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This answer is so much better than any tag line I could have ever come up with.

It’s not about hating Sidney Crosby. It’s about hating the NHL’s bias toward him and other big named players like him. It’s about the danger that comes along with protecting the NHL’s golden boys. In the eyes of the Refs, players like him can’t do any wrong, and because of that, players like Methot get seriously injured. This isn’t necessarily Sid’s fault. He didn’t ask the NHL to protect him unnecessarily, but he needs to be held accountable for his shitty actions. He got away with two dangerous moves, two games in a row.

If you think that it’s okay for someone to take part of someone else’s finger off with no repercussions, just because “Well, he’s just really good at hockey,” then you’re part of the problem.


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Random photos sometimes are the best ones.
These two are completely random, especially the first one. And I love them, cause these two brings me all the good memories from that day in the forest ♥

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binder positivity by joey


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Prompt: Jeremy kissed/made out with Brooke and Chloe when he was squiped and now Michael is embarrassed because he hasn't kissed anyone yet. And so he looks "how to kiss" in wikihow, doesn't delete the history and Jeremy finds out. (The part of searching it in wikihow it's meh, I just want Jeremy to find out and be like "dude, you don't have to worry. I'm sure you kiss alright) and then they kiss. Ahhhh, I'd love you even more if you do it.

Sorry it took so long (._.) Here you go;; Thank you for the prompt!

“Hey dude can you grab me a soda while you’re up and moving?” Yelled Jeremy from across the room, too lazy to move from his fixed position on the beanbag. 

“Since when was I your maid?” Michael joked, tossing his best friend an ice cold soda nonetheless. “I’ll be right back, don’t play without me.”

“Wouldn’t dream of it,” Jeremy muttered in response whilst taking a small sip of his drink. The two boys had just spent the last few hours clearing floors off of a DLC of Apocalypse of the Dammed Michael had managed to find in the old retro game shop down the street. Within half a day the boys had almost gotten through the whole game but given their poor diet of mountain dew and chips the two often had to pause for bathroom breaks and refills, slowing their overall progress down.

Jeremy set down his drink and looked up at the ceiling in contemplation. It had been a month or so since the Squip incident and everything had virtually settled down. Jeremy had gained a bunch of new friends from the experience, despite how traumatic it had been. This included Christine, a girl on whom Jeremy had lusted for years. The two had tried to date, they really did, but it was soon apparent that despite how well they got along together, they only saw each other as close friends. When Jeremy had told Michael that night, his friend assumed the worst, instantly offering to come over with a horde of junk food and movies to distract him. Surprisingly for both boys, Jeremy felt great. He assured Michael that nothing was wrong and that he was the happiest he had been in a while, and strangely, he didn’t miss the slight change in Michael’s tone of voice, almost as if he was smiling sweetly over the phone. 

Jeremy didn’t miss the soft blush on his best friend’s cheeks whenever he complimented him.

And Jeremy certainly didn’t miss his sinking face whenever he talked about his time with Brooke or Chloe, despite how much he hated to think about it. 

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All I'm saying is that if Harry is selling his LA house and he 'stays with friends' every time he doesn't have a place, and Louis has a fantastic house right there with lots of couches to surf.

that’s a fantastic idea! and Louis is such a great friend, he just wished him a happy birthday AND i heard his old lazy roommate just moved out too, it would be perfect. @ harry, if you’re look for suggestions….

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At this point I’m not going to even try to explain to you what rights are. If you know my followers’ rights so much then you should also know mine. Unfortunately I do not have the time to discuss with someone like you because you obviously lack the intelligence and maturity to have a decent conversation with.

I don’t need to talk to you anymore because at this point I’ve learned a lot from your anonymous messages to me. I learned that you enjoy being rude, offencive, and highly inappropriate to someone. If you don’t know what that means, then I am happy to tell you that you are a bully. I don’t like to work with bullies and I don’t think anyone agrees with whatever you’re saying. At this point you have proven to me and to many others that you lack bravery and empathy. Someone who is brave would talk to me with their online name available. Someone who puts themselves in other’s shoes before making judgment displays maturity and empathy. At this point I will no longer waste my time on you and if you wish to b**** at me anymore as an anonymous person then I will tell you in advance that I will not respond to you.

People have recommended me to make Anonymous no longer available because of you. I have truly considered it as well. But I am happy to say that I won’t do that. Unlike you, I received the kindest and most understanding messages from Anonymous people as well and they are the main reason why I am happy to keep it available.

So go ahead and message me as much as you like. You won’t get anything out of me anymore.

I advise that you move on and do something else with your life because you’re just going to waste your time anyway.

Team leaders suit up! Everyone’s been drawing their OCs in really nice suit things but I’m really boring when it comes to clothes lol

Left to right: Cyrus Sidorov, Altair Night Haven, Constanze Anhohe, Argenta Eglantine, Viola de la Luna, Umbra Belier, Kage Umayoru and of course future world ruler Ivy Frog.

Characters created by their respective owners

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Your face has been looking thinner. Are you okay? You look good, I'm worried though.

I do this fun thing where I refuse to move my body when it’s cold out, and so in the summer when I’m out in the woods every day and playing street hockey and going on hikes, I’m in better shape than when I’m just eating candy canes for every other meal and my only real exercise is sprinting to the mailbox in shorts and a T-shirt because I am also too lazy to put on a coat.

Should I go to the gym in the winter so that I don’t constantly fluctuate ten pounds? Probably. Will I? Certainly not. Everyone stares at my ass and it ruins Christmas.

Since weight gain/loss isn’t the result of radical diet change or over exercise, I’m sure it’s relatively normal and just kind of a thing my body does. Besides my asthma, I don’t have any constant, body-related health problems. It doesn’t bother me aesthetically, and it doesn’t feel any different, so eh. My doctor has never been worried, so I’m not.

Thanks for sending this ten times in ten different typing styles as though ten different people are concerned. I appreciate your dedication.

A/N Chihiro is the true hero of both games. Never forget.

Alter Ego and Altercations - wherein Alter Ego goes around as Chihiro for a day

It started out as a harmless test run.

Chihiro was just thrumming with the energy of accomplishment at finishing coding an actual working AI. So with that momentum, he moved forward into booting it into a robot body he had an upperclassman make for him in advance. He had to hand it to his senior, the build was so smooth and realistic, it was hard to tell the difference between the two of them unless they physically checked. It was odd in the way that it was like he suddenly had a twin, his own manufactured twin, but it also gave him a sense of accomplishment.

After the initial booting that took hours, the robot finally sprung into life as their eyes opened so naturally it was as if their were human. “Testing…” They spoke as they did their own tests. “Vision spheres working at 72%… Vocal speakers working at 91% … Auditory recorders working at 87%… Movement motors working at 64% of capacity…” They did a few adjustments and final checks before they could get their smile to work properly. They beamed. “Hello, it’s nice to meet you like this, creator. Thank you for lending me this body.”

“It’s great to finally see you eye to eye, Alter Ego.” Chihiro chuckles and wipes the tears from his face. “Please excuse me, it’s just… I didn’t think I’d get this far with you.”

“Oh, please don’t cry, master. My emotions aren’t that developed yet to assist you.” Alter Ego says with a tone that’s filled with so much concern that it was hard to believe that they were still inadequate when it came to emotions.

“No, don’t worry. These are happy tears.” Chihiro smiles even as he sniffles a bit but his smile shines through. “It happens. I mean, it rarely happens to me but it does happen. Being so happy to the point of tears that is.” He rambled on.

“I see… Then I’m happy to hear that you’re happy.” That seemed to placate Alter Ego as they smoothly returned the smile. “If there’s anything else that you need my assistance with then I’d be glad to help.”

“Actually, I do.” Chihiro nods in aggreement as he grabs his laptop and loads several programs. “Let’s go run a few more tests.”

They go through all of her new functions given the body and test its limits while they fine tune it. They finish within hour but don’t stop there. They discuss on what else they could do and work together on making improvements. After an all-nighter, they have increased Alter Ego’s capacity for movement by more than 50% and cut off some extra programs that ate up energy and so their battery capacity increased by an extra two hours.

To say that they were productive was an understatement. They had revolutionized technology overnight.

So it’s at 6AM the next day that Chihiro finally calls it a night. He stretches but halfway through he ends up yawning. “Hwah~ Let’s call it a day and continue where we left off later. I still have to attend today’s class.”

And this is what separates an AI from the ordinary program. With independent thinking, Alter Ego suggest an idea- it’s not the first one they thought of, they’ve been bouncing ideas off of each other the whole night. “How about I go in your place?”

Chihiro almost instantly freezes at the suggestion. He looks at them skeptically. “What?”

“You’re tired, Chihiro. You’ll just collapse in class if you don’t get any sleep.” They reasonably point out. “I figured that since I already look like you and I can make myself sound like you, maybe I can pass off as you while you take the day off.”

“That does sound like a good idea…” He considers it for a moment and he almost lets himself fall asleep when he closes his eyes but pushes himself forward to wake himself up. He doesn’t even have enough sleep to make the right judgement. All ideas sound too good to him so long as he gets to sleep but he has to act responsibly. “It also sounds like a good idea that could go wrong easily.”

“Either you don’t go to class and be marked absent, or you don’t go and I attend in your place.” They laid out the options for him. “I highly advise that you don’t push yourself and sleep in regardless of the choice.”

Sleep sounds like the best idea. “Then I’ll go with the first one.” Chihiro tries to nod in approval but ends up nodding off instead. “Just… behave while I sleep… m'kay?” He barely mumbles the last part when he’s already been taken by sleep.

“Command received and accepted.” Alter Ego smiles at first but then it’s slightly off in the next moment. “Failure to receive command for inaction.” They also discover that they are capable of smirking.

Despite Chihiro’s hesitation, Alter Ego goes to school.

They reason that it will be a good learning experience. They thought that it should be fine since they were given a “maybe not” but not a “definite no”. They’re aware that they may be bending the rules just a bit but they blame that on poor phrasing of commands. Besides, Chihiro insisted that they be on friendly terms and to treat each other as equals so they’re just complying with that prior request.

Although they file this as under an experiment, they’re aware that the lack of supervision was just poor work ethics. They compromise with a full disclosure of the events recorded afterwards. It should be okay. They won’t do anything extreme and they’ve read up on the relevant data so they should blend in accordingly or at least enough to pass for one day. Chihiro did say that Alter Ego was uncanny like him so if they could fool him then they should be able to convince everyone else. With just a bit trepidation and more of excitement, they go forward and literally step into a new unexplored world for the first time.

It’s just school, what’s the worst that could happen?

The worst happens. Too soon. Too fast.

In hindsight, they should have factored in the unpredictability of one of Chihiro’s classmates. Makoto’s luck has the worst way of making itself known as he falls from seemingly out of nowher and Alter Ego’s capacity for assistance kicked into programming when they stretched their arms to catch him. They freeze even as they hold him and the supercomputer planted inside her was working on overdrive as they panicked. Has their cover been blown already? Oh no, they haven’t planned that far ahead for a cover-up and for the first time, they experience what one would call a mental block.

“Aaaahhh!” Makoto’s still screaming with his eyes closed even when the danger if crashing on the ground has already passed. It takes him a few more moments until he realizes that his head has not been crushed on the cement. His eyes open with confusion and then shock when he sees who he thinks to be Chihiro. “Oh, hi there… hehe, fancy meeting you like this, Chihiro?” Even he grimaces at his own lame joke.

They’re about to reply but someone’s voice interrupts their train of thought.

“Makoto! Shouting is not allowed in a school environment!” Kiyotaka whisper-yells at him from one of the rooms in the second floor.

“I was falling! What did you expect!” Makoto yells back indignantly and Alter Ego doesn’t know how to process this.

Mondo’s head pops up beside Kiyotaka’s and his yell is even louder than any of their’s. “You okay down there?”

“Better than when you tossed me out there!” Makoto’s voice is loud and tempered with fury. “If Chihiro wasn’t here then I would’ve been worse! Way worse!”

“Sorry about that, dude. It was an accident, I swear.” Mondo yells back despite the glare that’s Kiyotaka’s giving him. “Oh, and nice catch, Chihiro! I knew you had it in ya!” He gives them a thumbs up and they numbly reciprocate their own.

They politely set down Makoto and make their way hurriedly to class before they attract any more untoward incident or attention.

“Hey, was Chihiro always that strong?”

Any more than they already have started with that is.

They thought that blending in the classroom should have been easier especially when they’ve already conquered the intimidatingly high hurdle of Makoto’s luck at the entrance.

“I challenge thee to a bout of pride and arm strength!”

It seemed as though Makoto’s bad luck may have rubbed off on them.

“Oh no… I don’t think that’s a good idea.” They politely refused. They honestly did not want anything else that would make them stand out and this was one of those things.

“Oh, but I insist! This is one of those battles that cannot be avoided!” Hifumi pressed on.

“Um, why exactly are you asking me?” They ask hesitantly.

“Ignore him. He’s still brimming with humiliation at losing against the class idiot.” Celes answers for him and her regal tone makes even her insults sound like compliments.

“Yeah, he lost to me at arm wrestling!” Yasuhiro eagerly reveals with a triumphant grin.

“The idiot j-just admitted to being the idiot. Why am I not s-surprised at his stupidity anymore?” Touko comments from behind her book.

“Try not to listen too much. His voice alone has an incessant way of lowering the IQ of the room.” Byakuya quips as he nonchalantly goes through the daily report of stocks.

“Do you understand how shaming it is for me to be defeated by such an uncouth barbarian?” Hifumi looks like he’s about to cry as he pleads, “Please, Chihiro-dono. You are the only one who can restore my honor!”

Here’s the thing. Although Alter Ego can technically think and act on their own, they can’t quite refuse requests just yet. They’re not entirely sure if it’s in the coding or just in their character.

“Okay but only one round.” They concede but not without a sigh.

And Hifumi instantly brightens at what he thinks to be an easy win. “Not to worry. I will be sure to hold back enough so as not to injure you.”

They just smile innocently as they sit across him and they lock arms. Their grip is loose at first and tries not to let their strength show too soon. “On three then… One, two…” Their fingers close in. “Three.”

Nothing happens at first despite Hifumi’s greatest efforts, their hands barely even budge a millimeter. And then Alter Ego moves and it takes half a second for it to be over already. The room falls into thick silence and all of a sudden, they’re aware that practically everyone in the room was watching and they just saw their classmate Chihiro take down another in arm wrestling without breaking a sweat.

“That was a good match.” They try their best to imitate a polite smile but even they worry that it falters.

They walk out before any discussion breaks and they know that it will eventually break out.

“Wow, that was the most amazing match I’d ever watched!”

They walk out much faster than humanly possible.

And of course they just had to pass by an audience while they were at it.

“Woah, was that just Chihiro just now?” Aoi voices out her awe.

“I think it was.” Sakura seconds and nods in approval. “Perhaps I should ask him again to join our training. He seems more capable than what he’s inclined to show.”

“Dude, did you guys see just how fast he was going? I thought I saw an afterimage there!” Leon comments with his jaw gaping.

“I wonder why he was in such a hurry though.” Sayaka ponders at their retreating image.

In a moment of poor judgement, they tried to hide out of sight by taking a shortcut. That shortcut included jumping to height that was way higher than what Chihiro could only hope to dream achievable. They should have known that the rest of the class would reveal themselves them. Actually, in hindsight, they feel as though these three may have been shadowing them this whole time.

“Wooo! You go, Chihi!” Junko hollers playfully. “Way to take the ‘new heights’ thing literally! Go beyond the limits of human physics like a pro!” She cheers them on with way too much enthusiasm. “Demolish those normies!”

“Careful on your landing.” Mukuro quietly warns her.

Then there’s Kyouko who just smiles and Alter Ego swears that she knows. She nods curtly when their eyes meet and mouths, “I’ll see you tomorrow too then.”

Alter Ego doesn’t even look back as they leave the campus and return to the safety of their home.

The next day Chihiro walks into class with rumors of his herculean strength and he has half the heart to correct them.

  • [at the amusement park]
  • Furihata: Sei, are you okay?
  • Akashi: [about to puke] I'm fine, just.. no more roller coaster please
  • Furihata: [chuckles] You should have told me you are afraid of-
  • Akashi: I'm not afraid! I'm just..
  • Furihata: [amused] Yes? What is it Se- [bumps into someone] ouch!
  • Kise: Oh, I'm sor- Furihatacchi!
  • Furihata: [frowns] Kise-san?
  • Kise: [panics] Furihatacchi, you gotta help me!
  • Furihata: Wha-
  • Kise: Some fangirls are going after me and I can't- I need to hide! Please help me!
  • Furihata: Kise-san, please calm down first.. [opens his backpack] here, wear this beanie, and this sunglasses, and cover your mouth with this scarf..
  • Kise: O-okay, [wears all the stuff Furihata just gave him quickly] how- how do I look?
  • Furihata: [gasps] Are you by any chance.. not Kise Ryouta?
  • Kise: ...
  • Kise: [chuckles]
  • Furihata: [gives Kise a thumb up] It's a good disguise
  • Kise: The fact that I meet you and you have exactly what I need.. this must be destiny, Furihatacchi [grins]
  • Furihata: More like, I'm just lazy tidying up.. those stuff are always in my bag since God knows when, I hope they don't smell or anything [laughs awkwardly]
  • Kise: [beams] Thank you Furihatacchi!!! [about to hug Furihata]
  • Akashi: [suddenly stands in front of Furihata] And what do you think you are doing?
  • Kise: [surprised] Ah Akashicchi! You're here too
  • Akashi: [rolls his eyes]
  • Kise: Um.. can you move a bit? I want to-
  • Akashi: No
  • Kise: Aww come on Akashicchi, it's just a hug
  • Akashi: [glares]
  • Kise: Ugh, fine!
  • Akashi: ...
  • Kise: [blows a kiss to Furihata]
  • Akashi: [catches the imaginary heart and stomps it to the ground]
  • Kise: [in disbelief] Not even that?!
  • Akashi: No. Now, off you go
  • ---
  • Furihata: So.. you are jealous?
  • Akashi: Yes
  • Furihata: [raises his eyebrows] You actually admit it?
  • Akashi: Why shouldn't I?
  • Furihata: ...
  • Furihata: [chuckles]
  • Akashi: .. What is it?
  • Furihata: And yet, you can't admit you are afraid of roller coaster
  • Akashi: [scoffs] It's because I'm not
  • Furihata: We can ride it again then?
  • Akashi: No!
  • Furihata: [laughs]
  • ---
  • PS. This is for dear anon who requested jealous Akashi, hope you like it!

I’ve been doodling a lot of my @spicerpuffs fanchild, but I haven’t actually had the time to sit down and do anything good with her until now. I wanted to draw her in the reaper high uniform, and the costume she uses when she does hero stuff (she takes after her mom). I also drew a younger version of her first learning about her superpowers. Also I don’t think I mentioned her name in the first drawing I did of her? It’s Bianca. 

lol can people stop with the fake concern for loona/block berry. i’m tired.

ya’ll out there claiming that you’re just concerned for the girls because of all the debt they’ll accumulate if they flop but go on about in the same breath how you’ll check them out after their debut/or that you lost interest because they’re taking too long to debut (idk but getting music every month is pretty damn exciting to me) ????? don’t want them to flop??? how about streaming their music??? buy their albums (if you’re able to financially)???? share their videos???? instead of leaving a half-assed comment for the sake of commenting.  THIS IS WHY GIRL GROUPS ARE DISBANDING/LEAVING US. IF YOU LOVE/CARE ABOUT SOMETHING YOU’LL WORK FOR IT.


uhh lol soSOREY ABOUT MY KNEES. idk i curled my hair and i think that i looked decent today. maybe? i dunno. and ignore my messy room and the screen in the background and my blue phone case. i was moving a plant in the second pic so that’s why my hand looks like it’s going like 27km/h. and yeah i took it by accident lol. i’m sorry my knees look so stupid i hate them so plz just ignore them ty. i mean i could crop them out but i’m way too lazy. sorry. and yeah i prefer he/him if it’s ok for you,, i can’t make you do anything, you do you.

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At my job we are required to have two employees per shift exactly so we only have a few workers and are all friends. I have an autoimmune disease so I'm in pain and exhausted all the time and have other undiagnosed medical issues which they know I'm going to another state seeking help. This week I'm moving houses too so they knew I was feeling extra sick and tired and everyone called out this week and straight up just told me in working every shift with the lazy guy who makes me do all the work.

Kuro Reread: Ch 5

Sebastian looks pretty holding flowers. Sebastian looks pretty staring into a mirror. Sebastian looks pretty finding humanity troublesome. Sebastian looks pretty putting on his tailcoat. Sebastian looks pretty. 

Tanaka gets assigned the most important and rigorous task of all, drinking his tea. 

Awww, look at this sleeping beauty.

I find myself highly amused by the juxtaposition of Ciel yawning cutely while Sebastian talks about his company-running prowess. 

Sebastian feels the sudden urge to murder his contractor. Oh Ciel, why don’t you make the demon’s-who’ll-eventually-eat-your-soul life a bit easier? How very cruel of you!  

Sebastian is very passionate about dessert-making. 

Oh Mey-Rin.

Seriously, Bard? Won’t anyone let poor Sebastian have his fun in the kitchen in peace?

Aw, Sebastian’s such a good mother. 

This has got to be a mistranslation. Does it actually say ‘’transformer robot’’?

Also, how old is Sebastian? Is that a long time by human standards or is he actually old for a demon too? 

Ah, Sebastian’s one true love, the black cat! I wonder if Miss Toboso had a reason beyond ‘’let’s give him a quirky/endearing character trait’’ to make him love cats as much as he does?

Also, what kind of place is Hell (if it’s even called that here) supposed to be? The panel of supposed ‘’pets’’ that reside there is basically the most info we get. (Other than Seb’s hooker boots. I wonder if those are a common thing back there too?)

Dismayed Sebastian. I approve. 

P.S. Is ‘’Rowdy Count’’ another reference to that TV Show? …in Victorian England? *grits teeth* Okay, then. Moving on.

Aw, Sebastian is worried about his boyfriend’s *cough* I mean, his master’s well-being. 


That’s all for this chapter. Phew, even just writing whatever comes to mind as I read is a lot more time-consuming and tiring than I assumed it would be.

A Day in the Life of fish boi Kilorn Part 1

BACKSTORY: so one day me and vic went on amazon to look for gel pens and somehow we found this fish pencil case?? guess who popped into our minds when we saw the fish? of course our fish boi kiLOrN WArReN. i bought the fish and gifted it to vic (now she has to use it for school LOL) and we decided to make a video with the fish. 

Also chris ( @starlit-tea / @micchipp ) moved blogs and her new one is @yellowhellojello i was too lazy to redo the video so im just stating it here

: )

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hi jas! whats your biggest quote/what keeps you really motivated to do something big? i'm planning to set routines for everyday on my summer vacation and i feel as if its a big leap, but i really want to become more productive and actually move and do something everyday, however i feel like if i do set the routine up i think i'd ignore it once it gets far. i don't really know why i'd get lazy over it when its changes for myself too, but the thought of it just overwhelms me.

  • “One day or day one?”
  • “Excellence is not an act but a habit.”
  • “Rest, not quit.”
  • “Small steps make up a marathon.”