i'm kind of proud of this one ok

Basically Civil War
  • Wanda: (sitting in cafe) Uh, should I say something that explains my powers to the people who didn't see Age of Ultron?
  • Nat: Yeah, may as well. Speaking of which, do I have a forced romantic subplot in this movie?
  • Sam: Nope, I can't see one.
  • Nat: Oh, thank god.
  • ------------------------------
  • Steve: Wanda, just like we practiced.
  • Wanda: What about the gas?
  • Steve: Get it out. (jumps in)
  • Wanda: Uh, Steve, shouldn't I have gotten the gas out before you jumped in there?
  • Steve: Don't worry, this is just a super soldier power that was never set up before now.
  • ----------------------------
  • Steve: You're going to jail, Skeletor. Sam said that would be a good joke, I don't personally get it.
  • Crossbones: OK, good joke, but hear me out: Bucky.
  • Steve: Shit, you've got me.
  • Crossbones: And now you're going to die.
  • Wanda: Don't worry I've got this.
  • Wanda: (throws the bomb at a building, killing several people, setting the whole plot of the film in motion)
  • Wanda: I don't got this.
  • -----------------------------
  • Tony: Ah, today seems to be going well. What could possibly go wrong?
  • Vague parent: Hello, your discount Skynet murdered my son.
  • Tony: Fuck, I thought the guilt tripping thing was over.
  • -----------------------------
  • Steve: Wanda, it's not your fault.
  • Wanda: Steve, it is absolutely my fault.
  • Steve: I know, I'm just trying to make you feel better.
  • Vision: (phases into room) I'm here to steal the movie. And also Wanda's heart.
  • Wanda: Vision, I love you, but please stop doing this.
  • Steve: Wait, has he done this before?
  • Vision: The last time this happened, I walked in on Wanda-
  • ------------------------------
  • General Ross: Hello, Avengers. I'm here to fuck everything up.
  • Wanda: Who the fuck are you?
  • General Ross: I was in the Hulk movie where Bruce looked like the guy from Fight Club.
  • Nat: Yeah, that was weird.
  • -----------------------------
  • Tony: I'm here to support the American government gain further control over superhero activity as I believe it is necessary.
  • Steve: That's odd, I'm here to fight against government control as I no longer trust them.
  • Tony: Yeah, it feels like our points of view should be reversed.
  • Steve: That says a lot about how we've progressed as characters. (receives text) Shit.
  • Tony: Language. What is it?
  • Steve: A side development to break the audience's hearts. We've got a lot of those.
  • ----------------------------
  • Steve: OK, Steve, keep it together. Hopefully Sharon Carter won't be in this, and you won't have to go through a creepy romantic sub plot.
  • Sharon: Hi, I'm here to quote the comic and kiss super soldiers.
  • Steve: Goddammit.
  • ----------------------------
  • Nat: Well, I'm here, something big is going to go down.
  • T'Challa: Hi, I'm the first black superhero on screen.
  • Nat: Wait, what about Falcon? Or War Machine?
  • T'Challa: They're sidekicks, they don't count in the same way.
  • Nat: OK, nice to meet you. Are any of your parents in this movie?
  • T'Challa: Yes, why?
  • Nat: Uh, let's just say you're story arc will involve revenge.
  • ----------------------------
  • Wanda: Why are you cooking?
  • Vision: I believe this is meant to set us up as a romantic couple.
  • Wanda: Well, it's working. Maybe Marvel have learned their lesson from Age of Ultron.
  • Vision: I believe Sharon and Steve also have a romantic sub-plot.
  • Wanda: Spoke too soon.
  • --------------------------
  • Nat: Steve, whatever you do, don't go after Bucky.
  • Steve: Sure thing Nat. (hangs up) Sam, we're going after Bucky.
  • Sam: The dude tried to kill us multiple times.
  • Steve: Yeah, but he's cute AF.
  • Sam: Fine.
  • -------------------------
  • Steve: OK, I'm in Bucky's flat, but he's not here.
  • Bucky: Who's not here?
  • Steve: OH MY GOD! Bucky!
  • Bucky: Still don't remember you.
  • Steve: Damn it.
  • --------------------------
  • T'Challa: Hello, my name is T'Challa. You killed my father. Prepare to die.
  • --------------------------
  • Tony: For god's sake, Steve, why did you save him?
  • Steve: He's my best friend.
  • Tony: He murdered a thousand people.
  • Steve: He was brainwashed.
  • Tony: Cool motive, still murder.
  • ---------------------------
  • Martin: Hello, I'm Martin Freeman. I heard Benedict was in the MCU, and I couldn't let him do that without me.
  • Zemo: And I'm Zemo, I'm here to screw everything up.
  • Steve: Yeah, no one really cares about you guys. Also, if you hurt my boyfriend, I hurt you.
  • Martin/Zemo: What?
  • Steve: What?
  • ---------------------------
  • Zemo: Vague brain washy words.
  • Steve: Bucky no.
  • Tony: Bucky no.
  • Nat: Bucky no.
  • Martin: Bucky no.
  • Everyone: BUCKY NO!
  • Bucky: Bucky no!
  • Zemo: Bucky yes.
  • Bucky: Bucky yes.
  • ---------------------------
  • Bucky: Escape, beat up superheroes, get away in helicopter. This is a good plan.
  • Bucky: Damn it, why does this blonde guy keep ruining everything? And why is he so hot?
  • -----------------------------
  • Tony: We need to bring Cap and Bucky in.
  • Nat: Who are we going to get to do that?
  • Tony: I know a kid. Even though there is literally no reason why I could even possibly know who he is.
  • Nat: Not the Spider-kid.
  • Tony: Why not?
  • Nat: I thought I was the arachnid themed hero.
  • -----------------------------
  • Tony: Hey, kid, your aunt is hot.
  • Peter: Please stop talking.
  • Tony: Also, I know you're Spider-Man.
  • Peter: How the hell do you know that?
  • Tony: I read the script. Would you like to go to Germany?
  • Peter: I can't, I'm finally a kid, I have homework and stuff that the other spidermen never worried about.
  • Tony: OK, but what if I told you you get to meet superheroes?
  • Peter: Would I get to meet Captain America?
  • Tony: ... yeah.
  • -----------------------------
  • Wanda: Vision, I want to help Captain America.
  • Vision: Wanda no.
  • Hawkeye: Wanda yes.
  • Wanda: Didn't you retire in Age of Ultron?
  • Hawkeye: We're kind of glossing over some things that happened in that film.
  • ----------------------------
  • Steve: Did you find Ant-Man?
  • Hawkeye: Yeah, why are we bringing him anyway?
  • Steve: We heard that Team Iron Man have got a comic relief sidekick with a insect theme, and we need to match them.
  • ----------------------------
  • Tony: So, it has come to this. Heroes vs. heroes. Friend against friend. Brother against brother.
  • Steve: Yeah, yeah, shall we fight?
  • T'Challa: Shall we indeed?
  • Steve: Hang on, Tony, why is he on your team?
  • T'Challa: Oh, don't worry about me, captain. I'm only here to steal the spotlight.
  • Spider-Man: Did somebody mention stealing the spotlight?
  • T'Challa: God damn it.
  • ----------------------------
  • Steve: Guys, the trailer's have given away most of the badass moments from this fight scene. We need something that's extremely memorable and awesome. Preferably something right from the comics.
  • Ant-Man: Hey, I've got an idea. (becomes giant.)
  • Spider-Man: HOLY SHIT!
  • Steve: That should do it.
  • -----------------------------
  • Steve: OK, just before the finale, we need something for the Stucky fans to go nuts over.
  • Bucky: How about you lovingly pat me on the shoulder and we reminisce about old times?
  • Steve: I love you.
  • ----------------------------
  • Tony: Hey guys, I'm here to redeem myself and help catch the bad guy.
  • Zemo: Hello, I'm the bad guy. I'm the one who orchestrated the bombing.
  • Steve: Right on cue.
  • Bucky: Guys, this is too easy.
  • Zemo: Hey, Stark, Bucky killed your parents.
  • Tony: OK, that's it. Bucky dies.
  • Zemo: Everything is going to plan.
  • T'Challa: Hello, my name is T'Challa. You killed my father. Prepare to die.
  • Zemo: OK, fine, kill me.
  • T'Challa: Actually, since this is a superhero film, let's arrest you.
  • Zemo: For fuck's sake.
  • Steve: LANGUAGE.

❤ ★ “I’m great with kids. I think I’m still a big giant kid. I understand them and usually we’re the same size” - Amy Meredith Poehler, born September 16th 1971 ★ ❤

anonymous asked:

i love your account !!! really idk if there are any other fan blogs like yours , but I'm sure yours is one of a kind ! so I wanted to ask , I couldn't really find any chanbaek moments in exo showtime ep 12 , so could you guys do like an analysis on chanbaek on that episode ? thankyou !! ❤️

Thank you sweetie! You say you couldn’t find any Baekyeol in episode 12? Are you serious? Haha, ok then. We already did a bit of analysis on this episode here and here

But have some more!

Chanyeol is being proud of his talented boyfriend. I wonder who has taught Baekhyun to rap like that? Does his name begin with C?  But really, you could’ve seen Yeol stealing quick, loving glances at Baekhyun during his performance ♥.

“Please, give me some food!” Baekhyun appeared so adorable, that Chanyeol had to take a double take at him.

“Try screaming once”. You would love that, wouldn’t you Park Chanyeol? I bet you can’t have enough of his screams.

Then Chanyeol said: “No, if you do it coolly (manly)… I think he meant “That wouldn’t be you at all” and “I love all those high-pitched sounds that come from your mouth… just as I love your mouth”

External image

Chanyeol pretty much lost it at this point. Look at him laughing so hard.

“123.. Let’s do it”

Chanyeol was too hyper about it, seriously.

Chanyeol’s face when he was watching Baekhyun & Kris thigh-wresting, and Baekhyun made that high-pitched sound of his.

Chanyeol’s happy face is love.


Here we have Baekyeol teamed up to bully their favorite maknaes. First Tao.

(plus have a Baekhyun patiently waiting for Chanyeol to give him some popcorn, while casually touching him)

And then Kai, whom they were trying to make into a champion in thigh-wresting, lol.

Bully Baek:

Bully Yeol:

Poor Kai, mercilessly picked on by his hyungs ;3

And never ever forget this part:

Don’t worry Chanyeol, Baekhyun will massage it for you later! *wiggles eyebrows*

-admin MTL (who was especially shameless today)

Well, well. What a super perfect post, don’t you all agree? MTL, every day you surprise me more with your skills in noticing things! Now you’re all witnesses, there were many cute, subtle Baekyeol moments in episode 12. Hell, in every episode, really! I especially love how they were just making fun at everyone without a care in the world, that is so them.

Wow, they sure enjoy spending time together. My poor heart  ;;

-admin SFS

i’ve been chatting to elthadriel and i have realised i have a lot of emotions about angels

and a lot of anger about how spn has treated the angels like how about we stop getting more white cishet men angels who hate humanity and are just angry and want to punch things?

let’s get jewish angels and muslim angels and angels that are wheels of fire and angels with eyes all over their bodies and angels with so many wings they walk hunched over and asian angels and black angels and russian angels and hispanic angels and native american and inuit and aboriginal angels

angels who refuse to speak human languages other than hebrew and arabic and make their friends translate and angels who wander barefoot through forests and angels who get up in the middle of the night to say their prayers every hour and angels caring for other angels who can’t cope with being sudenly trapped in human bodies and refuse to eat/drink/sleep and are wasting away

angels defending their friends to the death and angels speaking out against the corruption of the word of god in today’s society and angels becoming politicians and taking bribes and angels finding humans who love them and kiss every eyelid on their body and angels who find humans that hate them and take every angry word thrown at them with a smile or angels that fight back with fists and nails and teeth until their opponents are bloody and cowering and remembering they are fighting a warrior of god and

let’s have angels who are fallen but who are not human, because a lack of grace does not suddenly change what they are in their heads, in their hearts, in whatever passes for their souls, and what they are is angel

fierce and absolute and afraid and cowering and individual and unique and proud and humble and every single one of them is different

god i have a lot of emotions about angels

You and I..

maybe, just maybe..

we could be something..

It could be so easy..

Just one kiss..


(x) animated version c:


Happy birthday, Kim Jonghyun 

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