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Heya! You kind of inspired me to make this headcanon of The Host, so here ya go: He always speaks in third person, but the other egos can hear him as if he's talking normally. Like "The Host tells a joke, waiting with excitement for their reactions" and they understand and laugh. And if they pay close, close attention they could actually hear both the narration and the normal words. Sorry if it was a messy explanation, i'm not good at writing large english texts heh (Love you and your blog btw)

ooooh, so it’s like his narrating can only be heard by the audience sort of thing? almost like a fourth wall break or something omg. i like it! 

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Hello! I'm super excited for your new blog! I was wondering if you could do an odd kind of request for me? How would the RFA react to an MC who coughs a lot. Like, they're not sick, it's just a tick and they're insanely insecure about it. It mainly acts up when they're nervous or stressed. You can ignore this if you want, I understand, but regardless I hope your blog does well!!

hello there, hun, it’s good to know you’re so excited! I think it’s been a week already?? and everyone’s been so nice and welcoming, ahh  now let me tell you, there’s no way we would ignore requests like this! I’m so sorry for taking so long, though, I just wanted to read a little about it first. I hope you like it! 

- Admin Cat Mom.


  • always gets startled by your cough.
  • like enough to make him stop his LOLOL matches just to check on you.
  • should he be worried? it’s been going for a while and you don’t seem to be getting better.
  • when he starts being vocal about his concerns, you have to explain to him that is just a nervous tic of yours.
  • …oh, oHHH.
  • now that you mention it, he thinks he’s heard something about it before? it just didn’t cross his mind that that was your case?
  • immediately apologizes for making you feel bad if he did.
  • he then asks what’s making you anxious, is it him? is there something he can do to help? 
  • okay, he promises to control his jumpy self.


  • “babe, are you okay?”
  • it’s not a conversation between the two of you until that particular question comes up.
  • since he thinks you’re either choking or getting sick, rubbing or softly patting your back has become a thing now.
  • and while you’re thankful that he cares, you gather courage to explain to him that it’s just a tic you’ve had for quite a while.
  • …well, don’t you worry, my dear! your knight in shining armor can change his tactics to make you feel better.
  • from now on, if he catches you coughing, he’ll hold your hand, kiss your cheek, or do anything to help you calm down if you’re feeling stressed.
  • if that seems to trouble you as well, he’ll give you space without making a fuss.


  • is worried sick about you.
  • and after discovering it’s not a common cold, she’s very subtle at first and comes up with solutions to calm your cough.
  • she offers you a variety of home remedies: herbal tea, honey, even salt water gargling!
  • she eventually asks if you are ill or suffer from a chronic condition.
  • when you explain your situation to her, she’s 100% understanding and supportive.
  • I mean, she has her own nervous tics due to her stressful job.
  • if stress and anxiety are the problem, she will for sure suggest you healthier coping mechanisms.
  • she’s not going to push it, though, she doesn’t want you to feel uncomfortable or insecure because of her.


  • as soon as he notices your cough, he straight up asks if there’s something wrong with your health.
  • there are just so many conditions that could explain it aside from a common cold…
  • yes, he asked his doctor for some advice about chronic cough before talking to you.
  • and he insists that he can help you find out the exact cause along with a proper treatment.
  • but when you tell him the real reason behind it and how self-conscious it makes you feel, he apologizes for troubling you yet he doesn’t take back what he suggested before.
  • if you feel like you need some help, he’ll give it to you without a second thought, and if not, he promises to never bring up the subject again.


  • sweet bean has been monitoring you and your cough for the past few weeks without saying a word.
  • because ever since he asked if you had a cold and you denied it, he figured there must have been something else going on.
  • and he’s been doing tons of actual research.
  • one day he opens the door and just
  • “stop whatever it is you’re doing and come with me, ma’am! we’re going on an adventure!”
  • this adventure consist of both of you trying different activities to help you relieve your stress, and if it works, he decides to do it at least once a month.
  • he also gets you toys and gadgets that can help you when you’re anxious (made by none other than his amazing self and to your liking).


  • “uhm? MC, why are you coughing so much?”
  • he gently puts the back of his hand on your neck to check your temperature.
  • “wait a second, you don’t have a fever? you don’t even look sick, what’s the matter?” uh oh, time for an explanation.
  • he nods quietly, he understands, and he doesn’t make a big deal out of it, instead he reassures you that everyone has their weird little tics that they’re embarrassed about, and that it’s okay.
  • for example, he tends to reach for his smoking pipe when he needs to think, and he has a habit of picking at his scabs when he’s nervous.
  • he looks so calm and collected while making his point.
  • still, if your tic is hurting you, he begs you to let him know as he’ll always be there when you need him.
  • actual angel.

Emerson is the older twin, by only a few seconds. Despite her seniority, she lacks a certain self confidence that her sister has an abundance of. Emerson is quite and collected on the outside, but can let her anxieties get the best of her. She’s the kind of person who will shut the sink after she brushes her teeth, climb into bed and get up thee minutes later to check on it just to make sure she actually shut it. Her anxieties stem from being one of the only humans living in Fortitude. She doesn’t feel as strong and as dominant when there are so many powerful supernaturals roaming around. She loves writing and painting, and just wants to see what’s out in the world so she can get a spark of inspiration and pen her masterpiece. She knows her idea is out there, she just has to find it. 

Peyton is the younger of the twins, taking after her mother in both her looks and attitude. At a young age, she awoke with a mysterious scar. No one knows just how it got there or what it means. Despite the marking on her face, Peyton is excitable. She loves life. You’ll find her out socializing and…solving mysteries. She takes after her father in the investigative department. She wants to be a police officer, a forensic scientist or a private investigator. Things are happening and she will find out what. There is no hiding anything from Peyton. Her intentions are all good, and you will never see her putting a case over the welfare of a person. Her good heart may be her downfall, but if you ask her, she doesn’t think so. 

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I would ABSOLUTELY be interested in Scorbus stickers drawn by you! Of course, I'd need more details before I can commit... (Seriously, though, you've got no idea how excited I am about this! I LOVE your art! <3) I'm not on tumblr anymore but I'm @strangebabbles on Twitter. :)

Ahh hi there, I’m honored you would! And of course, I understand - I have yet to decide on a price anyway :’) In the meantime if you (or anyone else out there!) want to tell me what kind of poses or expressions you’d like me to draw for these stickers, feel free to do so!

(I’m soooo including the cinnamon roll chibis though (without the text and the discombobulated Albus). I need them badly, and you guys probably do too.)

Um so big announcement I got my top choice for a fall semester internship at a leading PR agency in New York and I’m kind of in shock that I’ll get to live at home and do work that I love at such a cool and reputable place. Like I’m still reeling, but so excited for this summer and fall and the doors I can open for myself for after graduation.

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Do you know how Anakin and Padmé met in anabasis verse? Can you tell us? Is it too spoiler-y? (Sorry, I'm just really excited about anabasis and also all of your aus in general.)

Thank you, kind anon! :D

So their back story is basically a spy thriller that I will never write in its entirety, but quite a bit of it will appear in flashes and glimpses in the main story.

The basics are these:

Senator Amidala was the Naboo representative to the Imperial Senate. She was also, as everyone knew, formerly the Emperor’s political protege, the brave child queen whose world had been invaded at the start of the Separatist Crisis. Officially, she was actually something of a figurehead of the Empire: a piece of living history, the representative of a world nearly destroyed by the flawed bureaucracy of the old Republic, and saved by the strong, resolute Empire that took it’s place.

That was the official story.

Senator Amidala and Emperor Palpatine maintained the illusion of being friendly former mentor and protege, because it suited both of their purposes (though for very different reasons). But in fact Padme was a Rebel spy, and while the Emperor didn’t know this, he certainly didn’t trust her, and liked to keep a close eye on her. For the time being, though, she was more useful to him as the Naboo Senator and figurehead than she would have been dead, so he left things as they were.

Senator Amidala and Darth Vader were peripherally aware of each other, if only because they both had fairly regular contact with the Emperor. But for the most part they ran in different circles, and that might have remained the case, if not for Vader’s new assignment.

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I was listening to the song rude and I just thought of this! Can you do some scenarios with law, Zoro, and ace asking a parental figure for their permission to marry their s/o and now they handle then saying no? Zoro asks Mihawk , law asks Doflamingo, and Ace asks Whitebeard? I'm so excited I can't stop smiling! -smiley anon

This one was kind of hard, but I did it!  (•̀o•́)ง

Zoro: (Fight,fight,fight!!!!) Actually he would argue about it then he would attack Mihawk of anger while he tries to get throw Zoro’s thick head. After Zoro get’s beaten Mihawk tells his reasons why he doesn’t agree with this. Zoro understand his reasons and tries to fix the problem. Zoro fixes it and Mihawk then give’s his permission. 

extra ending: “My son is getting married!” Mihawk cries, but before that he give’s Zoro a manly handshake. On the wedding day while escorting Zoro’s bride on the alter, because their father was dead. ( T-T )

Law:(Fight,fight,fight!!!) Law wouldn’t give a s___ about Doflamingo’s permission. Law grinned at him and showed his middle finger. He would marry her without Doflamingo’s permission, but if Doffy got angry he would threaten Law. Law would get pissed and start to yell about it’s his life and he can do anything he want’s. Two of then would argue about this until the wedding day and on the day Doflamingo give’s up. Law yell’s that he could have done that months ago. Doflamingo grins and give’s then a huge wedding gift and welcome’s the new family member.

Ace: He would be devastated and crumble. His father didn’t approve of his love. Why? He can’t, but he’s his family. Ace would demand a reason and try to fix it. He fight’s for his father’s permission until Whitebeard give’s up. They celebrated until the next morning. On the wedding almost the entire crew cried the howl ceremony even Ace himself. Whitebeard was proud of his children. (he found a lovely lady on the bride’s family. Come on the grandpa needs a wife too.)

I imagine two scenarios that could happen when Klavier Gavin meets Nayuta Saadmadhi:

1. Klavier sees the new prosecutor, looks over at Edgeworth, and goes, “How dare you. I’m the pretty one!”


2. Klavier corners Nayuta and starts going on about how excited he is to meet the new prosecutor and starts asking questions like what conditioner do you use? Do you speak German? (Because that’s kind of a thing around here) And then introduces Blackquill and they have a braid train.

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  • Drinks all of the coffee: matsukawa. he would die without coffee, he’s not functioning until he drinks his coffee in the morning (one time they run out of it. they don’t talk about it)
  • Brings up adopting a pet: hanamaki. if it was only his decision, he would adopt like 20 dogs. (they end up adopting only 2)
  • Kills the bugs: matsukawa. hanamaki won’t even come close to the bugs
  • Cooks the meals: both, it depends on a day, they’re both very creative in the kitchen  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Starts getting into holidays way before they should: hanamaki is always so excited about it but it’s matsukawa who has a list of things they have to pack prepared two months earlier
  • Initiates the couple selfies: hanamaki, he has like 2k selfies on his phone and he’s always sending them to oikawa
  • Forgets the birthdays and anniversaries: they both pay little attention to this kind of thing
  • Always ends up with too much junk food after grocery shopping: hanamaki, no one can stop him
  • Nicknames the other: matsukawa, he comes up with the most ridiculous nicknames, hanamaki is also trying but never wins

send me a ship and i tell you who:

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Can you do a gif reaction for all the members when their crush tells them that she loves him? (love your gif reaction idea and i'm excited for Last Romeo!!!)


Plays cool on the outside…

But on the inside…


-shy but extremely happy-


I love you more~! -lays on the grease-


*Wait what? Shouldn’t I be telling her that?*


(pretend the trophy is his crush lol)


-mental breakdown (but the good kind) and in disbelief- 


I’ve been meaning to confess as well. I love you too~!

~ Admin S

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Hahaha I love that post that's going around about larry coming out tomorrow, because in the tags everyone is like, 'I mean it's not going to happen but' and you just KNOW that low-key everyone is like... but what .. if...JUST WHAT IF?? and everyone is so ready lmao. Idk why I'm telling you this it just makes me happy kind of :D It's sooo different from 2012 when there'd be this shit all the time and people would get excited and then really disappointed which lead to everyone hating it and now!:)

Yeah! Right now it’s so nice because we all know it’s kind of unlikely, but at the same time it’s not impossible. I think a large portion of us are kind of at a point right now where, yeah sure, there’s a lot of bullshit going on, but we can kind of feel that the end game is coming, and that the BS is ending before too long. So every day is a little more bearable knowing that Harry and Louis are getting more and more freedom and it is going to happen someday, you know?

It’s nice! It’s freeing. Even amidst the not so great stuff, I think it’s a fantastic time to be a fan of One Direction, personally.

Hi, Lydia again, for my first TST in a while (the unintentional TST hiatus notwithstanding), I’m a 22 year-old trans woman (she/her pronouns), about to finally start HRT tomorrow, or worst-case, next Wednesday. (I’ll know later today, there might be some sorta scheduling conflict with the fertility clinic I’m going to)

Anyway, this picture is about a month old, featuring my old wig that I finally retired after getting a new one of the same kind.
Note my smug expression, standing on the thawing ice over Lake Erie. Not five minutes later, I walked too far out and the ice gave way, and I ended up waist-deep in frigid water for a couple seconds, before scrambling back up to sturdier ice. But the lake is very shallow (about 3 feet deep, give or take) where I fell in, and I knew that, so, aside from soaked boots and leggings, I was perfectly okay. I most definitely advise all of you not to try this kind of thing yourselves. Be safe.

So, now that storytime is over, my blog URLs are


 (personal sideblog, though more my “main” blog than my main blog) and 


 (my main/reblogs blog, sometimes NSFW.) My other contact information can be found 


And like I always say, it’s never too late to transition and live as your authentic self, don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

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I'm not sure if the concert is over yet (I'm assuming it is by the influx of information) but as business savvy the Taylor is, you can tell what angle they're pushing with the whole LM v. 5H situation. Camila is an established friend, Taylor's got 4 twitter posts about how excited she was to be with 5H and etc. then there's radio silence for LM. LM is on the way out and this all but confirmed it (for the millionth time)

Anonymous said:

Little Mix better savour this moment with Taylor cause this is literally the peak of their careers 😂


Hmmm…it does kind look like Little Mix were the bridesmaids and 5th Harmony were the brides.

LM intro:

5H Intro:

LM/TS in concert:

5H/TS before & in concert:

I don’t think Modest intended for it to turn out this way. LOL But Syco is probably ok with it. 5H is favored by the label simply because they’re making them more money. And how convenient, Taylor has yet another gal pal that’s hot rn (also being pushed as the frontwoman) in Camila. Sorry Perrie, it’s just not happening for you…again.

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1) Hi Cliff, I had a question. You might not be able to answer it (and hey, you might not have the time, which is cool too) but if you could help that would be awesome. So I went on a date on Tuesday. During the date we had a great conversation and it was overall outwardly good. But he also made me feel intensely and inexplicably uncomfortable, in such a panic inducing way that I'm not willing to put myself through that again. Only thing is, he thinks our date went well,

2) and is excited to get together again. I don’t date often and don’t have experience letting people down gently, but I need to trust my gut on this one. How can I tell him I can’t see or have any contact with him in a way that is kind but gentle?

I think honestly, your focus needs to be less on “kind and gentle” and more on “effective.”  Worry about his feelings too much, and he can leverage that into “the best thing you can do for my feelings is to go on another date with me.”  (I’m not saying he will explicitly say this, but it’s easy to feel the implication when you’re trying really hard to be gentle.)

So send him a message—not in person, you don’t need to do this in person after just one date—saying “I don’t feel we’re compatible, so I don’t want to keep seeing each other, but I wish you all the best!”  Hopefully he’ll say “oh well, too bad” and move on; if he tries to argue or negotiate (even if his words are very polite), say “no, I don’t want to, and I don’t want to talk anymore” a maximum of once and then block/ignore/stop responding.

The best way to make this gentle and to make it stick is to not get into reasons.  You were’t compatible, you didn’t have chemistry, you’re not feeling it, stuff like that.  You don’t need to get into “you filled me with an inexplicable sense of horror.”

Remember: deciding not to date someone is not mean.  It is not unkind or ungentle to not date him, so you don’t have to apologize or explain yourself or in any way make it up to him.