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Since requests are open, do you think you guys can do one with the RFA+V+Saeran and their reactions to MC who is pregnant with their kid/kids? They can find out either from MC telling them or finding out by themselves. Thank you! Side note: I am absolutely in love with your blog, you guys are doing such a great job, I'm pretty sure you guys know this<3 Keep up the good work.

Anon said: for RFA + Saeran + V, they have been trying for a baby for awhile, Mc has wanted to surprise them but they find the pregnancy test first and you can take it from there~

These two were very similar so we kind of mixed them together. Hope you like them!


  • You buy one of those mugs that has text written inside at the bottom
  • This one says, “Number #1, Dad!”
  • You fill it coffee one morning and tell him it’s a special mug
  • He thanks you and starts drinking it
  • It’s really hard for you to stay calm…because he’s really drinking it slowly
  • Then all of a sudden he jumps up and says he has to go
  • You look into his cup and literally he has one sip left that’s hiding the message
  • “You sure you don’t want to finish one sip?”
  • “No, thank you though. All the sugar is on the bottom so it’s too sweet. I never finish.”
  • You sigh as he rushes away to get ready
  • You’re trying to think of how to tell him again, when he bursts out of the bathroom and runs back to you
  • It takes him a few minutes to speak, but finally he stammers out
  • “Y-you’re pregnant?!”
  • You stare at the bottom of the cup confused
  • Did he just realize it?
  • He tells you that he saw the pregnancy test on the bathroom counter
  • You facepalm realizing you left it out
  • He’s so ecstatic that he lifts you up and spins you around


  • He comes home after a really long day at the vet hospital
  • He says he’s so hungry
  • “You mentioned a special dinner earlier, honey,” he smiles while looking at the empty table.
  • You just smile and say you’ll serve it now
  • So he sits down at the dining room table and waits
  • You bring out jars of baby food one by one
  • He’s very confused as you set them all on the table
  • “Is this….some sort of new diet we’re starting?”
  • He doesn’t realize they’re baby food jars until he picks one up and examines it
  • You can see his eyes growing really wide as he picks up each jar
  • To finish off the whole thing, you just smile, “Hold on…I think I have a bun in the oven.”
  • He jumps out of his seat and gives you a huge hug
  • But then he steps back suddenly
  • “Oh no! Did I crush it? I can’t crush our baby…”

Jaehee: Gender Reveal

(She would’ve figured out you were pregnant way too quickly, so we decided to do a gender reveal instead…)

  • You two had spent the last few months debating on whether it was a boy or a girl
  • Jaehee insisted it was probably a boy
  • She said she had a feeling
  • Finally you found out, and decided to do a reveal
  • You place a cake in front of her
  • Jaehee smiles and says, “it’s a boy, isn’t it?”
  • You shrug and say, “Yeah…you were right. What can I say?”
  • You tell her to cut the cake anyway for a picture’s sake
  • But when she cuts it…it’s both blue and pink
  • She looks up at you really surprised, “You’re having twins!”
  • You’ve never heard Jaehee squeal in delight before
  • She keeps hugging you all day


  • You gave him a big scare when one day you nearly passed out and started throwing up
  • He called the doctor right away
  • While you were resting, he pulled the doctor aside and asked if everything was okay
  • The doctor told him that you were just pregnant, so it was a side effect and just to be careful
  • Jumin is very shocked…but he was also worried about you
  • In the midst of you recovering and him thinking you would tell him when you’re ready, he forgot to mention that he knew
  • A week later, you brought out a wine bottle for dinner
  • He assumes you didn’t know you were pregnant yet and gets worried
  • “You really shouldn’t be drinking that in your state.”
  • Your response is a mix of surprise and admonition
  • Finally, you turn the bottle around to reveal the label
  • “Drink this for me. I’ll join you soon. Baby Han coming in April.”
  • He just hugs you softly, apologizing for finding out first
  • But you both are too happy to care
  • Bonus: He also suspected when Elizabeth had been very clingy to you lately


  • You had insisted that he go for a drive since he’d been working a lot lately
  • He did, and he got some coffee on the way
  • It hits him and he really has to use the bathroom, so he rushes back home earlier than you expected
  • When he walks in the door, you’re…in a crop top
  • You never wear crop tops, so it’s strange for him
  • Besides that, your back is turned and you seem to be writing something on your stomach
  • The whole situation is strange, but his bladder is about to burst so he just brushes it off and runs into the bathroom
  • He was looking for soap under the sink when he saw the pregnancy test
  • He couldn’t contain his excitement and rushed out to you
  • Before he could say anything, you had turned around
  • You were midway drawing a loading bar onto your stomach, so all it read was “Load”
  • By the way he was crying a little, you knew he already saw
  • He just wraps you in a hug and bends down to kiss your stomach
  • Only the sharpie was still fresh and he got some on his face


  • It had taken him awhile to warm up to the idea of having kids
  • So, when you found out you were pregnant, you wanted to announce it in a special way
  • You replaced all the clothes in his closet with baby clothes
  • But he didn’t get it
  • You weren’t home when he opened his closet
  • He saw the clothes and thought it was a prank from Saeyoung
  • Despite his brother insisting he didn’t do it, Saeran grabs the nearest pillows and starts beating him down for it
  • You return home and find the two in a brawl, and you ask what in the world happened
  • He glares at Saeyoung, “Someone pulled a childish prank on me.”
  • He pauses, realizing what he said, “NO I didn’t mean that.”
  • But it’s too late and you and Saeyoung are giggling
  • You manage to calm yourself and tell him that it was you
  • At first, he’s confused, but then he realizes
  • He makes you do like five more pregnancy test just to make sure
  • You’re a little worried because he’s silent for a long time
  • But then he quietly confesses that he’s so happy and pulls you into his arms
  • While you’re hugging, he just mumbles, “You’re gonna put my clothes back though, right?”


  • You two had been trying for kids for awhile, but nothing came up
  • So when the pregnancy test finally came positive, you were in shock
  • Your first instinct was to tell him right away, but you wanted to do something special
  • So you tell him casually that you haven’t had a couple’s photoshoot in awhile
  • He agrees and you two plan it
  • During one shot, you tell him to turn his back while you hold a chalkboard
  • He thinks it’s an inspirational quote or something so he goes along with it
  • On the board, you had written, “You’re going to be a dad!”
  • He goes to check how the photo came out and you can see his eyes light up
  • A few tears slip from his eyes as he stumbles towards you
  • He hugs you tightly and just says how thankful he is for you…and the baby
  • You can’t help but cry with him

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don't post anything related to winwin, he's too good for you, just focus on your bts crap








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Hey do you have any favorite DP fics? I loved the series as a kid and recently I found some DP blogs and they reminded me of my love so I'm trying O get back into the fandom

Sure, I have lots of fics saved, both regular DP and crossovers.

DP fics 

Secrets Revealed by RedHeadsRock1010- A series of DP drabbles ranging in genre, all of which result in Danny’s secret getting out.

Dawning of a Sun by pearl84- Very very VERY long AU fic, probably my absolute favorite. Very worth the read.

Morality Recommended by frotesque- Future Gray Ghost fic, definitely one of my favorites.

Territory by  toothbrushattack- Short one-shot about Danny making Amity his lair, ft. cute box-ghost content.

feel the outside turning in by anthrop- horror/supernatural genre fic where Danny leaves his body instead of his magical girl transformation

Ectoplasm on a School Night by BeachCat- Short Lancer-Danny bonding fic

Phantom’s Sketchbook by AkoyaMizuno- Pretty much everyone has read this I think, one of my favs. Lancer-centric.

Phantom of Truth and Shadow of a Doubt by HaiJu- Very very angsty Maddie-Danny-centric fic and it’s sequel, I highly recommend reading these at least once!! 

Deathday Revelations by Angel Baby1- Short humor reveal fic, also one of my favs.

You Should Be Dead by SaphireDragon11- Angsty fic in which Dash and Kwan think they’ve killed Danny and are shocked when he comes to school the next day

Estrelas by Shimegami-chan- Amethyst Ocean AU where Danny is a ghost Sam meets in her grandmother’s attic

A Snapping Sound by Represent- Horror AU fic, Amethyst Ocean. 

Roughing It by HaiJu- Maddie-Phantom bonding fic

Treading Water by The Full Catastrophe- Mer!Danny AU fic


The Phantom by Hollow Mashiro- Crossover between DP and Code Geass 

Harry Potter and the Phantom King by SonicCrazyGal- Ghost king AU crossover with HP 

Danny Phantom x Marvel Drabbles by Triangle GoddessName is self explanatory, one of my personal favorite authors. DP and Marvel crossover drabbles.

Deeper, Darker by SilverMoonPhantom- Crossover between DP and Stranger Things, one of my personal favorite fics.

I Can Explain by scatterbrainz- DPxSupernatural crossover

Trigger Happy by Cabbit and the Weasel- One-shot DPxJustice League crossover 

Inspired by Vitaliciouscreations- A series of DPxSupernatural drabbles

Our Babysitter’s a Ghost by salvainterra- DPxGravity Falls crossover

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To mod Hell: I'm so sorry but I have to ask why do you know so much about and have so many guns and weapons. Do you live in a war zone or the US or isn't that basicly the same thing? I'm sorry but I have so many questions. I love this blog and I'm really worried for you.

Normally I don’t answer anon questions that require me to step out of character, but if I keep referencing weird shit in my personal life I should probably explain that I am not a serial killer. So if you wanna know why I’m so well-armed, you can go ahead and click the readmore. 

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Applebees with my Oma: 10/10
  • Me: *notices 'Kids Eat Free' badge* Hey, I'm a kid so I eat free right?
  • Waitress: Yeah, I'm not sure that would work.
  • Me: *pouts*
  • Waitress: How old are you really?
  • Me: I turn 18 next week.
  • Me: *orders grilled cheese with bacon anyways, tells waitress I'm saving big people food for next week*
  • **20 minutes later**
  • Oma: Miss, she got a lot less fries than usual.
  • Waitress: Oh, that's because I gave her the kids deal so she could eat free. We only charged for bacon *smiles at me*
  • Me: *insists on tipping more cause thank you and I love you*

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So you're now a kid-friendly blog, COMING FROM THE PERSON WHO ANIMATED SANS' DEATH. I can tell if this is a joke or not but I'm loving it! xD

Dont worry. I’ll revive alfas with a magic spell. And the green kid will also be revived.

You can’t kill children!! That’s like… soo not positive dude

To the Hetalians

Can I just take a moment to thank the entire Hetalia fandom? The fic authors, the fan artists, the AMV and fanmix creators, the theme and ask blogs, the casual readers and rebloggers, all of you. You make my fandom experience great. I’ve watched and listened to and read your work as a lonely high schooler, as an overwhelmed college student, as a homesick kid studying abroad, and now as a university graduate. You make my good days amazing and my bad days bearable. The songs you recommend make up my library, and your fanart is the reason my blog exists. I’ve visited actual countries because your headcanons made me curious, and I’ve re-fallen in love with the world and the fandom in the process.

Thank you, thank you thank you thank you. I can’t wait to see what more we do together.

I'm looking for Sherlock blogs to follow

Hi, it’s not so long ago that I made this account. In fact, I’m also new on Tumblr. As the title of this post says, I’m looking for Sherlock blogs to follow them, but I have no idea where to start.

The reason is that I noticed there are toxic parts in this Fandom that are spreading hate towards the writers, the actors and other fans. I’m not saying that season 4 was perfect, but I think hate will never be okay.

So that’s why I thought it would be awesome if you interacted with this post in some way (commenting, liking, reblogging: whatever suits best for you) so I can notice where the nice fans are and follow them.

I’m not looking for any particular ship; I’m a sherlolly shipper, but I don’t mind following blogs about other ships, or blogs dedicated to the actors, or the series in general. We all love Sherlock, so that’s enough for me.

These topics are the only exceptions: ship wars and the conspiracy. In the case of the last one, I have seen what some fans of it are capable of and it’s scary. I’ve even been attacked by one of them, but I’m not here to talk about that.

Finally, I reiterate the invitation: no matter what you ship, if adlock, johnlock, sherlolly, and others, or any in particular. As long as you respect others and are more invested in enjoying what you love than in spreading hate towards others, please let me know so I can follow you.

Note: English is not my first language, so I hope this post makes sense.

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Hi there! Wanna say first off, I absolutely love your blog, your headcanons are some of the best! Secondly, I'm wondering if you have any headcanons about ABO children. I see so much about adults and mating and stuff, but what about when they're kids? Please and thank you!

Aaahhh, thank you so much, you’re too kind!
Also, I absolutely ADORE young dynamic headcanons, these were such a joy to write!

  • Small omegas tend to get cold even easier than adult omegas, so small alphas seem to take it upon themselves to keep them warm
  • Teachers literally have to prise the alphas off the omegas during the winter, because the omegas are so sleepy and clingy and the alphas don’t mind AT ALL if there’s an omega clinging to them
  • Beta children generally choose to hang around with either alphas or omegas, it’s rare to see betas in a group all together
  • Children are even more sensitive to changes in scent, so teachers have to be very careful about what emotions they let show around the children
  • Small alphas often get into fights over omegas and betas. They aren’t usually particularly violent, but they might involve some pushing and shoving and shouting
  • Small omegas will often kiss alpha’s and beta’s scent glands the way they’ve seen their parents do to each other, and the teachers have to try and stop this even though the alphas and betas ADORE the attention
  • During nap times the alphas and the omegas are usually put in different rooms because the alphas literally won’t fall asleep until every single omega has, it’s crazy
  • Omegas have to eat separately from the alphas because God forbid an alpha start complaining they don’t have enough food, they’ll have about 15 small omegas desperately pushing food at them
  • Omegas start nesting very young and they usually nest together, but they can get frustrated if the nest isn’t very good, so teachers often build the nests for them
  • Classrooms are always filled with heaters in winter to keep the omegas warm, however when the omegas are sleepy and drowsy, the alphas and betas get a lot gentler and more complacent, so it’s just overall a nicer environment to be in
  • Follower: Oh, I love your blog so much! It's so cute and it's my fav 💕
  • Me: Aw thank you, you can always send an ask
  • Follower: Okay!
  • Me: *reblogs a bunch of "ask me" posts*
  • Follower:
  • Me: fake

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Hi! 💓 I hope you don't mind my asking. Do you know of any "big name" shaladin/at least non-anti VLD blogs? Antis are overwhelmingly present on Tumblr and i'm fairly new to the fandom, so that's all Tumblr is recommending to me so far. I love your blog and your creations and you seem cool like you'd know who the cool kids are XD Thanks! :3 (and ignore if you want!)

Asdfged thank you! I don’t consider myself a certified cool kid but!! Here you have some of my favorite non-anti/discourse-free Cool Kids off the top of my head

@marmoraskeith @pining-keith @officialkeith @bluemcclain @stargazershiro  @acekeith @cherryandsisters @flusteredkeith @akeithinshiningarmor @lorazeli @amalgamoffaces @lvtvr @jackalopesart @babsignal @cogane @ace-pidge @space-capri-suns @purpleneutrino @blacklionshiro

Also you also might wanna check out @keiths-salt list of hate-free blogs to follow! 

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HEEEY IT ME! *I am in denial! I am soo fuccing busy!!* I'm not sure if you've done this yet, but could you do some Swerve, Cygate, Rodimus, and Rung and how their S/o reacts to seeing them in their holomatters? Thankys! you're doing a more than awesome job! (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

Hello my friend! You’ve come to visit my blog, thank you so much.

Can I just say how much I love these bots? Their avatars (the updated/Swearth ones are what I’m going off of for this) are so damn gorgeous too. Tailgate’s throws me off, but he’s a cutie in a little kid way. But holy shit the rest are so hot! Rodimus, Rung, and Swerve are my favorite out of all the avatars we get to see. So I got super cheesy with this request, I’m sorry. XD 

Also for anyone confused, I do consider a ship one ‘character’ in my five character limit. I went with she/her pronouns for Cygate btw because of their avatars. :) So anyway I hope you like this sugar~! 


  • His s/o is immediately excited when they learn Swerve has a holomatter avatar. A chance to fully hug their hubby, hell yes! They get caught up in their imagination quickly. Swerve on the other hand, is noticeably nervous. Even if the two have been dating for a while he still sometimes struggles with his low self esteem and wonders to himself how he got so lucky. He’s afraid that his s/o will see what he looks like as a human and think he’s ugly.

  • So his s/o has to work to convince him to show them. Please Swerve they love you. After a lot of persuading, praises and kisses to his face plate, Swerve finally gives in. His s/o at first just stands there standing there with an open mouth and Swerve’s thoughts start going downhill. Oh no, they don’t like it! He’s just about to deactivate it when his s/o suddenly runs at him, causing them both to tumble to the ground. They leave kisses all over his face again in their happiness, unable to help themselves.

  • The two lay on the ground together for a while, Swerve listening in surprise and awe as for once his s/o is the one that can’t shut up.They go on and on about how cute (and hot) he is, how much they love his holomatter avatar. But not just that, how much they love him, no matter what form he’s in. They end the night playing video games, trying to beat one another while laughing a lot. Then they watch a movie while just cuddling together, spark & heart light and filled with love.


  • Their s/o is obviously really surprised that these two have holomatter avatars. Well, more so Cyclonus, she just doesn’t seem like the type who would care to have an avatar. They’d understand better once they were told the story of Swearth and are thrilled that Cyclonus and Tailgate are willing to show them this. It’s a big deal and makes them feel trusted~

  • Tailgate is also super excited because she wants to spend some time with her s/o as a human! It’ll be lots of fun! Cyclonus is just glad there won’t be a chance of squishing her human s/o for a little while. The moment of reveal is pretty dramatic thanks to Tailgate acting as if it’s a magic show. Cyclonus is calmer and brings Tailgate down a little bit but she can admit to herself that she’s strangely worried about what their s/o will think. Luckily for them, their s/o loves their avatars!

  • They think Cyclonus’ outfit is so cool and that awesome purple hair! And Tailgate - you’re adorable! There’s a lot of relief and sweet hugs. They spend the rest of the day doing some activities they normally can’t together, like playing games (Cyclonus does occasionally join in because she’s in a good mood). There’s also a lot of gentle, affectionate touching because Tailgate has to be held, but also it’s nice to be the same size for once. Tailgate and the human end up falling asleep in Cyclonus’ arms at the end of the night, Cyclonus smiling to herself.


  • Both Rodimus and his s/o are ridiculous when it comes to finally seeing his holomatter avatar. They have a random dance party (only them dancing because everyone else is like wtf) in their anticipation. After wearing themselves out and just generally being nerds, Rodimus finally shows them his avatar. He has his s/o close their eyes for this moment and his s/o is just bouncing on their feet because of how eager they are. Rodimus are you ready yet, jeez?!

  • They immediately start giggling when they can finally uncover their eyes. At first, Rodimus is startled, wondering why his s/o is laughing at him. Does he look that bad? He thought the tattoo was cool … But his s/o is wrapping their arms around him in a tight hug only a moment later. They’re still giggling as they explain how cute he is, but that he looks like he came from the 80’s. They like it though~ Both start really laughing after Rodimus suggests they put on some human disco music and dance again.


  • They spend most of the day after that running around the ship messing with others. Rodimus likes being smaller because he can slip away faster and so they do a lot of pranks and almost get stepped on several times. Not that it stops them honestly. When they finally get in trouble and have to stop, they head back to his habsuite. If his s/o has tattoos, they are Tattoo Buddies™. But either way, they spend the night mostly making out and cuddling because wow his s/o is just so soft and beautiful. .


  • Rung’s not the one to bring up showing off his holomatter avatar or even having one. He doesn’t even think about it until his s/o hears from some other bots that these exist. They go to him, assuring him that he doesn’t have to if he doesn’t want to, but they’d love to see his avatar. There’s a brief moment of hesitation on his end. His avatar has been updated and fits him much better but there was still a nagging feeling of concern that his s/o wouldn’t like it. He gets over it quickly though because well, this is his s/o. They love him and he knows it.


  • When they first see his avatar, they’re astounded. Wow, Rung you look so - so - so cool!! They’re rushing to check him out and complimenting him all the while. They love his outfit (seriously that’s bad ass) and his red hair. Oh how they love his red hair, they mess it up a little with their hands in their elation. But after they calm down a little, they’re just happy to be able to hug him. For a moment, these two just stand there, holding each other tightly.

  • Rung enjoys seeing his s/o so upbeat. Though they’re too small too work on his model ships, he had gotten them some smaller ones a while back. They put one together, working side by side, and neither one can keep the smile off their face. It’s really nice to be able to reach over and run his fingers through his s/o’s hair without possibly hurting them. After that, they either listen to music or read together, just relaxing together and holding hands.


this is my goodbye, see you guys later post! I start school Monday and I don’t think I’ll be on as often!

Again, I’d like to thank the thwip kids for being so cool! I wanna say I’ll still be active on that chat, but I’m not too sure. I hope I do! There are some blogs that I wanna mention, because they are the bomb dot com!

@spideychelle-romanogers @hollandd @spocksandsandals  @xmarvel @sidekickmj @lionfart 

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Hello! I'm 14 in high school and I was just wondering what to do if I don't get into my dream schools for university? My parents put a lot of pressure on me and I compete with another kid at school because we don't want to be what my parents call 'useless children'. A's aren't good enough for my parents, they won't talk to me or refer to me by name unless I beat all of the other children in my class. I was just wondering what you would do? Have a lovely day, your blog is goals <3

Hello! I’ll start by saying, I don’t want this to come across rude or disrespectful in any way. I don’t know much about your life and parents but from what you’ve shared, I feel what they’re doing to could be counterproductive. It might help in a way but you could end up seeing any form of studying as a chore and come to resent it. At 14, you honestly shouldn’t be worrying about university. Yes, perhaps be starting to think what you’re interested in pursuing as an overarching career but already thinking about the potential you don’t get in seems so unnecessary. You’re incredibly young. You have so much life experience and learning to get through before university applications are even something to consider. At 14, I didn’t even know what I wanted to study. I choose my degree at 18 and ended up hating it. I switched my major and my current degree didn’t even exist when I was your age. Your interests are bound to change but having university as a goal is a good thing to have. There are so many ways and options for getting into university or even getting a degree. Since you’re 14 you have a lot of time to practice for your senior year and help reduce the chances of rejection from universities. However, universities tend to look beyond grades now-a-days. They consider other things like social and extracurricular activities. Plus, depending on where you live you might have to do a personal essay/statement. There are also many instances of people who don’t go to university or drop out who end up extremely successful. University isn’t the only way to do well in life. It makes me extremely upset to think your parents won’t call you by name if you don’t beat some classmates on a test. You’re not defined by a grade or whether you can beat Fred at long division. You’re so much more than that. Please remember that if they ever make you feel like you’re not enough. I understand that your parents could see beating others as ‘success’ but it shouldn’t be a requirement. I don’t think you should be pitted against classmates, especially at 14. Friendly competition with friends is okay and probably quite motivating but putting that kind of pressure on you seems unnecessary. I think it is really important for you to keep studying about learning and not about the grade. What I don’t want to happen for you is that you get overly worked up about the grades, either burnout or cheat because the marks are more important than you learning and improving. I also want to say that your parents are, more than likely, trying to support and help you succeed. I admit it is a funny way of showing it but deep down they’re probably just wanting the best for you. If they refer to you as useless, please remember that you are not. You  have so many lovely traits and qualities. A good grade or high mark is not the only thing that is important about you. Being a good person, having life experience, and understanding yourself are much more important things to have than a test with 99%. I hope this has helped. If you ever need to talk, please message me xx

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Hi! Could I request a nsfw scenario where Bakugou and his gf fight and Bakugou says something very mean to her and she storms out, but later she goes to her dorm and they make up? Ohh!! And BTW! I'm so happy that I found your blog, I love it so much! You're so good!

Admin Speaks: Glad you found me too! Always happy to have new kids to care about followers!

Sitting in his dorm room you could feel the tension. He had something to say, that was clear enough by the way he kept glaring at you and growling incoherent words under his breath. You could feel his eyes burning into the back of your uniform as you tried to focus on your schoolwork and couldn’t take it any more. “Bakugou, do you have something you want to say?” You turn towards him and he growls out a no before turning back to his schoolwork. Sighing, you turn back around to continue working.

The awkward silence filling the room was unnatural. Usually he would be boasting about how great he is and how he will become number one hero, but today it was silent. “Bakugou, I want to know what your thinking.” you state and turn back towards him again. “Fuck off.” he flicked an eraser at you before turning around again. You huffed and activated your quirk, slowly pulling his chair towards where you were sitting on the bed. “For fucks sake (Y/n) stop using your shitty quirk and get your school shit done!” he raged and stood up from the chair, tipping it backwards as it fell to the floor. “Shitty quirk?” you whispered to yourself, hurt from his choice of words. “Yes! That shitty useless quirk on yours! All you can do is pull and push objects to you! Do you know how fucking lame that is?! Shitty Deku’s mom has the same fucking quirk! I don’t even know how you think you’ll become a hero with that stupid ass quirk!” he seethed at you and watched your face as your eyes slowly began to water. You bit your bottom lip, trying to compose yourself and failing. You stood up and wiped your eyes, “Well at least I don’t destroy everything I touch.” you shot back at him before walking out of his dorm room.

You couldn’t be here any longer. Not in his dorm, not in your dorm, you had to get out. You wandered out of the dorm building and started walking around campus, tears still leaking down your face, trying to wipe them away as they trailed downwards to the ground. “Stupid Bakugou. H-He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. My quirk isn’t useless. The more I use it the heavier the objects I can bring or push away. Just because it isn’t flashy or obnoxious doesn’t mean its bad.” you slid down the side of the building and curled up with your knees to your chest. “H-He didn’t mean it.” you curled into yourself tighter, gripping your legs with your hands rather harshly and nearly tearing your socks. “S-Sometimes he says stupid things. He n-never means them.” you hiccuped out and gave up trying to wipe away your tears.

You pushed yourself up off of the ground, still leaning against the building behind you. You stayed slouched against it, trying to control your breathing until you sounded almost okay. You nodded a little to yourself and pushed off the wall, walking quickly across the grounds and back into the dormitory. You avoided all invites to join others, politely declining as you walked to get to the elevator. You hit the button to take you up to your dorm, hearing the ding as the doors opened. You stepped inside when you heard your name being called. You turned to the voice and hit the button to close the door, hoping it would close before he reached you. “I’ve been looking for you! At least fucking talk to me! I didn’t-” the doors closed and you were on the way to your dorm.

“DAMN IT!”  Bakugou punched the door of the elevator. He shouldn’t have insulted you. He should have run faster to get to you. You had been crying, he could tell. You always wore a pleasant smile and a calm tone of voice but if anyone actually looked closely at you anyone could tell your eyes were puffy from crying. He had fucked up. He knew he had. He needed to talk to you. But you had made is pretty clear you didn’t want to talk right now. He hit his head slightly on the elevator door before hitting the button. The door opened and his fingers hovered over your floor number. He sucked in a breath and hit his floor before he did something else stupid

You had collapsed onto your bed, not crying anymore, when you got to your dorm. You blankly stared at the ceiling, wondering if you could pull it closer to you or not. You shook the idea from your head, knowing that the room above you would fall through if you tried that. You rolled onto your side and saw a picture on your desk. You were smiling in the photo and Bakugou had an arrogant smirk that only he could pull off. You were smiling at the camera, but his eyes were on you. His arm slung around your shoulder, pulling you closer to him in a comforting embrace. You gulped, willing your tears away as you used you quirk to tip it down facing the desk and out of your line of sight.

You buried yourself in your blankets, deciding the best way to get rid of the empty feeling in the pit of your stomach was to sleep. Then you heard a loud bang on your door. “(Y/n) open this fucking door!” You let out a whine, “No.” “(Y/n) if you don’t open it I’m breaking the damn door down myself.” “Go ahead.” you called weakly to him. It wasn’t long until you heard a forced ticking and the door flew open. “You need a new lock.” he grumbled and closed the door behind him. “I don’t want to talk to you.” you whispered under your blankets, still not looking at him. “Then don’t talk and just listen.” you felt the mattress dip down as he sat down on the edge of it. “Look, I said some shitty things to you earlier. And I didn’t fucking mean any of it.” He turned his head to look at you to see if you had moved from your blanket cocoon. “I just got worried today. You’re quirk is getting stronger. Hell! I remember when we were kids and you could barely pull a pencil to you and now you’re moving slabs of fucking concrete! You’re quirk isn’t useless I’m just…..scared. Scared you’ll get hurt one day and I won’t be able to do a fucking thing about it.” He checked again, the cocoon still unmoving. He furrowed his brows and reached out, pulling the cocoon down and grabbing your cheeks before you could take cover again, “I really fucking love you (Y/n). I didn’t mean what I said earlier! Now can you please either tell me to get the fuck out or let me stay?!” he stared intensely into your eyes, waiting for you to eject him out of your room. “Even if I threw you out, my lock is broken.” you smile weakly and pull him towards you with your quirk

He had never wrapped you in a hug so quickly. “Let me stay here tonight… Please.” he grumbled into your hair and you nodded slightly, wanting to accept his full apology but still slightly hurt. “I fucking love you (Y/n). I’m so fucking stupid to say those awful things to you. Next time just fucking punch me. I was… Afraid…. When I couldn’t find you. I don’t want you to leave me.” He hadn’t let go of you and grumbled all of this into your skin, pulling your body closer to his and pressing kisses to it every now and then. “I’m so fucking sorry.” he squeezed you one last time and you nodded once, “I forgive you Bakugou.” you pulled back a little to see his face and kissed him. His lips lingering on yours as he poured his apology into you, no words were needed. Silence took over, a comfortable one. The kind of silence that two hearts have a conversation in, no words needed.

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anonymous asked:

I'm sure i've seen in renee's cousin instagram a photo were she and her kids are going to watch wwe and encourage "cousin jon". It's old but it's cute , jon and these kids must have an incredible relationship ❤ love your blog!!!

I also saw it. On IG, it’s an adorable thing. There is also a video and you can see perfectly the beautiful relationship with Dean and Renee’s cousins.

Ah, they are the cousins of Renee. They are not the children of Renee’s brother. Just to point out 😂

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What would the bros do if their S/O (with a Dandere like personality) would ask them, if they would like to take a bath with her? She wouldn't be that embarrassed but would the bros be? Idk maybe they started dating a few days ago xD (I'm sorry! I hope you understood what I was trying to say >,< Love your blog btw!)

OH LOL nah i gotcha! i did have to google what dandere meant though oh my god i swear im Hip & With The Kids Slang

Noctis: He chokes on his spit at their sudden suggestion and has to stop and cough for a few minutes before resorting to messing up his hair as a tension reliever. “U-Uh… don’t you think that’s a little… sudden? I mean, it hasn’t even been that long since we started… um…” His face is very much flushed and his partner might even try to take back the suggestion, to which he bursts out, “No! No, I mean… I… I will… if you really want to.”

Ignis: It would be incredibly difficult to catch the slight blush that creeps up to his cheeks, and he simply coughs and pushes up his glasses. “…I believe it may be too soon for the two of us to engage in such… personal activities. I will, however, ready the bath, towels, and clothing, if you wish.” The way he says it, you wouldn’t even be able to tell he was declining out of shyness.

Gladio: He just blinks. “A bath? You wanna go in together?” Gladio would be surprised at their request, but definitely not in a bad way. If anything, it makes him happy that they feel comfortable around him enough to ask so soon after they just started dating. “I don’t mind, but are you sure the both of us will fit?” he teases. He’s not too flustered at the whole thing and probably tickles them while they’re in the tub. 

Prompto: “H-Huh?!” his jaw drops open and he flares up completely red. “W-Wait, wait wait wait, a bath? Like, with bubbles? You? And me? In the same tub? Are you… are you feeling okay?!” Honestly, he wants to go in with them, he really does, but he knows he won’t be able to control himself if he sees them naked and has to sit in a tub with them. “I… I can’t! It’s too soon! Take a guy out for dinner first, why don’t ya?!”