i'm kind of in love honestly xd

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Hey, it's me, the person who assumed frisk's race... Just wanted to say sorry for that. I'm kind of an idiot, so I associated the Spanish language with Mexico. Sorry for the mistake... Love your comics by the way!

It’s cool just..well please do research xD it’s all I ask.
1. Mexican is not a race, it’s a nationality.
2. Just because someone speaks Spanish doesn’t make them Mexican, I repeat.MEXICO IS NOT THE ONLY COUNTRY WHERE SPANISH IS SPOKEN. There are MANY countries where Spanish is spoken. Heck the language itself comes from Europe it’s amazing how people never relate Spanish with..Well SPAIN
3. Spanish is just a language, it doesn’t define your “race”.

Honestly it’s a really big pet peeve for me when people do this xD; but yeah it’s cool bro-w-/


Soooo thank you all who wished me a great time in my previous pic about the email.
I always check who reblogs and read the tags xD I loved them all.
But @aquacadetrc put something in the tags that I was instantly interested in.

That he gives good hugs.

I can confirm this (like, 100%) xD I gave the guy like, 3 hugs. Two when I took pictures with him, and we were talking to him before we left, and when we stood up to leave, he stood up and said “hey, wait, lemme get another hug”.
Needless to say I haven’t stopped smiling since we first met him.
My heart was pounding and I want to to back and just sit with him again.
He’s so sweet and kind, and I swear this man is so beautiful.
I’ve never known anyone more beautiful than him honestly.
Plus I felt more relaxed talking to him (despite the inner fangirl) than me talking to most people at school.
:) I had a wonderful time. Thanks to all who wished I had one! I definitely did!
I srsly just wanted to stay there forever and hug him ❤

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May I request for a hc please of what the RFA wears to bed? I'm just curious xD Thank you so much and have a lovely day~


Zen kind of dresses like a fuck boy in his sleep? Honestly he only really wears clothes in the winter when he is cold…


You know that boy has all kinds of gamer pjs and he wears them proudly!


Jaehee just likes her Pjs as simple as possible. But they are really soft and warm, it helps her to chill out after a long day of work


(Admin Rina: Jumin wearing sweatpants in my kink *inserts own HC*)

Jumin likes sweatpants because they are baggy and comfy! The sweater is a little something that V got him for his last birthday, it is his favorite sweater


Space Nerd™ enough said


V likes to keep his clothing losing fitting! He doesn’t like his shirt to be around his neck either, so he wears a lot of v neck in winter.

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I love your chats so much!!! And you seem like such an overall nice person the way you respond to messages are sweet and your sense of humour is awesome!! You just seem like the kind of person I'd love to be friends with ILOVEYOUSOMUCHBYE

thank you for sending such a sweet message  (/▽\*)。o○♡
honestly you make me sound like a much better person that I actually am
( ̄▽ ̄)
I hope you enjoy my future chats ILOVETOOYOU’REREALLYCUTEBYE

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Hawker I have to apologise for some extremely rude anons *glares at the anons who were being jerks to you* anyway I love your comic and I hope that other anons don't put you down.. again I'm sorry about the rude anons

Eh…honestly I do admit I’ve been kind of an asshole lately, I just haven’t been in the best emotional state for a while, just trying to keep goin’ .3.;;

 but yeah idk where all of these people come from, I’m not usually a person who gets hate often so it surprised me that so many people did the past week XD 

either way, don’t need to apologize! I am sorry if sometimes I’m moody and stuff due to stress and other stuff going on, and I thank everyone who is still around me despite my crap XD 

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@the tags from the question you asked me: whAT DID I DO TO DESERVE YOU?? I love your ocs so fucking much as well, you already know it! [IT IS AWESOME RIGHT? I MADE IT THEIR FAV FOOD BC OF THIS xD] I love you too. You're awesome <3

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D'AWWWWW, YOU’RE MAKING ME BLUSH SO MUCH!! >////< THE LOVE IS MUTUAL!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤   Colette and Cole are legit angels, I can’t even begin to explain how much I already adore them! And their mun is absolutely lovely and wonderful too  ♥ ♥

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Oh my god. I'm sorry.I'm so sorry I tried and tried to put this in a way it that didn't make me sound like a rude bitch but I couldn't Maybe because I'm a rude bitch xD I think the mere idea of Toothless being more important than Astrid to Hiccup is stupid You just can't compare them They are different kinds of love Or as I say in Spanish Diferentes quereres Toothless is his brother Astrid is his girlfriend You can't make him choose He shouldn't have to choose

No, he shouldn’t have to choose. But life rarely is that kind or fair.

Honestly, in terms of relationship depth and meaning, I feel it’s no contest.  Losing them would be, inarguably, a painful and traumatic experience for Hiccup. But only one of them would be literally losing a part of himself.

It’s not about devaluing Hiccup’s relationship with Astrid—because what he has with her is fantastic and wonderful and they’re both extremely lucky to have found each other.

It’s about fully understanding what he has with Toothless.

Astrid is Hiccup’s companion, but Toothless is Hiccup’s other half.

Toothlessnot Astrid—is Hiccup’s soulmate. They are the ones who are meant to be.  Not romantically (please don’t confuse that intention) but spiritually, emotionally, and psychologically. Hell, even physically.  Hiccup would have survived without Astrid, he could have befriended and loved so many other woman in his life. But he could not have survived without Toothless. In so, so many ways.

The impact Toothless had on Hiccup’s life, and the impact Hiccup has had on Toothless’s, cannot be compared to any other relationship.

And I pity anyone who can’t see that.

Everyone is sitting here freaking out over the new Jen/Joult candids in….various ways…While I’m just kind of sitting here like