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Listen, listen. The fact Eliot Spencer’s response to Parker being upset and asking if they could kill the guy who upset her was a shrug and, “Yeah. I mean, I could.” will never, ever not be important to me.

So I drew a single kid Stanley and then-

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I've been trying to get into the adventure zone, everyone says it's super good, but I heard the first episode and? It seems really slow, does the plot pick up later on?

ALRIGHT SO.. unless you’re familiar with The McElroy Brand (“My Brother My Brother and Me” specifically since that’s where the first episode originally came from) I never recommend starting with Episode One.
Start with 1.5 because it’s a supercut of the good parts of Episode 1. 

Don’t let that first impression or the fact that there are currently 66 episodes turn you off of listening. The plot really picks up after The Griffin Original Content™ kicks in (about halfway through “Here There Be Gerblins”) so… STRAP IN. You’re in for a RIDE.

& not to sound fake cheesy or anything, but it’s not just “super good”. It’s a phenomenal podcast with fantastic writing, tons of laughs, real/complex characters, countless lovable NPCs, LGBT+ representation, bangin’ music (written by Griffin himself), and an original story that will absolutely break your heart in the best possible way. You WON’T regret listening.

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me: *holds back tears* 
people: you ok?

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me: *sobs for eternity*

I wish I could put into words how much I adore joji and how proud I am of him for bein out here and makin an even bigger name for himself and creating such dope content and music while still being a genuinely lovely person but I don’t kno how to properly convey any emotion ever so i’ll just lay here and listen to the entirety of pink season for the millionth time while staring at my ceiling in awe

I realize how true the fact that “there are more m/m ships than f/f because male characters are just better written and more relatable in general in fiction” now that there are more and more female characters in media. I mean, the fetishization of gay ships is still an awful reality (all the yaoi culture, also outside the japanese medias), but sometimes having only gay or het ships genuinely means there just aren’t enough alternatives.
Talking about my experience, until not long ago I literally couldn’t think of any f/f ship in the media I consumed (canon or not) that didn’t feel forced. Now though? There are so many more female character in media, be it videogames or tv shows, that have such vastly different personalities and relationships with each other, and thinking about romance between them feels a lot more natural than when you literally had to search with a magnifying lens for another woman to pair the “token female companion” with. 

There’s still a long way to go but, yah, good job media creators. 

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With the drama CD and Genos giving his senpai cookies and stuff like some sappy rom com, maybe, we could get, Saitama making Genos a simple little bento to show his thanks for the cookies? And for possibly being one of the few students to be nice to him and spend time with him and Genos takes it as a confession? And Saitama doesn't know why his kouhai's face is so red and WHY IS HE CRYING DID HE DO SOMETHING WRONG!? WHY IS GENOS HUGGING HIM AND SAYING HE'S AMAZING WHEN HE HAS AWFUL GRADES!?!

“Thank you….Saitama-senpai…!!!”

I'm gonna be serious for just a moment right now

A popular question that writers seem to get is “what made you want to be a writer?” and the answer is usually about having passion for it and using it as a creative outlet.

I remember being in my teenage years and reflecting on my life a lot. I didn’t have the easiest childhood and I actually had a lot of experiences that most people thankfully don’t have. I haven’t had the easiest early adulthood either. And because of this, I often saw myself as someone who was broken. Reading was an escape for me and finding characters that I was able to relate to became a sort of salvation. I saw these characters rise up from their experiences and become strong, empowered, and unapologetic. I was able to realize that character development was a real thing, that it was something that turned even the unlikeliest characters into heroes.

And suddenly I wanted to be written about. I wanted someone to notice me, to take a look and say “this is a girl who has been through hell. I can write about her.” I wanted my tragedies to be spilled, to show the world how cruel people could be and how things could be torn apart. I wanted someone to write about the fierceness I still held against injustice and the kindness that I still carried in my heart despite it. I wanted my soft soul to be written, not as something fragile and weak but as something warm and full of strength. I wanted to be written, not as a perfect character, but as a real one. As someone who was very much imperfect, who still made mistakes along the way, who cried in frustration, who still felt alone in the middle of the night, but also someone who made their best effort to be a shoulder to cry on for others, who did their best to help when they could, who took negativity and tried to turn it into something much more beautiful. 

For years I just wanted to be a girl others wrote about. 

And one day I realized that I was wasting my time waiting. Why wait for someone to write about me when I could turn myself into a story? When I could take everything I’ve been through and share it with the world myself? I found my peace in taking my demons and turning them into words where they could no longer cause me heartache the same way. I found my sanity at the beach, sitting with a small journal and a pen and writing about a boy I loved as the waves played with the shore. I found inspiration in small snippets of emotions written on the back of chinese takeout napkins. I took my writing everywhere I went, sometimes in journals, other times simply as notes on my phone. I am so full of love and emotions and I own my story.

Because I’ve felt everything. I have felt every heartache, every frustration, every single moment I have wanted to scream. I have felt every burst of happiness and every single moment of tranquility. I know how my mind works, why I made decisions I’ve made, and how they’ve made me who I am. And so I stopped waiting to be written about by others. 

Who better to write my story than me? 

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I love tf2 but tbh I wish I never met anyone through the game. I really wish I hadn't met anyone on steam or Tumblr because of this game. I will never blame tf2 for this. Gaben knows how awful valve's fans can be. How cruel and selfish and cold-hearted. I haven't made a single friend that wasn't shallow and selfish and turned their back on me or tf2 or both. Sometimes it hurts to open the game and reliving memories of laying and talking to people who ruined my life. Medics can't heal heartache.

first off, i just wanna say that i’m so sorry that the people you met through tf2 were awful to you. not that it’s any excuse, but there are bad eggs in EVERY community and since tf2’s community isn’t exactly the biggest, i imagine it’s a lot easier to run into them. it seems to me that you have just been incredibly unlucky to be one of the people that did.

i know i can’t say anything that could help you feel better about all the things that happened to you, but i will say this: there are good people out there in this community. they are not as rare as they seem. i’ve met some of my closest friends (who i still spend a LOT of time with) and my significant other (who i’ve been in a relationship with for almost 4 years) on tf2.

i don’t mean to make you envious or sad that you weren’t able to find such people, but i hope that this somehow brings to you some hope that genuine people in this community do exist. i know i can’t speak for the entire tf2 tumblr community, but i can speak for the admins of our blog (XDDDDDDDD), WE’RE HERE FOR YOU. YOU ARE AWESOME.


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