a man without love.  But it’s a love tainted by guilt, and for all that Emma is hailed as the Savior, there is a darkness in her, a darkness Liam would not want for his younger brother.

              Liam looks at Killian, and whatever he might have said is cut off with the sharp realization that this brother?  This Killian?  He is no longer Liam’s little brother.

              Killian has been alive far longer than Liam’s own short lifespan.

              And while the woman with hair spun of gold and shadows in her eyes might not have been what Liam wanted for Lieutenant Killian Jones, it occurs to him suddenly that she is exactly what Captain Killian Jones needs.

              “We would be happy,” Liam says softly, looking at the sails of the Jewel.  “We always were, when we sailed together on the Jewel.”

              “Aye,” Killian agrees.  “They were my happiest of memories.”

              Liam closes his eyes, an attempt to reign in powerful emotions.  He turns to his brother and pulls Killian into a rough embrace.

              “It won’t be the same, sailing on her without you.”

              I’m so sorry I made you do that, Liam thinks as he squeezes Killian.  So sorry I wasn’t there.


              “Go to her,” Liam says, pulling back from Killian. He looks over Killian’s shoulder, to where Emma stands.  Her entire body is stiff, her fists are clenched, and Liam wonders at her strength of will, that she hasn’t run to them and pulled Killian back to her side.

              Instead, she is there, letting him go… and Liam had thought her selfish when they first met, but now he thinks of how much this must be destroying her, to be the selfless one.  To watch the man she loves walk away from her forever… and Liam realizes it’s he who has been selfish.

              For so long he had waited for his brother, for Killian to return to him, but never once did he consider how that brother might have changed.  How I’d follow you to the ends of the Earth, might no longer simply apply to Liam.

              “She walked into Hell for you, brother,” Liam says. “And she’ll walk out without you, if that’s what you wish” – Liam ruffles Killian’s hair and smiles at him – “you don’t owe me, Little Brother. And this isn’t good-bye, it’s…”

              Killian hugs Liam then, and it’s a relief to not have to finish his thought, to simply hug his brother one last time, and then pull back and clap him on the shoulder.

              “Go to her.  I’d like to see you happy, before I leave, Little Brother.”

              “Younger, Liam,” Killian corrects, but the smile that curves his lips is full and true, and despite the pain Liam feels at the parting, he can’t regret letting his brother go as Killian retreats down the path to his Swan.

              He catches her in a kiss that makes Liam raise his brows and the woman’s father look away in discomfort.  David’s gaze meets Liam’s instead.  They had their differences – two men, both fierce in their protectiveness of their loved ones, and in the case of Killian and Emma, they had clashed.  But now, David’s expression softens, and he gives Liam a sharp nod.  A promise to protect his brother, now that Liam is no longer able to do so himself.

              Liam returns it and straightens his shoulder. He looks into the light, and takes the final steps to the sails of the Jewel.

              “Captain, where shall we go?”

              Liam grins at the familiar faces of a crew long lost and claps one on the shoulder.  There is one missing, of course… but Killian has outgrown the post of Lieutenant, and wrapped up in Emma Swan he had simply looked right.

              There will always be a place on Liam’s crew for his little brother – if and when Killian is ready to take it again.  Until then…

              “Wherever the wind takes us!  Now, let’s see if I can remember what the Jewel is capable of.”