i'm kind of proud of this hehe

Suga’s wish for himself and as group.
Suga: ..You have to dream big. Maybe.. perform at the Olympic Stadium?

They laughed at Yoongi’s wish and look at them now.. I can’t believe it’s already coming true. Bangtan will be performing in South Korea’s biggest arena for two days; all sold out shows. I’m honestly so proud of these boys. They’ve worked so hard to be where they’re at right now. They deserve everything and more.

We’ll endlessly run after our dreamsDream, hope, move forward.”


Have you ever thought about Girl’s Day’s popularity going down again?

“Oh, no! People say that there are ups and downs. But it’s not like we reached the top right away; we took our time to get there, taking one step at a time. Don’t you think that it’ll take us that long of a time to get back down again?” - Minah for GQ