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You asked me if you were a good man. And the answer is, I don’t know. But I think you try to be. And I think that’s probably the point.


Lutteo → dancing (part vii)

Not aimed at anyone here, just venting personal stuff because my email is a clusterfuck this morning.

No ‘Susan’, your 'fans’ aren’t attacking you for writing 'hetero-romance’ you’re not being criticized for writing a romance book involving a m/f ship.

What was actually said was 'oh no another bland generic carbon copy of all your previous work involving a m/f pairing, maybe you should try something new?’ and you went off the deep end ranting about 'homosexuals demanding’ you change the way you write and how you were being 'oppressed’ by the gays and wondering why the publishing house dropped you.

And no I won’t edit your next book 'as a favor’, fuck off.

Enjoy your plummeting career, you mediocre homophobic hack.

My roommate gave me a fountain ink pen and I’m in love with it!


favorite character meme → [1/1] one character: daryl dixon
↳ Ok, I think I got it this time… I’ve been trying to guess what Daryl did before the turn. Yeah, I’ve been pacing myself. One shot a day. Well, the way you’re at the prison, you being on the council, you being able to track, you’re helping people, but you’re still being kind of… surly. Big swing here. Homicide cop.


I know, you don’t see me often but- stars I have to post this one. I adored it. I was quite…heavily inspired by Renrink Something about watching her streams just does that though ~ But it pushed me to try and cell shading technique. qwq

I wonder if you can guess who it is?
It’s r00ts baby~ I finally settled on a new design for him and finished it. If I every get the chance I should write and updated post about this bab qwq  I’ve just be so distracted with rping on Discord I have forgotten to post about him here qwq
Forgive me~~ >w<

Aaaaanyway~ I just wanna say thank you to @renrink~ You’re a beautiful and inspiring artist and the stream was amaaaazing~~ qwq thank you also for helping me improve even if you don’t know you are.

If you’re east coast bound around the major cities: Baltimore, Philly, Jersey and/or maybe New York and you trynna link up for a shoot, slide in the dms. It’s free. You can check out my stuff on IG or Flickr. There are a few stuff on my Flickr that were carelessly uploaded because it was for high school. If you’re willing to shoot we can definitely do something. I’m really trying to push to expand my cliental out here on the east coast considering I live here now. I wanna throw myself back into what I love to do. 

I’ve been afraid for two years to speak of my work or continue to do it because I didn’t feel I was good enough. Thats what practice is for tho. 

So here I am trying to put myself out there again, because why not try? 

Thanks a million for all the sweet comments and new follows over the last few days, it’s been a little overwhelming but I’m super jazzed that you’re here and really looking forward to hopefully getting to know you guys! For those who haven’t seen yet, my giveaway is still open until the 15th so feel free to jump in on it. (:

Also, special shoutout to @seirui​ … I’m unbelievably flattered that such a fab artist would recommend my stuff and I want to return the favour. He’s got some great draws and super cute characters who I’m already in love with, so please check him out and give him a follow!

Anyways I started watching Voltron and it’s pretty dope so here’s a space dad.


Sparkly gay(and pan/bi) girlfriends at first fight sight. 

(but seriously karolina is rainbow sparkling and julie is radiating the pan flag colours here)

seeing wonders

You know you need a new hobby when you have the day off and all you can think of doing is sleeping or going to watch the same Broadway play for the fourth time in a month. Maybe today is gonna be the day that I learn how to cook something other than instant noodles - or I’m just going to potentially mess up my whole apartment and blame my friends for it because there’s no one here to keep me company and stop me from trying to do stuff I have no idea how to do.

OKAY! So, I know I’ve been a bit not here recently. I’ve just needed a lil’ break from dash and such. ALSO, I’ve been workin’ on a new blog. Like, one with all my OC’s. Ashton will eventually be moved over there.

I’mma go see logan in a bit, so I won’t be here. BUT I’ll try and get some replies out tonight after I get back. BUT, if anyone wants ta hmu on like, discord or something feel free to! Just tell me who you are. My discord name is Cien #0250.

(Note:  This is an AU.  Amy and Sheldon just remained friends similar to the beginning of season four.)

Sheldon wished there was such a thing as platonic marriage.  That traitor Leonard married Penny and now he lived across the hall.  Now he was alone. That is except for his new best friend and roommate, Amy Farrah Fowler.  He knew she wouldn’t leave.  She didn’t believe in romantic love either.  At least he was safe here.  Still, maybe he should try to get her to do something more drastic than sign a Roommate Agreement.

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I adore this new information, but can I just say how tired I am of wonderful examples of gryffindor, and so few of ravenclaw, hufflepuff, or slytherin?????

he INVENTED an incredibly SUCCESSFUL potion, and that’s not indicative of ravenclaw or even an ambitious slytherin? his family had a history of justice and fighting for what’s right, and that couldn’t produce a hufflepuff? fleamont’s father defended muggles so vehemently that they were discluded from the sacred 28 (among other reasons). I’ve never heard something so hufflepuff in my life. 

each one adding to the family coffers by their hard work and, it must be said, by the quiet brand of ingenuity that had characterised their forebear, Linfred.

this family is literally described with hufflepuff and ravenclaw traits, and yet there he is in gryffindor. UGH.

If Block B were restaurants

Bbomb - The hottest new restaurant in town. Music blaring, wait staff of beautiful people, all out of work actors/ actresses. Who cares about the food, you just came here for the people and atmosphere.

Taeil - The place round the corner that serves up the best gourmet fish and chips.

Park Kyung - The local diner. The greasy spoon. Serving comfort food. Always there when its 3am after a big night out.

P.O - The theme restaurant. Pirate nights are popular, but recently its been gorilla themed.

Jaehyo - The michelin starred french restaurant. White tableclothes, silver cutlery, pristine glasses, fine dining deal.

Ukwon - The underground restaurant that doesn’t have signage. Someone needs to bring you there in order to get in. Serves food that is out of this world delicious but you’d be better off not knowing what you just ate.

Zico - The Bakery. Only one thing on the menu - Tough cookies.