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Character Aesthetic: Stan Pines

“Everything I’ve worked for–everything I care about–it’s all for this family!”

my thoughts on ep8

I’ve been thinking a lot about how yuri is going to handle not having victor as a coach, and how it’s going to reflect on his performance… Because we would have two possibilities :
 - yuri doesn’t skate very well, and doesn’t rank higher than 4th; he wouldn’t be able to participate in the grand prix final. Would Victor still be his coach? that”s something even yuri wondered about in this episode
 - yuri skates well, and rank higher than 4th; would victor think yuri doesn’t need him as a coach? how would yuri be able to skate without victor’s moral support/presence ?

I personally think yuri wouldn’t be able to rank higher than 4th without moral support, and yakov/lilia doesn’t seem to be the “reassuring type”, so, my guess is that during the time where victor isn’t there, yuri & yurio are going to become a lot closer.
let’s not forget yuri himself said he didn’t have a single skater he gets along well there in moscow. He’s completely alone. Yurio probably knows very well that yuri /needs/ victor to be able to skate at his fullest. And in onsen on ice, we saw that even when competing, yurio still helped yuri practice. So maybe yurio will try to assist yuri, in his own way; just like victor & yuri (unvolontary) did during this episode. (and i’m sure yurio wouldn’t enjoy to win against yuri with him in bad conditions!)

as for the true star of the show, makkachin, i’m sincerely not sure. i’m more leaning towards them living, for no other reason than “fuck u if you kill makkachin then i’m gonna flip my shit”

my forecast ranking would be :
1. JJ             /  yurio
2. yurio         /  yuri
3. yuri           /  JJ

things i want to see in episode 9:
 - victor reassuring yuri thought the phone (maybe an “i love you”?)
 - yuri & yurio having a long talk
 - either yuri or yurio doing something not planned in the performance and JJ being shocked
 - yuri & victor’s happy reunion with a big fluffy hug on the mouth

Requested by @joker-x-harley

Edit: it’s based on this post

You first requested me about a million years ago, and I’m sorry it’s taken so long! I got into an art block and couldn’t do much for a while. So now that I finally have the motivation to do it, I wanted to make up for the long waiting time. I hope this is sufficient enough somehow! :’( I know it’s not perfect and I should’ve done it more detailed. But after 5 hours I’m kinda exhausted.. ha ha ha..

it’s late and i have Feelings™ and i just cry when i think about the fact that despite him making it seem as though he was just pursuing noora for the heck of it, in episode 5 we actually see that william cares about her. i cry bc when he asks her if she’s getting tired of the game, it’s actually because he’s getting tired of the game and pursuit and just wants to be with her or move on. i cry bc when she tells him she doesn’t like him and he actually thinks there’s no chance she will change her mind (despite the fact that she already has……but he doesn’t know that), he just leaves and has every intention to leave her alone for good. i cry bc when she goes after him, listing all his flaws (in her eyes), he just says ‘okay’ and ‘was that all?’ in such a defeated tone, like he just wants to leave and not see her for a while bc despite what she might think, it actually hurts. i cry bc he doesn’t even know what she’s about to do then, and when she runs towards him and kisses him, it takes him a moment to actually realize what’s going on and respond. i cry bc of the smile of pure joy that’s on his face afterwards. i just cry bc william magnusson is a teenage boy in love who got rejected and it hurt, but he still went away like he’d promised, and even when noora came after him, he didn’t assume at any point that it was because she liked him back.

Thought vs. Instinct (Nyx Ulric x Reader)

A/N: Blame @c-qcatwrites​ and @alicesfracturedmirror​. That is all.


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You fumbled and fell. As you watched your dagger fall lifelessly in the distance, you thought back on what brought you to this moment.

“For once in your life, stop over thinking everything!”

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So, even though 2016 was a mess, I just wanted to do a thank you / follow forever kind of post for everyone who kept my dash so positive this year, for the people who shared their amazing art works and fics, that sent me any kind of message, for people who tagged me in things that I barely ever got around to - sorry about that :)) and yeah that’s it, so thank you and I hope 2017 is nothing but amazing for everyone.

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Some news...

… well basically I just wanted to apologize for the lack of art !! Life happened, and lots of things got in the way ! I’ve been overwhelmed with school since september and didn’t have much time to draw.
This is the reason why I won’t be doing anything for the 1k followers eventually ! Sorry about that, I wanted to organize something nice with prizes and everything, but I don’t want to rush any drawing, sooo … looking forward to the next stage ?

I’m afraid I also won’t be able to get through all of your Sweet Moments requests, though I’ll try to draw as many of them as possible !! I’m filled with determination and positivity.

Now, real news :

As some of you might’ve noticed, I’m a voice actress. And just so you know, in France it’s quite rare to dub in animes. Most of them are dubbed in Belgium, so I never got to dub in an anime before.

And now you might’ve hear of this movie that tops at the japanese box-office… it’s called “Kimi no Na wa” (Your Name) and it’s the latest Makoto Shinkai’s Breaking Point.

(I mean serious business here m’kay?) 


As soon as a french trailer releases, I’m sharing it here ~ Tbh I don’t want to annoy anyone with my life but I couldn’t not scream my delight here.

(I’m a fan of Makoto Shinkai’s work, and Mitsuha was such a pleasure to dub !! If you haven’t seen any of M. Shinkai’s movie before, then what are you doing ? Come on, you can still fix this. I’d recommend 5 centimeters per second, Journey to Agartha and The Garden of Words first ~)

And if you’re ever curious about voice acting, I’ll be happy to chat with you about this wonderful job !! Feel free to ask anything !

Ok i’m done screaming about my life now. Thank you for reading, I’ll try to update new drawings asap (expect some Amedot content) !! ❤

okay but here is the thing about 1x05 (and i can’t stop but think about it): dirk and tood look like they are having a roadtrip in there.

I mean, forget about the actual plot for a minute. Imagine that. 

They left Seattle one day because everyday life became way too dull and boring. Well, it’s what Dirk said when he shown up at Todd’s residence. it was Dirk’s idea, obviously, that Todd and him must to go on a road trip. I have everything planned and under control, he said. Come on, Todd, he said. It’ll be fun! Amanda is having good time with Farah so you don’t have to worry about her, you have no job, your apartment is destroyed, you have nothing to lose! Come on!

So yeah, they left Seattle one day and headed east. 

At the start they ate at cafés, trying local food, joking around during their meals:

But eventually they almost ran out of money because Dirk is absolutely unstopable when decided to buy something useless (”Not useless, Todd! It’s souvenirs from our trip! To make it unforgettable!”). He even bought a USA Flag T-Shirt for Todd and didn’t settle untill Todd put it on:

So, to save the rest of the money they started spending nights in the car instead of motel rooms:

(which was quite uncomfortable):

…and also eating take-away food (because it’s cheaper):

It turned out that all Dirk’s “Ultimate Plan On Travelling With Todd” looked like:

1. get a car

2. convince Todd

3. have fun!

So they didn’t have any planned route and Dirk just randomly turned right and left. Of course at some point they got lost in the middle of nowhere and even GPS was no help and Dirk tried to use some old map to get back on the road:

Todd was mad at Dirk sometimes, sure thing. He was pissed off, salty and used to say that he’s done, he’s so done and he must go back right now, no matter how. Dirk was always worried that Todd would actually leave him and tried to talk him round:

But c’mon! There were good things, too. Like, they admired landscape (Okay, they ran out of gas that time and had no choice but admire it until someone found them):

They hiked through the woods for hours (because Dirk forgot where he left their car and they tried to find it): 

They even tried to assemble some king of portative camping stove (well, Dirk tried. because they finally spent all of the money and Dirk decided that from now on they must hunt to survive)

When they finally came back to Seattle - car covered in dirt, clothes shabby - Amanda asked them like million questions in a row. Farah was there, too, listening to their stories, smiling, sometimes interrupting them to say “I know that place”. Dirk was the one who talked the most and Todd just was sitting there, relaxed, listening with one ear and thought: “Oh, man. It actually was fun”

Little anecdote from me:

Today, I was once again reminded how much a single kind gesture can mean and change.

School was long and troublesome again – too many exams, not enough breaks. Everyone’s mood was at it’s lowest, nobody was listening to the teachers anymore, and the teachers kept punishing the whole class for it, instead of simply punishing the troublemakers. By the end of it, I was tired, hurting, and just wanted to go home. 

Bad luck that I had missed my bus because of the teacher keeping us (as punishment) and had to wait in the cold.

Deciding that I had to go inside somewhere before I froze to the ground, but not wanting to go back into the school (bad memories) I entered a bakery next to the bus stop.

People where almost squashing each other, customers yelling for the employees to hurry up, and I almost regretted going inside. But I was here already, and hungry, so I went to look for something to eat. Perhaps that would cheer me back up again.

And then I saw something that made me do a double-take – star-shaped chocolate cookies, as big as my hand. But instead of just a plain cookie like the others around it, these ones had a smile painted onto them with chocolate and frosting. A big, toothy grin, eyes squeezed shut, and beneath the smile was a little writing saying “Hello nice person!”

It was nothing big, but it was so unexpected and cute, I couldn’t help myself and chuckled, shaking my head at the funny little thing.

And right then, one of the employees spotted me and came over to take my order. A young woman, not much older than me, looking just as tired and annoyed as the others – no wonder, considering the way the customers just kept screaming and yelling and insulting.

Without thinking, I lifted one of the cookies up and all but beamed at her, telling her, “These are really cute! Can I have one of these, please?”

Her annoyed expression faltered, mouth half open in order to ask me what I wanted, and she literally blinked owlishly at me. After a moment – I already thought that she thought me weird or rude – she said, stunned, “You like them?”

Now it was my turn to stare. I assured her that I loved these little things. How could I not?

Other customers didn’t like them, she explained, they thought it too childish, at least for adult customers.

“Probably that wasn’t my best idea,” she added, much like an afterthought.

I interrupted her before she could take my order, asking her what she meant with that. Had she made these cookies herself?

She shrugged, clearly feeling uncomfortable. “The faces and the little message… that was my idea. Customers are always so stressed out when they come here, so I wanted to give them something to smile about.”

Again, she shrugged, her whole stance saying that that hadn’t worked out as well as she had thought.

I couldn’t believe what I heard, wondering who had told her so. Sure, it was nothing big, but…

“I had a really shitty day today,” I told her, searching for her gaze as she typed everything in the system and waited for the receipt. “But seeing that little smiley face and that hello? That really made me smile. I don’t feel nearly as bad as before. So, thank you. I love your idea.”

She stopped, looking up at me. And after a moment, she finally smiled for the first time. “That’s… that’s great.”

I grinned at her and decided, “You know what? I would like to have two of these.”


“Yep. Two smiling faces for me, please.”

She changed the order, still looking surprise by me sudden change of mind. When she handed me the cookies and I gave her the money, I handed her one of the smiling cookies back. As she stared at it, I explained, “I want you to have that one. You look like you could use some smiling faces yourself.”

And, lo and behold, she really started laughing aloud at that. In the midst of the loud bakery full of stressed out and rude customers, even though she was tired, she laughed, and looked so much healthier than before because of it.

And I felt so much better than before, too.

And now, sitting here and nibbling at my cookie, I think – it’s so awesome how much little things can mean, right?

That nice woman had decided that she wanted to make people who came into the bakery smile, so she put up some effort and did something thoughtful and funny like smiling cookies who say hello to you when you come in.

And me? I decided to tell her that I really liked her idea. Nothing more. Just told her that her idea is nice and helped me.

Both of us didn’t do much. We were just being nice. And yet, it helped so much. It changed so much. For both of us.  

Long story very short – don’t underestimate how much one kind gesture can mean. It doesn’t have to be anything big, or expensive. Just be nice to people. Smile at them. Tell them when they do something well.

It will change a great deal. And sometimes, perhaps, you could really help someone with even the smallest kind gesture towards them.

AU: high school dropout shawn

Part 2

A/n: Here is the second part of this really tiny imagine series thing I’m doing, but I have no idea what the hell I’m doing with it. Heres part 1. I’m very sorry it has taken me so long to finally get this out. I honestly kind of forgot about it for a while. But feel free to let me know your thoughts and what you think is going on or what you want to happen next :) No promises that i’ll tell you if you’re right or wrong, although I feel like it is pretty obvious, but that might just be because I already know what is going on. Either way, just give me your thoughts if you feel like it.



It had been a week since you started regularly visiting Shawn at the grocery store whenever you managed to get out of school early or whenever you could afford to skip your last period. You don’t know how you didn’t think about this earlier, but today you realized that you could go and visit Shawn at work during your lunch break at school. You didn’t really ask him if you could come but you know he’s at work so you just drove over during lunch. When you enter the store, one of the employees at the register recognizes you since you’ve been in to hang out with Shawn so many times. “He’s in the back on lunch,” He says, nodding his head towards the back of the store. “You can go back there.”

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–tell me a secret.
          –what kind of secret?
     –any kind.

(there is light in your eyes and dark in your soul, and i would not change a thing about you for all the treasures in the universe. your very existence is a paradox, a contradiction i could spend centuries studying without a thought to understanding.)

          –i don’t have any secrets.
     –that’s a lie. everyone has secrets.

(you have haunted my thoughts and my dreams since the moment i laid eyes on you. i have memorized the slant of your brow and the wave in your hair, the sweep of your lashes and the rhythm of your steps. i would know you blind, deaf, numb, in this world or any other.)

          –alright, here’s a secret: i’m afraid.
     –of what?

(eternity. oblivion. crowded rooms and authority figures and being alone too long and you, i’m terrified of you because you have the power to destroy me and you don’t even know it, you have no idea. i’m less afraid of dying than i am of losing you and that scares me too.)

     –you’re joking.
          –no, really. it’s the legs, i think. and the eyes. 
     –tell me another one.

(i love you.)

—  things i wish you’d never asked || jph
Really Hoping Jack Reads This

@therealjacksepticeye I wrote this poem about you <3

“The Making of a Hero”

A cabin in the woods

Is where it all began

Expecting nothing

Was a humble young man

He started making videos

To make people smile

Being honest and genuine

And kind all the while

His infectious energy

And positivity shone through

As time went by

The channel grew and grew

With every milestone

No matter how small

He would always say

A big thank you to us all  

He grew as a person

His videos evolved

He always interacted

And made us feel involved

Even now the community

Is 14 million strong

He still talks to us

Just like he’s always done

He’s still just as grounded

As when it all began

Maybe even more now

As he’s grown since then

He’s made it so far

He’s achieved a great deal

Proud is not enough

To describe how I feel

But he’s done so much more

Than just for his own gain

He’s given hope and joy,

And eased people’s pain

He’s an inspiration

And a wonderful friend

Someone who is there for us

Again and again

I hope one day we’ll meet

And hug each other tight

He’ll know how much he means to me

Better than when I write

When he started videos

I’m sure he never knew

He’d become a person

That so many look up to

A cabin in the woods

Is where it all began

The making of a hero

My helping hand.

famous renaissance figures as dril tweets
  • julius ii: please bring your rats to the new castle flea market so that i may bless/heal them. ill be sitting in a lawn chair wearing a stolen priest outfit
  • savonarola: "horny" has killed more people than all the volcanoes on earth combined
  • cesare borgia: dis charged from the army for doing memes too much
  • lorenzo de' medici: if youre one of the guys who blocked me on here, i Forgive you, and im ready for you to unblock me now.
  • dante alighieri: forced to remove my famous "DANGER: MAY CONTAIN LETHAL LEVELS OF SARCASM !!" sign from the front door of the poolside shed that i live in
  • cosimo de' medici: the first step to becoming a Millionare is to acquire one hundred dollars
  • pico della mirandola: if i saw someon e on the street wearing a dunce cap, i would challenge him to my famous Three Trials of Wisdom, and soundly defeat him
  • rodrigo borgia: i pay good money to load my son's bag with treats, and if Erasmus Infowars Copfucker wants to devour them in the library, so be it
  • caterina sforza: "This Whole Thing Smacks Of Gender," i holler as i overturn my uncle's barbeque grill and turn the Fourth of July into the Fourth of Shit
  • leonardo da vinci: at first i thought Science was a shit waste of time. then somebody did a meme of it,. and now... hooboy...now i like it
  • niccolo machiavelli:
  • MYTH my posts are for the Pauper
  • REALITY my posts are for the Prince
  • caravaggio: U cant wear a sword. A sword is not clothes. Yes, A SHeathe, is clothes. The sword goes in the sheath, but that doesnt make it clothes bitch
  • lucrezia borgia:
  • THERAPIST your problem is, that youre perfect, and everyone is jealous of your good posts, and that makes you rightfully upset.
  • ME I agree
  • petrarch: THIngs other people like: being bastards, being Uniformly tasteless THINGS I Like: Being reasonably kind, and trying to help, when i can
  • marsilio ficino: (bowed head solemnly rises from deep thought) Intellidgence is the strength of wisdom

Sketchy comic I did. It’s Junkrat and Roadhog’s daughter and she just lost her tooth (she’s a wild child, but this was the normal kind of losing your tooth; she’s five).

I like to think Junkrat would be a sort protective dad and worry about every little thing (not that Roadhog wouldn’t be but he’d be the voice of reason for the most part) Tbh, if my kid came to me with blood dripping out of their mouth, I’d cry too.

Coming to Terms

So this is kind of the first fanfiction I’ve ever finished and posted online, and I’m sure there are plenty of things about it that are weird
It’s Terumob aka Hanazawa Teruki/Kageyama “Mob” Shigeo. It’s just some fluff, it’s for general audiences and there might be more to come?

Shigeo is coming to terms with the fact that Tsubomi might never have feelings for him, but realizes that with Teruki by his side he doesn’t really mind what Tsubomi thinks

“Have you ever had to force yourself to let go of something despite every part of you feeling desperate to hold onto it?” Mob asks, his voice soft and slow, yet his tone is unsure, as though he is straining to talk.

Teru knows exactly how that feels, he was still coming to terms with letting go of his entire previous life. He still struggled everyday to face the world he thought he was better than, and though he feels like changing is what’s right- he can’t help but wish he could stay living blindly, believing he was more important than the rest. However, he doubts that Mob’s struggle is the same, so he simply nods and looks over at his friend.

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I just love that there are so many behind-the-scenes implications of those two winning the quiz, an old late night conversation about Dangermouse episodes that they both remembered which helped with that question, that kind of thing you know? They got seven right, there are so many unsaid tiny little possible interactions, snatches of conversations, throwaway comments which er’ll never know, a few of which were relevant in helping them win the quiz, and that thought, of those small talks that make up the tapestry of their everyday life together, just makes me happy to think about for some reason.