i'm just waiting for the mail

  • Lena: Ehy Kara! Hi! I know it's the 21th call... I was just... i was wondering if you could help me with something...
  • Kara: Lena! Of course i can. You know i'm here for you! What do you need? Are you trying to fix the world? Do you need some stars for your SAVETHEPLANET new project?
  • Lena: Actually... Should i eat pizza or pasta tonight?
  • Kara: Ah... ahem.. Pizza! Definitely pizza!
  • Lena: Thank you!
  • Kara: What are friends for??
  • Lena: Kara! Sorry for bothering you.
  • Kara: Hi Lena! No worries. What do you need?
  • Lena: Should i drink cocacola or wine??
  • Kara: Cocacola! Yes!
  • Lena: Thank you Kara, you're so precious.
  • Kara: Anything!
  • 647 CALLS LATER.
  • Kara: Lena... It's 4 am. What do you need? Again...
  • Lena: I know, i'm so sorry Kara. I just-
  • Kara: Yeah, you need an advice...
  • Lena: White or black?
  • Kara: Black.. What-
  • Lena: Check your e-mail Kara.
  • *Lena Luthor, naked, with a black and white bra in her hands*
  • Kara blushing hard: Le-na! Why did you send me a p-
  • Lena: I'm waiting for your help.
  • Kara:
  • Lena: That's what are friends for.

existential crisis ahoy

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shiro and lance have the EXACT same sense of humor but he will Never let lance know this. they both have like, near death experiences and theyre both like lol im too pretty to die @god u gotta try harder like seriously they were both so nonchalant about it lance IMMEDIATELY hits on allura after he wakes up from a COMA and shiro's just like i'm very sad to say it takes more than crash landing out of a wormhole to kill me. please let me di- no wait i was just trying to lighten the mood sorry

i never thought abt it this way and ur rite….. they both crave that Sweet Release

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I only just got to know u alex, Im sorry we'll be murdered by storms soon :( Im gonna miss u and jay, but we'll always have such fond memories as the pro-comic sans squad <3 like they say.... ride together die together or whatever it is. nice knowing y'all. comicsans4life <3

i’m so happy we could bond over this, even though it was only for a little while :”)) i’m gonna miss you guys too and it’s true we will always be able to look back on this night. #rideordieforlife #comicsans4life <333

I hope the people at the post office enjoys my drawings as much as my mailman does because I always hear him go “awwwww” whenever he picks up my mail.

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I want to mail Dylan Klebold, I want to tell him that I know how he feels! I want to tell him, that it's fucked up how they locked him up! I can't wait till he gets out, I'll write romantic stories and let him know I'm on his side.. I think he deserves much better in life. You think I should do it?

You should absolutely write Dylan Klebold and tell him you know how he feels.  Because it seems to me you really really do know just how he feels.  I can’t believe they locked him up either and I hope he gets out of prison soon, too.  I’m sure he’ll really appreciate the romantic stories.  And yes, you’re right.  He deserves a much better life than the one he has now.

Maybe you can ask him what he’s doing in this photo too…

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Do you know where I can get access too the otgw comics? I noticed you posted about it and I really wanted to read them.

Yeah, here!

This is the first series of comics, there’s 5 of them and the first 4 are things that happened offscreen during the show! They fit between the episodes really nicely and fill in some gaps and are just overall a really great addition to the story.

The special issue comes after episode 2, issue 1 comes after episode 3, issue 2 comes after episode 4, and issue 3 comes after episode 5. Issue 4 delves into the origins of the Woodsman, and how he came to make his deal with the Beast.

The second series of comics(which is currently ongoing!) continues after the show, where Wirt and Greg still have adventures in their dreams! There’s also a side plot following the Woodsman’s daughter Anna and her story.

I hope this helps, and enjoy reading!

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tell us about your crush!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fhdhjjhfd okay so its my first week of school right and theres this guy I share 3 classes with!!! out of 5!!! Mon, Wed and Fri!! on Monday during our first day of school we were kinda just sitting around bc we finished our task and one of the guys in my class was taking selfies whilst I was in the background so I was like “wait let me pose!!!” so we spammed pics some more and he went “this isn’t even mine” so I asked who it was and my crush who I will name N1 said “mineeeeee” in like a whiny sad voice n it was so cute n we introduced ourselves to each other after that but I didn’t really think much about him lol,, but then on Wednesday!! he was in my class again so I was like aye,, and we kind of sat opposite each other-ish and we have those spinny chairs and he kept turning to my side and when we make eye contact he’d smile really big…. n his smile was super cute what the fuck… the only way I could describe is kinda like.. jongsuk’s smile?? okay anyways ya he kept smiling at me n I was like oh bitch I’m soft.. n when we had presentation, each group has to ask one question and when my group couldn’t think of anything he was like whispering a question that I should ask his group fdjjjs and during my presentation he kept smiling at me n that when like I realize oh shit… I caught feelings… BUT YESTERDAY OH MY GOD…. like when he came into class and sat down, he was looking around and our eyes met and he like,, literally lit up a little and waved at me excitedly and  super smiley so I was like oh! I wasn’t expecting that but I smiled back and did a tiny wave n I thought that was it like the amount of interaction i’d be getting today but then… during my presentation I was standing right next to where he was seated and when I was in the middle of my slide he suddenly whisper shouted my name and smiled at me really wide n distracted me for a good 2 seconds but it was so cute.. so like yah that;s everything that happened n tbh I think I like him for his smile n I don’t know much about his personality yet since we haven’t really had a proper conversation before but hes so bright and happy and like he gives off such good vibes n hes so cute like… okay wow…


Oh my goooosh
I was just saying I couldn’t wait for my candy heart keychain from @darkgreyclouds to come in and look what was in the mail when I got home.

Now everyone pretend to be surprised I got Shigure.

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I just want to say that i love this series so much more then the past few ones, i am absolutely IN LOVE with Bill and the portrayal of the doctor and their relationship!! I can't wait to see what will come next, but at the same time i don't want it to end.

I’m happy for you! Bill and the Doctor are amazing, aren’t they?

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GUUURRRL MEET ME IN THE HALLWAY ON VINYL IS BREATHTAKING U RIGHT i just got my vinyl and all my other stuff in the mail today and 1.) BEAUTY 2.) that song on vinyl sounds like the first time i played a pink floyd vinyl and i will never forget it

liSTEN that’s the one song i can’t wait to hear on vinyl along with from the dining table, it’s going to be a heavenly experience i already know it

  • Person: you ok?
  • Me: 2...more...days...
  • Person: of what?
  • Person: but you'll still hear it-

STARTER FOR @thenewfist

  Connie hasn’t slept for the past week — just about how long it’s been since she received a letter in the mail saying that Bucky was on his way home to Brooklyn. The letter was short, but it had all the words she’s ever needed — HE WAS COMING HOME. She’s been at the train station since the crack of dawn, and for a while it was just her and a few other young women waiting. Then, as the sun started to rise, more families, mothers, fathers, wives, they waited too. Then, when one boy further up the track yelled that he could see the train coming, everyone stood up and held their breath. 

  When the train pulls into the station, Connie has to stand up on the edge of her shoes to see over the crowd of people. For a moment, panic sets in — will she recognize him? Will he recognize her? She pushes her way through countless people, head turning left and right trying to find him. Connie turns around once more, and that’s when her entire world stops. 

  He’s just getting off the train, and God, Connie doesn’t think he’s ever looked more handsome. All the breath in her lungs leaves her body, and suddenly she feels incredibly unsteady. One foot moves to take a step towards him, and then the other, and then she’s running towards him and calling his name — 


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"So, uh.... I don't really know what the boss sees in you, but... well, I bet you're just waiting for a chance to punish me for what I said and did back last time we met. Don't pretend like you're not itching for a fight. So tell you what, beat me in a Pokemon battle, and I'll let you have your way with me -- to make it up to you and the boss, if that's what you want. For him, I'll even do it. You can even throw me over your knee or whatever. Up for it?" -- hoennmuses (Sidney)

Fluster Lance because Steven told you too!

Lance had gone to his office to do paperwork and had managed to get a bit of work done before he was informed Sidney was there to speak with him. So after clearing his desk, he let the Hoenn Elite Four member into his office, curious what business he had with him that an in-person meeting was called for. So after trading pleasantries, he sat down and heard Sidney’s request.

So that’s the kind of man Sidney assumed him to be? As I said during that incident, using pokemon to settle personal affairs is unethical. They are not simple tools for battle over the most trial matters. He stared Sidney straight in the eyes.  I refuse to defile the bond and trust my dragons have place in me by treating them anything less than the scared and treasured partners they are.  The idea disgusted him actually, more so then upset him.

As for punishment, I believe Steven- Champion Stone already handled that matter. It’s been settled. It’s pointless to bring it up again because it’s already been resolved. He frowned.  He tone cool and professional, not giving away the disgust he had over the situation. You called into to question my character and conduct as a representative of my region. I’ve been at this since I was sixteen. Remember this fact and no further issues should occur. If that’s all the business you have, you are free to excuse yourself, Sidney.

[Steven’s Payback Counter: 3]


“I visited Deep Space Nine and all I got was this lousy t-shirt”

I got the shirt in the mail today (ordered it from Redbubble) and I just couldn’t wait to test out this cosplay even though it’s far from finished lol I was so excited to take pics that I didn’t even put on my nose ridges or take off my bracelets! oops!!

Now time to iron on a Quark’s Bar logo with a picture of his face to the back of this shirt…