i'm just trying to avoid writing any more

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Hi! Can you maybe do some prompts where A has to keep a secret from B, but it negatively affects their relationship because of all the secrecy and B thinks A is avoiding him? I'm stuck for ideas, and want to be a little different than the typical "im just trying to protect you" stuff haha, thank you!

Hi, love!  Thanks for your question <3  Prompts aren’t really something we handle here at LGF, so let me redirect you to some of my favorite prompt blogs!

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– Mod Joanna ♥️

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peachypxstel  asked:

Hi! I just want to say your blog is very inspiring and calming. I deal a lot with body issues and anxiety do you have any advice? Also I have been trying to write more but I'm having a hard time coming up with ideas. How do you get inspired to write?

hello and thank you peach

body issues
♡ avoid mirrors (there is no need to obsess over the exterior that simply turns to dust in the end)
♡ dress as the moon drowning in milk (cocoon yourself in silk…drowned in beauty)
♡ an undeveloped photograph (however you may try, body issues truly are overcome from the inside out…seek balance within)

♡ ribbons (I always have a ribbon on my wrist to remind me of reality and that everything is ok)
♡ wake up (live in the present, not the past or future)
♡ it’s ok to ask for help (when things get bad fighting alone is truly impossible)

finding inspiration
♡ mockingbird (mimic those you admire…*do not release copies claiming it is your own*…simply mimic in private, gaining skill to develop your unique sub-genre)
♡ listen (observe the little and forgotten…see the beauty in everything and seek out what makes it beautiful)
♡ create (hold onto anything and sculpt life out of it…it mustn’t be perfect…it simply must exist)