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I drink the sweat that drips off my face as I finish a long day of ruling your world.
You never complain.
You only look at my stack of yellowing notebooks with greedy eyes and thirsty fingers. You want to rip the pages out and stuff them down your throat. You want me burning red hot under your fingers; you wanna consume my love whole (“Ya’ know, really get a taste of the artist”.)
My friends say I got a thing for boys who lay down on train tracks and bet God their lunch money that they’ll survive another day. They hang their heads in shame when I refuse to see the problem with that.
(They pick my body off of the ground and carefully use their eyebrow tweezers to take out the shrapnel that his words left in my body.)
I got knives with my name on ‘em. I got a pistol for a mouth. My body is weapon, babe, I can defend myself.
But, God, those scares on your arms are hot. And the way your knuckles graze my face so lovingly yet destroy so mercilessly shouldn’t turn me on as much as it does but…“Wow, when did this room get so hot?”
My temperature is 103.5 and I swear it’s my body trying to get him out of my system; I swear I can go to school; I swear I can keep going, don’t make me stop, don’t make me rest; if I rest I’ll have thoughts that will fill my brain that not even the strongest of antibiotics could treat.
Please don’t go, please, please, please, please, my dad will kill you but who cares? We’ll all die someday, let your last breath be captured between my lips as your hands slide up my hips and our eyes lock and our voices falter and the angels sing and the sunset shifts to sunrise and the first time becomes a promise of the next…and the next…and the next…
This ain’t a love poem.

10. could you be?

—  DREAM BOY // k.m.

New idea for Pride variant things. Fancy spiral lollipops! It’s a more complicated coloring pattern than my other designs, so I just did an ace lollipop for now. If anyone really wants to see another flag done, then ask & I’ll do it for you when I can.


Inquisitor Challenge → Round One: Race

No, I’m not Tal-Vashoth. Tal-Vashoth are rebels. You can’t rebel against something you’ve never seen. I’m Vashoth.

Happy Birthday, Hoseok!!!!!!!!!!!

What is your favorite/least favorite romantic trope? 

My all-time favorite is enemies to friends to lovers. If you look closely at most of my favorite ships, they all fall into that category: Elizabeth/Darcy, Belle/Beast (Disney’s version, anyway), Ben/Leslie, Beatrice/Benedick (altho they sort of skip the friends bit), the entire relationship in You’ve Got Mail (and its predecessors). For me, it’s all about the witty banter. I’m in love with super annoyed quips that eventually turn fond. My parents are always teasing each other and so it’s probably some formative thing deep inside me that sees comfortable teasing as the ultimate act of love. I don’t always like this ship, but usually! 

My second favorite is friends to lovers, done most excellently by Jim/Pam in the Office. My other favorites include Emma/Mr. Knightley, Ron/Hermione, the romance in Breakfast at Tiffany’s and a bunch of non-canon ships like Dean/Seamus. This one I really love because of the partnership aspect of it. I’m really into functional, partner romances. 

A trope I don’t like is probably the geek guy gets the girl, that unpopular geek guy who obsesses over the popular girl for the entire movie/series and they eventually end up together. I don’t know why I dislike it. It’s probably a combination of personal preference and my feminism ruining everything. I don’t always dislike it (I can’t think of an example but I’m sure I don’t always dislike it), and I don’t hate it when it’s inverted with the geek girl longing over the popular guy. It’s just not for me.

I also dislike when fandom influences the writers of a show. I don’t like it when there is a enemy presented as truly Evil or somehow abusive to the main character (let’s say, Spike, or Logan) and then when the fandom pushes hard enough, it’s written as a great romance. I know this seems opposed to my all time favorite, but they usually skip the friends bit and the bantery bit and just go straight to making out. I usually don’t hate the ships that come out of it (I don’t mind or dislike Spike/Buffy, Logan/Veronica, or Emma/Hook), but it just annoys me. It annoys me because fandom also usually has a huge homosexual pairing they’re pushing that is largely ignored because the writers claim to have a plan or a vision when it’s clear they just don’t “see the character that way”. I don’t even usually like the big fandom gay pairings (not a huge Emma/Regina or Xander/Spike fan), I just don’t like that it’s so blatant. I don’t like that it’s clear writers will bend over backwards to write a relationship that fans want, as long as it’s not gay. It feels unfair to me. I don’t mind that writers take fans into account. I don’t mind popular fandom pairings. I just mind that it’s so clear what the writers think listening to is important.

Okay this turned into a big rant against television writers. What I really wanted to know is YOUR preferences. Send me your favorite and least favorite romantic tropes, with examples!


You asked me if you were a good man. And the answer is, I don’t know. But I think you try to be. And I think that’s probably the point.



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Sparkly gay(and pan/bi) girlfriends at first fight sight. 

(but seriously karolina is rainbow sparkling and julie is radiating the pan flag colours here)

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Request kenma sickfic where kenma kept playing games in a car ride to the point he got dizzy/carsick and kuroo has to comfort him? :,)

sorry this is so incredibly late, anon, hope it’s alright nonetheless.

WARNING: descriptions of vomit below

read the warning

read the warning

read the warning

okay, you’ve been warned!  enjoy the fic if you’re sure you’d like to continue reading!

“Kenma, you should stop playing those games.”  Kenma’s mom had scolded him multiple times for playing video games in the car as she drove him and Kuroo to the pool.  “You should talk to your friend instead,” she suggested.

Kenma responded in the same way he had the past three times his mother had brought up the subject: a small shrug of the shoulders without taking his eyes off of the game.  Last time, he’d commented that “it’s a new game,” as if that explained everything.  Kuroo supposed that in Kenma’s head, it did.

“It’s alright,” Kuroo said.  “I don’t mind!  I’m used to it anyway.”

Kenma’s mom sighed.  “You’re very sweet, Kuroo, but unfortunately my wish that my son be more sociable is not the only reason I’m being so stubborn about this.”

“Oh?  What’s the big deal, then?”  Kuroo asked bluntly.

“Sometimes, when he plays in the car for too long-”

Just then Kenma made a strangled noise and his mother stopped talking.  Kuroo turned to his friend just in time to watch him belch up a thick mouthful of vomit onto his lap.

For a moment, the car was silent.

Kenma was frozen, covered in puke, holding his game out of the way with shaky hands.  Kuroo was paralyzed with shock.  And Kenma’s mom was rolling her eyes.

Then Kenma threw up again, this time a much thicker and more powerful stream, and started bawling.  Kuroo took his game from his hands and rubbed his back.  “It’s alright, Kenma.”  Kuroo was astounded that the younger boy had actually played until he’d made himself sick.  Kenma threw up twice more, but continued sobbing and dry-heaving long after.

“Kenma, it’s okay, you know?”  Kuroo said softly.  Kenma’s mom shook her head.

“Oh, Kuroo, you’re such a sweetie.  But don’t worry about him too much, honey, he’s perfectly alright.”

Kuroo frowned deeply; this seemed incredibly cold.  Then Kenma spoke:

“I - hic! - I died!”  He sobbed.  Kuroo was taken aback for a moment before the realization hit him: Kenma had died in the game.

Kuroo pulled back his hand and crossed his arms.  Kenma’s mother nodded her approval and they continued on their way.

Imagine Woozi feeling more motivated to work after reading uplifting messages written by fans from all over the world.

How would everyone feel if I made a blog series in which I dump random things I find out about writing? 

I mean, I never took writing courses and I’ve only been writing for like 8 months or something, and every time I write (or even when I read) a new fic I feel like I learn something. I’m not saying those are things that are absolutely true and everyone should follow what I say but maybe someone can find some useful tips idk.

Pls let me know in the comments or in my ask box I guess