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I'm honestly super proud that you've kept those old drawings. As my art improves I usually burn the old ones out of pure fear and embarrassment

hahaha honestly keeping my old art gives me some weird kind of motivation, it’s also interesting for me to see what kind of head space i was in back when i drew my old shit 

you shouldn’t be TOO embarrassed about your old stuff, it only acts as a reminder for how far you’ve come and how far you can still go 

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hey pal i saw you were having a not so good day n wanted to let you know i hope you feel better soon!! also you did something super super wonderful today for me and you should feel proud!! you made me really happy n your art is amazing!! please keep being wonderful!!!

this is literally the sweetest purest wholesome thing I’ve ever read asdfghjklmnbvcnaksk thank you for your kind words and thank you for the opportunity of letting me draw your oc TBH??????? it was a lot of fun aHHH❤️❤️❤️

Shane Dawson has really done some shit in the past. His older videos are problematic as hell (though I can’t speak for his new material, and I’ve heard he’s apologized but I can’t confirm that). I understand he’s incredibly imperfect and I am not now and never will defend his previous actions.

But his coming out video is incredibly important. He says a lot of important things that challenge things like heteronormativity and the idea that sexuality is black and white (gay or straight). So many people don’t realize this and the fact that it’s coming from someone with this amount of influence is incredible and can literally change the lives of people who are unaware.

As far as people not welcoming him into the lgbtq+ community because of his past homophobic comments, it’s more than clear that he’s faced internalized homophobia that stemmed from self-hatred beginning at an early age. And as someone who has done the same, I have to defend that. It’s so fucking hard growing up in a religious family when you aren’t straight. You fall into this out of self-hatred and it feels like you’ll never escape. I honestly believe he needs the support of the lgbtq+ community right now just as much as anyone else.

And as far as him misgendering Caitlyn Jenner, it quite obviously wasn’t intentional. And he did correct himself, while praising her at the same time. I understand that it’s awful to misgender people but it’s a mistake that does happen. I’ve misgendered my own best friend before. Accidentally misgendering someone doesn’t make you “transphobic trash” or anything else, so long as you understand why it’s wrong and correct yourself.

Shane Dawson has an incredibly limited world view and a lot of internalized prejudice, likely due to his religious upbringing, but he’s still a human being and deserves a lot better than what some people are giving him.

Struggling with your sexuality, along with internalized homophobia stemmed in self-hatred is fucking hard and now isn’t the time to write off his struggle because of past actions.

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I'm really curious on what drove toriel to asgore to get married and have a kid in the first place? (( sorry I'm like the one percent that still ships asgore and toriel, just like alphyus! X3 ))

Well, the thing is, they were betrothed pretty early on, since they were the only two boss monsters near eachother’s age left in the underground. BUUUT thing is, it wasn’t like a super harsh kind of arranged marriage. They were encouraged to get to know one another, and if they hadn’t made a connection then the betrothal would have been called off.

Asgore WAS a bit egotistical in his younger years, but it’s kind of hard not to be a little proud when you’re a prince who’s been told your whole life how special and powerful he is compared to everyone else. Knowing Toriel helped him become the kind and humble person that he is today.

After that incident where Toriel knocked him out, he recognized the error in his ways and started making an effort to be less of a pompous asshat. And Toriel admired that he was willing to recognize his mistakes and grow from them. They were very happy together for a very long time, and probably would have continued being happy together if not for the terrible decisions Asgore made later on.


I 100% blame shanology for this one because during one game of CAH she just kind of mentioned how the princess bride could totally work as a stucky au and that thought would not leave me alone

so, why the hell not?

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I just got your Christmas card yesterday, and I LOVED it. Thank you so much for sending them out!! I wondered are you going to post all of the fics (I assume you wrote one for each character on the list of favorites?) on tumblr? I'm really interested to see the others and REALLY want to share the pure cuteness of the one I got ♥

No, the fics included in the cards are intended as an act of kindness, since many of us have a hard time at this time of year. They will not be posted anywhere.  8)

There were nine in all.  Tony, Steve, Bruce, Natasha, Clint, Thor, the Marvel Ladies (Pepper, Nat, Darcy, Carol, Jess, ect), the SHIELD agents, and the people who chose ‘surprise me.’

They got giant squid fic.  Because I love the giant squid.

The Bruce one came out really well, I am super proud of it!  Six people are getting it, because, well, if you’re a Bruce fan, you’re not following me.  Sorry, Bruce fans. 8)

I’ve closed the forms, however I am still going to try to respond to the cards that others send to me, until I run out of cards, postage and fic.  If your card contains a legible return address INCLUDING a name or set of initials, either inside or outside, I’ll try to send you one back.

I’ve also been amusing myself with my tiny Avengers/Marvel stickers by putting together horrible ships on the backs of people’s envelopes.  I just look at the characters and go, who should not ever date?

To the person who got Hulk/Mr. Fantastic, I’m sorry.  I’m so sorry.  But that’s your problem now.

The last chapter of Dating James Potter

“I feel kind of bad.” Lily said, wrapping her arm around his middle. “I didn’t get you any flowers, and I’m the one on a date with you.”

“Please don’t get me flowers.”

“Daisies your favorite?”

“Don’t get me flowers.”

“About a dozen of them.”


“I think I’ll put an Ever-Fresh charm on them too. Then you can keep them forever.”